How to make sliding gates yourself

How to make sliding gates yourself

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Sliding gates are now very popular among the population, although a few years ago few people could afford to install such a device in a personal plot or in a house. The main reason for this was the high price of parts and various accessories. At this time, their availability has become higher, and the cost has decreased significantly. A home master who has welding skills is quite capable of making do-it-yourself sliding gates. And also in the absence of the lower and upper guides, it becomes possible to travel by road almost any size.

The principle of operation and the scheme of sliding gates

The principle of operation of sliding gates is very simple. The door moves on several carts with rollers, which are installed on a securely concreted base. The upper rollers for sliding gates are designed to protect the product from distortions and falls.

In order to remove a large load from the rollers when closing the leaves, a special end roller is mounted on the guide, which calls into the lower catcher. For a good fixation of the wings, an additional upper catcher is installed.

The overall dimensions of the device are about 150 percent of the width of the opening. For example, if the opening has a width of 4 meters, then the width of the gate will be at least 6 meters. And also it is worth providing a place for a rollback with a width of at least 6.5 meters. Large sizes are the main disadvantage of such gates. Therefore, when there is no necessary space, it is necessary to consider other systems.

Before assembling the device, you need to determine its dimensions and make a high-quality drawing. The main elements of the console-type gates are a lathing and a massive frame. To make a frame and a crate, you need to purchase a metal profile pipe of various sizes.

Materials and Tools

For the manufacture of devices you will need such materials:

  • special fittings;
  • metal profile pipe;
  • sheets of corrugated board;
  • metal channel;
  • fixing materials;
  • concrete for the foundation.

Making accessories with your own hands is very difficult and expensive. For this reason, it is better to get it at a hardware store. When buying accessories, you need to know exactly the mass of sliding gates. This will help you choose the rollers that will reliably hold the entire weight of the structure.

To sheathe a retractable product, you can use almost any material, but experts advise using a metal corrugated board. It is available in almost any color and size, has a low weight and is treated with a special anti-corrosion compound. To fix the corrugated board, rivets or cutting screws will be needed. To make a mortgage, it is worth buying a metal channel about 18 centimeters wide and no more than 2.5 meters long.

Such tools will be needed for self-assembly of the device:

  • semi-automatic welding machine;
  • electric grinder with a set of discs;
  • drill or riveter;
  • tape measure, hammer;
  • shovel and concrete mixer;
  • special protective equipment.

Do-it-yourself installation of sliding gates: instructions

First of all, you need to cut the profile pipes according to the dimensions that are shown in the drawing. In this case, it is worth using an electric grinder. It is worth recalling the need to use special protective equipment.

After cutting, the profile pipes are laid on a flat surface or stand, and the product frame is formed. After checking the correct layout of all the corners of the frame, they need to be seized by welding in several places.

Further, the joints are completely boiled, and the accessible places of the welds are thoroughly cleaned of slag and polished. The surface of the frame to which the frame will be attached must be properly primed with an anti-corrosion compound, because then it will be quite difficult to perform this work. In the same way, the frame of the product is assembled, only it is primed from the outside. Now you need to connect the frame with the frame.

Further, the distance necessary for the frame is measured inside the frame, and marks are made. The frame is placed horizontally, the finished frame is laid in it, and it is adjusted according to the marks using wood substrates. After adjustment and verification, it is necessary to attach the frame to the frame by spot welding every 50 centimeters. This will help to avoid displacement of the frame relative to the frame. Further, all joints are completely boiled and cleaned. The next step will be the connection of the lower part of the frame with the guide rails from the set of accessories. Their welding must be carried out in the same way as the connection of the frame with the frame.

Painting and cladding sliding gates

Then you need to prepare a homemade frame for painting. The grinder well cleans welding seams. The entire surface of the frame is degreased and treated with a special anti-corrosion agent. You need to wait a little time for the product to dry, and then you can start painting.

For this purpose, it is worth using alkyd enamels or acrylic paints.. Experts advise using a spray gun or a small roller. Painting is required in two layers.

Next, you need to start sewing the canvas of the sliding gate. The profiled sheet, cut to exact sizes, is fixed with rivets or self-tapping screws. The sheet is first attached at the corners, and then screwed around the entire perimeter in increments of no more than 20 centimeters.

How to make a foundation

Now you need to start making the foundation for sliding gates. A trench is excavated with a length of about half of the opening and a depth of about 1 meter. The mortgage is installed in the trench and checked by the building level. The channel must be at the same level with the surface of the yard. This way you get an even base for special carriages. With the help of a concrete mixer, concrete is mixed, which is poured into the trench. Experts advise piercing concrete with metal reinforcement or a timber rail. This will help to prevent voids.

The foundation must stand for about 14 days, and the full drying and curing time is at least 30 days. During the first 5 days, you need to water the foundation with plain water to prevent the formation of cracks in concrete.

How to install

After preparing the foundation, it is worth starting the installation of the device. Two special carriages are placed on the mortgage. The distance between them should be maximum. Further, sliding gates are set on the carriages, which are inserted into the guide rail.

At this stage of work, it is necessary to qualitatively adjust the carriages. The carriage closest to the opening is installed in such a way that the sash, when opened, does not reach the carriage by 20 centimeters. The second carriage is located so that when closing the gate did not reach it at a distance of 5 centimeters. After these actions, the joints of the carriages and the mortgage are welded together.

Now you can fix the rest of the fittings. The upper guard rollers are securely fixed to the embedded metal pole. On another column, a small segment of the profile pipe is attached to the mortgages. Its length should be equal to the height of the sash of the product. And also the lower and upper catchers must be welded to this column. The end roller in the guide is clamped with bolts, but some craftsmen advise it to be additionally welded, because the nuts can loosen. After the work is completed, the guide is closed with special rubber plugs, which are sold with accessories.

Opening automation

To make it convenient to use sliding gates, it is worth installing an automatic drive on them. Now in specialized stores you can find such devices of any price and quality. Mount an automation kit must be entrusted to an experienced specialist. However, this can be done independently, because detailed instructions are attached to it.

The electric drive consists of such units:

  • electric motor;
  • several sensors;
  • special gear rack.

Sliding gates, designed and made by hand, will be cheap, because there is the ability to control the quality of work. However, if the home master does not possess all the necessary skills, then it is worth ordering this product in a large company. For example, Dorkhan equipment has very good reviews.

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