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Shrew Control Methods

Shrew Control Methods

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Good evening everyone! Can anyone have experience fighting a shrew or a water rat? The whole garden in trenches at a depth of about 5 cm, you go and fail, the strawberries are in limbo, before watering the beds you have to ram these moves! Plus mole and bears!


Moles are afraid of noise. My neighbor made rattles out of bottles. Moles all ran to me :-). I saw it on the Internet. You need to do it yourself. And from the shrews I spread the poison along the moves. This year was quiet.

Moles and shrews are one thing, and water rats are another. While moles and shrews can somehow be fought, nothing has yet been invented to get rid of water rats.


Invite a hunting dog to visit. Like a fox terrier, digs out voles and other pests well

Dug up all the living creatures, and for one and all landings

Thanks to everyone for the advice, I also have turntables (and they live) from moles, I somehow struggle with the bear, I don’t know what to do with these little explorers! I did not see them in my eyes, but judging by the description they say it is either a shrew or a water rat (near the lake)

Lyudmila! I only saw her once. Beautiful, large, the coat is very thick. I hope that this year there will be fewer of them — there were over 30 frosts and there was almost no snow.

Black beans can be planted around the perimeter of the garden; try should help.

In spring, lay out the boards / plywood, the little bears crawl out under them to bask.

And in our gardens weasel divorced, a very cute animal, but aggressive! Winters in hozblok.

To bend down the champagne bottle, the neck should be on the surface, noise is created in the ground, they are afraid

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