Safe Straw Thrips

Veronica asks: "What are the safe ways to deal with thrips in strawberries?"

Thrips are small insects that are most often found in inflorescences. They can be observed in hot and humid weather. The main damage pests bring fruit. They become dull and acquire a brown tint. Larvae of thrips are yellow, adult insects are almost completely black.

Fighting with Special Drugs

When spreading insects in large spaces, a tool such as Decis is used. Can also be used "Actofit." It contains such a substance as avermectin. It acts on the arthropod nervous system. Strengthen the action of the drug helps Fitosporin.

Excellent feedback is given to such a tool as Spintor. It is an insecticide of natural origin. Spraying is according to the instructions. The time between processing is 10 days.

You can use drugs such as:

  • Actellic (the safest);
  • "Aktara";
  • "Vertimek";
  • Mospilan
  • Agravertin;
  • "Spark".

The method of application may be different - spraying or watering under the root. The use of high concentrations of agents in combination with anti-flea zoo shampoo is allowed.

Other methods

  1. Sick strawberries must be isolated from healthy. Care must be taken, as insect larvae can fall and then infect plants again. It is advisable to get rid of the topsoil. There may be larvae.
  2. During the treatment, affected peduncles and leaves are removed. One treatment will not be enough, it will take several, the interval between them should reach a week.
  3. Regardless of the time of year, the best prophylaxis against thrips will be high air humidity.

You can also learn how to deal with slugs who also like to enjoy strawberries.

Biological methods

There are a number of biological substances that can relieve strawberries from thrips.

Red hot pepper

The method of application is very simple: 100 grams of chopped pepper is taken, it is poured with boiling water and wait 3 hours. Then the solution is washed with leaves. You can sprinkle with crushed pepper soil.


An infusion is prepared from it: 100 grams of yarrow is poured with boiling water and several hours are expected. The solution is also treated with leaves.


A pair of cloves is taken, crushed, added to a liter jar of water, aged for 5 days. Then the infusion should be filtered and diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 5. Strawberries are simply sprayed.

Strawberry Processing