Best business ideas for a summer residence

Best business ideas for a summer residence

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Each business idea is a certain activity, “sharpened” for earnings. But you can always combine business with pleasure - to do what you love in the country and have extra income. Let it not become the main income, but there is always the opportunity to minimize standard summer cottage expenses due to the fact that the cottage itself will now pay for its own development!

offers to consider some business ideas for giving, which for many have become excellent financial help. Some of them will be familiar to you, because sometimes, in our articles, we mention the opportunity to earn money from summer cottage products, but the rest of them will give you a reason for new thoughts and calculations.

Cottage for rent

It often happens that for some reason our activity in the country is temporarily suspended.

The reasons may be a lot, for example, the birth of a child and lack of time or even a long trip. And, in this case, the cottage is idle and accumulates expenses, because you still have to pay for the land, as well as some utilities and security. Therefore, our first proposal is no longer even a business idea, but a cost-saving option.

A summer cottage for rent is an excellent option to nullify expenses, and if the issue is correctly resolved, you can earn a little. You can rent a summer cottage to neighbors who plan to grow more vegetables or fruits this season, or friends who like to spend time outdoors. Of course, for this you need to find people who will not only cover stable summer cottage expenses, but also maintain order in the territory. A prerequisite for renting should be gardening, weed removal, fertilizing and other things that will not allow the summer cottage to become unusable during your absence.

A very important point is earnings. If you are the owner of a large summer house with a residential building, as well as a swimming pool and a bathhouse, you can generally earn good money, because every weekend, as well as some weekdays, the summer house can receive guests who will pay not only for light and water, but also for the rent you set .

In this case, it is advisable not to chase a lot of money, but to rent the house, bathhouse and surrounding area only to stable companies of people who will not harm your property.

Bathhouse for rent

In a little more detail, we decided to talk about how you can make money in a country bath. At one time, you invested a lot of money in building a bath, but you use it at most several times a week.

You can change the approach and make good money at the bath, especially if you have a modern version of it.

The most important thing for a bathhouse that can be rented out is a small distance from the city limits, a natural massif, and good quality of execution. Further only marketing and your personal desire to earn. Today there are a lot of people who want to “hide” away from people and relax to the fullest extent, especially with a bathhouse, next to which there is a green garden, a cool pool, a barbecue grill, a place to relax.

Such a bath can be profitable at any time of the year, you just need to properly orient it to the client. But the most important thing is not to forget about providing a bath. It should be clean, the bath should be warmed up at the exact time and to the required temperature, the supply of firewood should not run out, the client should be satisfied, because only then he will pay money.

Many today immediately build baths with an eye to earning money, and this is a very profitable enterprise, because all expenses are repulsed literally in a year. Plus, the bathhouse, which brings money, is yours personally, where you yourself can have a great time at any time!

In addition to earning money, you can sell everything you need for a bath - brooms, tubs, hats, beer, water, barbecue, dishes for a more serious feast, etc.

Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs for sale

Several times we touched on this topic, we even talked in detail about growing greenery in the country. But if you approach the cottage and, in general, from the side of earning on everything that is grown, then the approach needs to be changed a little.

It just so happened that a lot of money cannot be earned in a medium-sized summer cottage. Yes, you can bargain for your own security and reduce summer expenses, but it’s too difficult to replace the main income with the funds received. At least, it will be necessary not only to rely on the harvest of apples or early strawberries, but to invest in the development, cultivation of industrial varieties, equipment, fertilizers.

You can earn in the greenhouse! For example, here you can grow early tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs and other crops. But in view of the fact that enough people are engaged in such activities, it will be possible to find a sales market, but to win with a price is not.

You can grow something unique in the greenhouse, for example, expensive spices, but this is also not an option to quickly get good money.

A greenhouse for flowers is a great solution. But even before providing conditions for the flowers that they decided to grow, you need to decide where and how much flowers can be sold. Only at first glance does it seem that flowers are needed everywhere and always, and that they will be well sold out. But check for yourself, every point selling fragrant and beautiful plants has its own suppliers for a long time.

Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse. It’s also not bad, because mushrooms grow quite quickly, giving the summer resident a serious harvest. But they also require special care, therefore, it will be necessary to prepare for such a summer cottage business, and it is imperative to provide the mushrooms with all the necessary requirements.

We can talk about earnings in the greenhouse for a long time, but we want to summarize briefly. Earnings are real, but only in certain conditions:

  • The greenhouse should work year-round so that you get a harvest not only in spring and summer. This will positively affect the demand, because the goods you have will be constantly, as well as profit. With one crop you can earn a little, but if the crop is constant, then the profit will increase at times;
  • In addition to year-round cultivation, quality assurance is required. Equipment, seedlings and seeds of high quality, fertilizers, special substrates, constant watering, lighting and other requirements for each individual crop;
  • But the most important is the amount of harvest. It is necessary not only to correctly calculate the future crop, which is almost impossible to do exactly, but also to work with large territories initially. On 10-12 squares of even the most modern greenhouse, you will not earn money. Approaching industrial volumes, everything becomes much more real.

You can also make money on fruits and berries, which you collect only a few buckets per season, but it will be one-time money, and it’s simply impossible to attribute them to profit. Growing crops for sale needs to be done seriously, and then any business idea will bring you closer to a positive result.

How to grow fresh herbs

How to make money from a smokehouse in the country

Everything is much simpler here, of course, if you work with high quality and only with fresh products!

Smoked meats business is an interesting job if you know the art of pickles and smoked. There are a lot of smoke houses in the dachas, but almost everywhere the work takes place at the amateur level. Summer residents smoke meat and fish only for themselves, without even trying to enter the market. In view of this, there is the opportunity to settle in a bit and try to prepare products for sale.

Another problem is already farther from the competition, it lies in the complex documentation. Such activity is entrepreneurial and should be framed, but the main enemy to enter the market is Sanitary Inspection or Rospotrebnadzor.

We think that here you already need to solve the problem yourself, we just submit an idea and even guarantee that in any region of the country you can find a buyer for quality smoked meats.

Shops, market outlets, restaurants and cafes, private consumers, neighbors and acquaintances, relatives - all of them are willing to pay for tasty and fresh.

Moreover, the business idea is also good because the price tag for the products is quite high, and often over 100% is poured on top of the cost price, which is quite a lot. And only the product for a good marinade and high-quality firewood will need to be written off to consumption. Naturally, there are still initial expenses for the construction of a smokehouse and the equipment of storage facilities, delivery and wages to your assistants, but such an expense is present in almost any business.

Quail farm in the country - a business for risky

Quail and quail eggs can make great money, but there are certain “buts” that make this venture risky.

  • Firstly, it is not so easy to sell an egg and quail meat, although everyone around it says that such a useful product is well sold out.
  • Secondly, quail care is not an easy and very expensive business, and therefore it is worth approaching the issue only if you have studied the business and are serious about it.
  • And, thirdly, quail - quite vulnerable and demanding birds. Any serious epidemic can “mow” a large part of the farm in just a couple of days, and this is just a huge cost!

But if everything is done correctly, then income can be notable. The first money will appear in a month and a half or two months, when the hens begin to give an egg, and young quail will be ready to "migrate" to restaurants or to your customer’s home table. But the same rule works here as with growing crops in a greenhouse. With a small number of quails and quails, it’s difficult to make money, for serious profit hundreds and thousands of small birds are needed, and this is already a large poultry farm in the country.

Growing and selling mushrooms

Before you take this business idea positively or negatively, we recommend that you read our articles on mushroom cultivation, which describe in detail the methods and requirements for the same oyster mushrooms and champignons. You can deal with more exotic and not industrial varieties, but it is much more complicated, even technically.

Selling grown mushrooms can even become the main income, if you have a place in the country to build special greenhouses, well, or ready-made greenhouses. Remember that different varieties of mushrooms have different requirements, and often they are complex. This is the temperature regime, and ventilation, and humidity, and lighting. In addition, a lot of fertilizing, feeding, special substrates for planting mycelium.

But if you are ready to begin such a difficult task, please find a market and become an entrepreneur. It is not that difficult. Mushrooms grow well, in terms of their sale, no one has had any problems, the main thing is to establish a cost that is favorable to everyone.

Organization of a nursery of seedlings in the country

In this section we want to add not only seedlings, but also spring garden seedlings, which can also be transformed into cash.

If the cottage has several greenhouses that are equipped with everything necessary for growing seedlings, this is a huge plus. Such greenhouses will give you the opportunity to grow seedlings not only for your own garden, but also for sale. In a small area, you can grow several thousand bushes of tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and other crops that can be sold at the right time even to neighbors-summer residents. If the area allows, the volume can be significantly increased.

What about seedlings. But you can also switch to a more serious and larger vegetation, for example, seedlings for ornamental and berry bushes, fruit trees. It will require a lot more area, and, accordingly, labor, but each seedling will be able to bring more profit. Actual varieties that can yield crops in a few years are in great demand, and finding a market for young shrubs and trees is quite simple!

Apiary in the country - great business

It’s very difficult to become a beekeeper at will, because you will need to undergo special training, practical and theoretical, to re-read a lot of literature and communicate with experienced people. But such a business idea is worth it, because bees in the country - it is useful and money. We will not talk about all the advantages of installing several bee hives in the country, but we will outline the serious profit that is already possible in the first season.

It is clear that to start a business it will be necessary to prepare a place, buy beehives and bee families, special equipment and feed, but if you approach the issue of apiaries in the country house thoroughly, then in the first year you can pay back your expenses 2-3 times. Yes, it is very difficult, and there are many pitfalls that will not make it easy to develop in such a business, but if you set goals for yourself, then they are achievable.

The market is easy to find, because honey is bought by the population just fine. You can sell honey to relatives and neighbors, offer marketers at a slightly reduced price, or you can certify your own production and sell honey under your own brand. But it is much more complicated and more expensive on initial deposits. Nevertheless, you will always have healthy honey for yourself and for sale, and for this it is enough to start with just 5-7 hives in the country.

There are a lot of business ideas in the country, and we have already pointed out the main ones. Next, we will talk about less popular, but also quite profitable. True, we will do this quite briefly.

What else can bring profit in the country

In fact, there are hundreds of such business ideas. Everyone earns as he can, because in addition to country expenses, we also have our own needs, which should be somehow covered. What will help us do this?

  • Breeding worms in the country. Quite interesting, especially since the initial costs are not so high. You will not need special buildings or expensive tools, only creating a family home, purchasing “starting material”, as well as special feeds and additives;
  • Breeding rabbits in the country. Very simple and interesting thing! The only negative is the low resistance of animals to diseases, and therefore have to spend money on vaccinations. In terms of feed and growth rate, you can get quite serious money from rabbits. They eat a lot, but the food is inexpensive, and grow fast enough;
  • Earnings from poultry. At the moment, this is not a good business idea, as large poultry farms have long covered the demand of the population. But given the fact that among us there are many lovers of natural poultry, and not vitamin lovers from supermarket shelves, you can try business. The only problem is the high price of feed and the market. Otherwise, everything is quite simple, especially considering the fact that there are many special breeds of poultry that are aimed at an egg or meat, and they grow and develop very quickly. The same can be said about ducks and geese, although here the specifics of growing and marketing are slightly different;
  • A bit from living creatures to production. Immediately offer building materials - stone, brick, decorative blocks. All this is not so difficult with the use of special equipment. Yes, this is a considerable cost, but the cost of each unit of finished products is about 2 times lower than the market.You can save for your own construction, as well as sell finished materials even in a summer cottage cooperative, because all summer residents are constantly building something;
  • Sawmill. An excellent solution for a summer residence, if you can afford to invest in woodworking equipment. The demand for lumber today is just going wild, but in order to break into the market, you need to maintain standards and show high quality;
  • Pressing fuel briquettes. There are separate topics on the production of fuel briquettes, but here we simply remind you that you can earn a little money on such activities.

Paving slabs, decorative concrete products, the production of wood concrete and SIP panels, the creation of cottage furniture, the production of homemade wine from grapes and apples, the production of cages, pens, and other household structures - this is still a small percentage of ideas from those that are generally available. Therefore, you just need to reflect on what you are more prone to, write a business plan and move on to action.

Business ideas for summer cottages will help you if you do not earn, then seriously reduce the standard summer cottage expenses.

But remember, before starting a business, be sure to study its direction, write a business plan, find a market. In general, only a correct and serious attitude will lead to profit and pleasure.

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