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How to breed honeysuckle

How to breed honeysuckle

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My sister grew a wonderful honeysuckle bush. I want my growth to be the same too. But I don’t know how to breed. Honeysuckle bushes also grow in the neighbors, but no one near us. Is it necessary to have both female and male bushes in order to harvest berries? Or honeysuckle bisexual?


Although honeysuckle is considered not a whimsical shrub, but in order for it to begin to bear fruit, it is necessary to observe the necessary rules. Honeysuckle planting is best done in the fall, the soil should be slightly acidic or at least neutral. Pick up a place as bright as possible for planting, honeysuckle loves a lot of light. This plant does not like sandy soil, loves soddy soil. After planting, the honeysuckle is not cut, the root neck is buried 3-5 cm into the soil. Land at a distance of 1.5–2 meters from each other.

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