How to make an original flower pot from an old book

How to make an original flower pot from an old book

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Flowers and books individually are considered universal gifts. But what if you combine the two in one? Get a new art of making flower pots.

What is required

Making a pot of books is easy enough. You will need:

  • books
  • priming;
  • knife;
  • plants;
  • glue for gluing pages;
  • polyethylene film;
  • iron ruler.

The book is suitable for any, but necessarily thick enough to fit a flower. Plants may be different, but small. Choose a volume depending on the interior. You can make several pots. You can age a book to make it look more effective.

Manufacturing steps

  • To make the pot of books strong, glue the pages with glue. The top 2-3 pages should not be touched.
  • After complete drying of the product, you can cut a hole in it for the plant. Its area can be any.

Important. At least 3 centimeters recede from each edge. The manufacture of the pit goes in layers.

  • Then a plastic film is placed on the surface. It should be transparent, dense. Edges are treated with glue. The ends do not need to be trimmed.
  • Soil for flowers is poured into the hole.
  • Moss can be placed on the ground, it will become an additional decoration and will retain moisture.
  • After that, you can trim the ends of the film.

We also offer you to find out what pieces of furniture and decor can be made from old books.

Decor Options

  • To make a pot of books more beautiful, you can decorate it. Books are pre-painted in bright colors, draw patterns, glue ribbons, lace, beads, rhinestones.
  • It looks original if the pot of books and the adjacent photo frame are made in the same style.
  • The choice of plants influences the design. The ideal option is succulents, cacti. To prevent the book getting wet during watering, it is coated with colorless varnish!
  • The hole for the flowers can be of any shape - a rectangle, circle, triangle, etc. If you are not sure, it is better to choose a rectangle; a book with such a hole looks elegant and concise.
  • In the kitchen, a vase made from a cookbook looks great.
  • If the idea of ​​spoiling the print seemed blasphemous, you can take the usual old cover from the book. It is glued to the container, and then act according to the presented scheme. The only thing that soil in this case will need more. And so a stylish idea can come true without damage to the tomes.
  • Instead of books, you can use old magazines. Using these products, pots of any width and height are created. Hole them absolutely not a pity. It’s better to plant cacti, they are not demanding on watering.

How to plant plants

Once the flower vase is ready, you can start planting the plant.

  • If you have chosen a thick book, gravel should be placed at the bottom.
  • Remove the flower from the pot and transplant. See if there is enough soil. If not, add.
  • At the roots, you should tamp the soil, also do it in the corners. It is important that there are no cavities.
  • Water the plant.

Which plants to choose

After the original flower vase is ready, it remains to choose plants. A great option is mini succulents. Any flower, indoor, decorative deciduous crops can be purchased in the "mini" format. It can be:

  • Kalanchoe;
  • asparagus;
  • gerberas;
  • gelksins.

If you want to plant a spectacular plant, you can choose bougainvillea, ixor, hibiscus. They look great in flower vases made from books.

The plants are small, they combine with each other. In a small area, several pots are placed, and a whole garden is obtained. Or you can arrange a large plant in a large pot, and put a small copy in the book next to it.

Any plant can be planted in the book while it is young. Mulenbekia, ivy, dwarf ficus are acquired as layering, or grown independently, leaving a stalk in the pot and covered with a plastic wrap. The plant will be pruned so that it begins to grow.

The growth of flowers will have to be limited from the very beginning. Use special substances that block growth. This way gorgeous blooms are achieved in a compact form. Flowers and leaves are getting smaller.

You can choose plants that are small in nature. We are talking about cyclamen, senpolia, cacti. Flowers and leaves are small by nature, this feature does not depend on which pot you choose.

Rules for caring for flowers in a book

  • Succulents are easy to care for. By nature, their growth is slow. The roots of species such as euphorbia, fatty, Kalanchoe can exist in crowded areas for a long time. If you forget to water the flowers, then these succulents will tolerate with dignity. In winter, cool air is required - from 15 to 20 degrees. Love the sun.
  • It is better not to allow the soil to dry out. The supply of nutrients in a small potted book is small. To monitor the soil moisture in the soil to be daily. You can put special mini-drinkers in the soil. It is important that the place chosen for the flower is bright, direct sunlight does not fall on the leaves, otherwise the plant will overheat.

  • Fertilizers can be used, but in small quantities. After the emergence of long shoots, the plant should be transplanted.
  • If the leaves turn yellow, then the soil is completely depleted.
  • It is important to transplant plants in a timely manner, otherwise it will be difficult to get them out of the book. Between the wall of the book and the roots should remain 2 centimeters.

Beauty and goodness in one bottle

Previously, guns and money were hidden in books, but no one forbids using them for more peaceful purposes. Everyone in the house has at least one book. This does not mean that you must immediately run and spoil it, cutting holes for plants. For this purpose, the old telephone directory or an unnecessary folio of the history of the creation of the Communist Party is perfect.

Fancy and original flower pots

Now unnecessary trash can be used with benefit for home and nature. It is only necessary to cut out a seat and plant a lovely cactus or other plant. It will turn out very beautifully and unusual, and on the table there will always be a book or several. Believe me, guests will certainly appreciate your good taste and creativity.

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