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Calendula: a useful and ornamental plant

Calendula: a useful and ornamental plant

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Decorative marigold flowers look great in the garden of any style. Flowers colorize the landscape design with orange colors, improve well-being and drive away sad thoughts.

Varietal variety

Varieties of plants are diverse. Many of them are used in medicine. This is not surprising, because the progenitor of calendula decorative was the wild-growing medicinal calendula.

Medium-sized varieties

  1. Pink surprise reaches 60 centimeters. Annual It surprises with terry, large, golden-cream flowers with a delicate pink tint. It blooms throughout the summer.
  2. Toch of Red grows to 45 cm in length. The color of the petals may vary depending on the variety - yellow, orange, pink. The plant looks great in borders and bouquets. Annual is used for medical purposes.
  3. Radio. Terry variety, long flowering. The color of the flowers is bright. The smell is pleasant. Inflorescences are hemispherical, terry. The plant is unpretentious.
  4. Geisha. Flowers of such calendula are orange, densely doubled. The tips of the petals have a reddish tint. Suitable for arranging bouquets. Flowers do not lose attractiveness for two weeks. The plant is used in containers and flower beds. Flowering - from June to September. The plant is unpretentious.
  5. Russian size. The flowers are large - up to 8 cm. Flowering up to frost. Sowing for planting is recommended in April. Faded baskets should be cut in order to prolong flowering. Feeding is required.

Tall varieties

  1. Kabluna. The color of the petals can vary from yellow to orange. Some varieties have a dark central disc. The best calendula flowers are obtained at a temperature of +15 degrees. Suitable for any garden. Used for cutting and late fall cultivation.
  2. The Dragon. Super-wide plant. It blooms from late June to the very frosts. The diameter of the calendula flower reaches 8 cm. Annual. Height - 70 cm.
  3. The radiance of the day. Heights - 60 cm. Terry flowers, their color can be varied. Plants are strong, bushy. Used for cutting.
  4. The orange king. The central part is dark, the flowers are orange. Spreading bush. Flowering is plentiful. Annual With the help of plants, you can successfully decorate the garden. Among other things, such a calendula is used for medicinal purposes.
  5. Calendula Apricot. An annual plant with phytosanitary properties. Leaves are lanceolate. The plant is erect, strongly branched. The inflorescences are large double, apricot-orange. Flowering is long. The greatest effect of calendula can be expected on fertile soils. Use on flowerbeds and lawns both in group and in single plantings.

Undersized varieties

  1. Flowers "Fiesta Zhitan" can have a different color - from creamy to orange. Height - 30 cm. The shape of the inflorescences is imbricate. The central part of the flower has a dark brown color.
  2. Calypso. This plant has branched and thick stems. A great option for growing in pots. The flowers are bright and large, the center is black. It can be used for flowerpots, containers and flower beds. Annual
  3. The Summer Symphony is distinguished by strong stems and a large number of flowers. It reaches a height of 30 cm. The color of the flowers varies from yellow to orange. Grown for cutting, as well as in containers and on the balcony in boxes.
  4. Apricot pygmy. Annual The flowers of this marigold are super-wide. Height - up to 25 centimeters.
  5. Apricot jam. The variety is used for cutting and as a garden decor. Height is 45 cm. Inflorescences can be of different shades - from yellow to orange. The bush is branched.

Calendula in our garden

What is the use of the plant

  • It is actively used to cure neurosis and stress. She also shows herself well in the fight against unpleasant manifestations of menopause.
  • Flowers have a choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. They help with stomatitis, pharyngitis and periodontal disease. It is believed that with the help of calendula, oncology can be cured.
  • Ulcers and some types of gastritis are treated with infusions made from calendula flowers. Tincture is actively used to treat carbuncles, ulcers and acne.
  • Calendula is also used to get rid of corns, acne, and oily skin.
  • The plant has such properties that allow it to be used during viral epidemics.
  • As an essential oil, calendula has been successfully used to treat thrush.
  • The properties of calendula make it possible to use it in homeopathy. Allergies to plants occur. Side effects are also extremely rare.
  • Calendula perfectly heals wounds and ulcers.

Calendula in landscape design

  • In the garden, the plant looks appropriate in any of its corners. Often undersized varieties are used in borders. They are combined with plants such as felicia and ageratum.
  • You can create a flower bed only from calendula flowers, combining its various varieties in height and color. Recommended neighborhood of marigolds with tradescantia virginia.
  • In the garden, plants can be used on flower beds, in rock gardens, and on Moorish lawns. If you want to use calendula flowers more rationally, you can create a pharmacy garden. It should be placed not only the specified plant, but also other medicinal species, for example, tansy, yarrow, elecampane.

  • Low-growing varieties of plants look great in pots, patios and rockeries. Bouquets made of calendula cost 2 weeks, the main thing is to remember to change the water. It is recommended to remove the lower leaves and cut off the flower stalk before placing the bouquet in a vase.

So, there are many varieties of calendula, differing in height and color of the petals. The plant is often used for medicinal purposes, due to the healing properties. Calendula can be planted in any garden, it looks great both in single plantings and in combination with other flowers.

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