Ashenilous maple flamingo: tips for caring for an overseas handsome man in a summer cottage

Maple flamingos can often be found on the streets. It impresses with its unusual color and shape of the crown. It can be grown in summer cottages. Information about this unusual plant will be useful to many gardeners.

Description and distribution

Maple ash leaf flamingo (Acer negundo Flamingo) is rather a tall bush than a tree. Often he is called the American maple, because his homeland is America, Canada. It is also found in Central Asia, the Far East, Siberia in forests, mountains, and in the vicinity of swamps. In height reaches up to 5-7 meters. Exotica leaves have different shades - from silver-green to pink-white. It is because of the pink and white stripes, mainly on young leaves, that the variety got its name. Compared to them, flowers are modest, pale yellow.
A multi-stemmed tree grows rather quickly. Under natural conditions, lives up to a hundred years.

Maple Benefits

The decorativeness of the crown of the tree is immediately striking. However, having soft wood and fragile branches, ash-leaved maple is often bent under gusts of wind. In addition to the unusual appearance of leaves, the tree has a number of useful properties:

  • is an antidepressant, relieves aggression, charges with positive emotions;
  • the juice accumulated in its wood is rich in sugar, vitamin C, and mineral salts. Thanks to numerous antioxidants, it helps to recover from cancer, helps to cope with heart problems. Useful product for obesity, diabetes, pancreatic disorders;
  • leaves and young branches of maple are used for wound healing, they are used as an antiseptic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, painkiller, antiemetic and tonic;
  • maple wood due to its non-trivial pattern on the cut is used to create unusual sculptures, vases, household items.

Plant deficiencies

These include:

  • fragility and fragility of wood;
  • fragility and fragility of branches;
  • far expanding root system, which sometimes “tears” the asphalt;
  • maple pollen can cause allergies;
  • in its crown reaching the ground, ticks like to settle.

Maple in landscaping

In addition to landscaping the streets and squares near the house, ash-leaved flamingos can be used in several versions of garden decorations.


  • compositions with his participation can serve as the border of the site, and divide it into zones as a kind of hedge;
  • the maple planted in the middle row of the garden complex looks good in combination with shrubs and flowers, shading the front undersized plants;
  • in shady areas where there is not enough light for flowers, it can replace them, especially if shade-tolerant hosts, a lunatic, fern are placed next to it.

Open mixborder

The decorative maple here is as if on an island and serves as its main attraction. Surrounded on all sides by a lawn or outlined by other low vegetation, it with dignity presents all its splendor. The naturalness of the pattern is achieved by shifting the tree from the center of the composition.

Single landing

A flower garden located around a separate tree looks very profitable and colorful. Petunias, begonias, pansies, lobularia are well combined with it. A tired flowerbed is easy to fill with decorative wood chips, pebbles or stones.

White and pink compositions

The colors of maple leaves can serve as the basis for creating a white-pink corner of the garden when selecting plants similar in shade to the neighborhood. Occasionally, contrasting “spots” encountered in this area will add a little intrigue and courage to the strict and delicate composition.

Planting and care, wintering

To plant ash-leaved maple in the garden, you should prepare a hole measuring 50 by 50 by 70 cm, pouring 3 parts of humus, 2 parts of turf and 1 part of sand into it. In spring, for successful cultivation, top dressing of trees with a superphosphate-potassium-urea mixture in an amount of 100 g and a ratio of: 2: 1: 2 is mandatory. Immediately after planting, each tree is poured with 15 liters of water, and weekly - 30 liters. In the cool season, you can reduce the frequency of watering by 2-3 times.

To grow these trees, you need to select fertile, loose and moist soil. Maintaining a unique color, green shoots should be removed, and maintaining the shape of the plant, you need to cut it “on a stump” every 3-4 years.

Preventive avoidance of the often “plant coral spotting” plant consists in spraying maples with 5% vitriol “on sleeping buds” and removing damaged branches.
Care for young trees that are still not sufficiently frost-resistant consists in wrapping them with spruce branches or double burlap near the roots, since frosts are not terrible for the crown.

Maple Transshipment

Refined, unusual pale pink, a small bush-like tree with the mysterious name "ash-leaved maple flamingo" is increasingly gaining popularity in garden landscape design. The syrup obtained from its wood is healing and aromatic. And applied products from this soft, pliable tree - sculptures, flowerpots and others - will additionally decorate a summer cottage with its originality.