How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms at home: recipes for cooking hot and cold

How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms at home: recipes for cooking hot and cold

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To pickle milk mushrooms quickly and tasty, it is best to use the hot method. In this case, they undergo heat treatment and will be ready for use much earlier than "raw" ones.

Crispy salted milk mushrooms - a traditional Russian appetizer

How to quickly and easily salt milk mushrooms at home

Before you pickle the mushrooms, you need to prepare them: disassemble, sort, rinse.

To quickly and easily wash a heavily contaminated crop, it is recommended to hold it in water for 2 hours. Next, clean each piece with a brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly under running water to get rid of the earth.

Important! So that the finished dish does not taste bitter, the mushrooms must be soaked for 1-3 days.

Cold-prepared specimens can be tasted no earlier than 30-40 days, but they turn out to be crisper than those that have undergone heat treatment.

To salt quickly, they must first be boiled.

How to quickly salt milk mushrooms in 5 days

You will need 2 kg of mushrooms, a head of garlic and spices: bay leaf, coarse salt, a bag of allspice.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Soak the mushrooms for one day, then rinse and discard all unusable ones: broken, overgrown, rotten.
  2. Boil for 30 minutes, slightly salted.
  3. Drain the water, put the milk mushrooms in a pan in a single layer with the caps down, salt, throw the bay leaf, a couple of allspice peas, garlic chopped into slices. Continue stacking them in rows, adding spices and garlic each time.
  4. When the pan is full, cover the contents with a plate, place a weight on it (a three-liter jar of water) and put it in the refrigerator.
  5. After 5 days, you can try.

If you need to quickly pickle mushrooms, it is better to use not jars, but a large container for this.

How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms in a hot way

For 1 kg of mushrooms, take 2 liters of water, a head of garlic, 50 g of salt, horseradish leaves, 10 black peppercorns, dill umbrellas, bay leaf.

How to salt:

  1. Process the mushrooms and soak for 2-3 days. Change the water periodically.
  2. After soaking, rinse, put in a container with clean water, salt and bring to a boil.
  3. Pour salt into the water, add pepper, toss the bay leaf and boil.
  4. Send the mushrooms to the brine and cook for about 10 minutes. Put the garlic, horseradish leaves and dill, cover and cool at room temperature.
  5. Move the pan with the milk mushrooms to a cold place for a week. Arrange in steamed jars, pour with brine, add a little sunflower oil, cork and send to the refrigerator.

The finished product can be eaten after 3 weeks

How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms in a cold way

You will not learn to salt quickly in this way - you can eat mushrooms no earlier than in a month and a half.

One bucket of mushrooms will need a glass of salt, the rest of the spices and seasonings to taste: black peppercorns, dill umbrellas, bay leaves and currant leaves.

How to salt:

  1. Soak the mushrooms for 3 days, remembering to change the water twice a day.
  2. In a suitable container, lay the milk mushrooms in layers with caps down, sprinkling each row with salt. Pour all the remaining salt on top.
  3. Cover the milk mushrooms with a flat plate or a saucepan lid, put a three-liter jar or other weight filled with water on top, cover with a towel. Put in the cold for two days. During this time, juice should stand out. The resulting brine has a dark color, the milk mushrooms in it are white, those that were outside the brine darkened, but this did not affect the taste.
  4. Transfer the fruit bodies to clean glass jars, add spices. A liter container will require about 6 dill umbrellas, 3 bay leaves, 15 black peppercorns. Lay the milk mushrooms in layers, evenly distributing the spices.
  5. Fill the jars to the top, tamp lightly, pour in the brine made from cold water and coarse salt (for 1 liter - 3 tablespoons with a slide). Top with a few currant leaves, cork with nylon caps.
  6. The snack can be eaten after about 40-45 days.

Cold salted milk mushrooms are crispy and tasty

Quick salting of milk mushrooms in banks

You can quickly pickle milk mushrooms according to the following recipe. For 1.5 kg of mushrooms, you will need 1 umbrella of dill, 6 peas of allspice, 1 spruce twig, 90 g of salt, horseradish root, 3 bay leaves, 6 cloves of garlic. This amount is calculated for a 1.5 liter can.

How to salt:

  1. Soak the mushrooms for 2-3 days. Change the water daily, clean the caps with the abrasive side of the sponge.
  2. Wash the jar thoroughly with baking soda.
  3. At the bottom, put dill and a spruce twig, a couple of cut garlic cloves, some salt, a couple of peppercorns. Then put two layers of mushrooms, pressing lightly, pour salt and pepper, throw garlic, bay leaf, horseradish. Thus, fill the jar, remembering to tamp a little so that the juice stands out.
  4. When the container is full, squeeze the contents firmly, and so that it does not rise and remain in the brine, insert small sticks.
  5. Put the jar in some container in case the brine leaks out, and leave it in the kitchen for a couple of days.
  6. Close with lids, place in the refrigerator. Try it after 2 months.

Served with onions and vegetable oil

How tasty and quick to salt milk mushrooms in a bucket

You will need 5 kg of mushrooms, 150 g of salt, 3 dill umbrellas, 2 horseradish leaves, 11 currant and cherry leaves.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Sort out the crop, wash thoroughly with a sponge in several waters, transfer to an enamel bucket, soak for 3 days. Change water 1-2 times daily. Then drain, rinse.
  2. Put currant and cherry leaves, dill and mushrooms in a bucket, sprinkle with salt. Continue to lay in layers, cover with horseradish leaves on top.
  3. Cover the bucket with gauze, put a plate on top, not it - oppression.
  4. Put the container in a cold place for 40 days.

Arrange in jars and store in a cool place

How to quickly salt raw milk mushrooms

You will need an arbitrary amount of milk mushrooms and salt (6% of their weight).

How to salt:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the milk mushrooms in several waters, cleaning each cap with a sponge.
  2. Soak for 5 days in cold water. Change the water at least once a day, but preferably in the morning and evening.
  3. Place raw mushrooms in a wooden tub or enamel pot, sprinkle with salt.
  4. Press down with a load on top.

Milk mushrooms after raw salting will be ready no earlier than in a month

How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms without soaking

They can be quickly salted without soaking for several days. This recipe will require 10 kg of milk mushrooms, coarse salt, garlic, cabbage leaves, dried dill seeds.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Sort out the mushrooms, free them from garbage, discard the unusable ones, put them in a bucket. Soak in cold water for 3 hours.
  2. Rinse with tap water, brushing each piece, cut off the legs.
  3. To remove the bitterness, heat treatment is used instead of soaking. Fold the caps into a suitable container, pour in water, salt, put on fire, wait for a boil, cook for 15 minutes. Change the water and repeat the cooking procedure.
  4. Transfer to a suitable dish with a slotted spoon and cool. Do not pour out the broth yet.
  5. Pour salt into a bucket or saucepan, throw dill seeds and garlic, cut into thin slices. Lay the row down with hats, sprinkle with salt. Continue to lay the layers, sprinkle with salt.
  6. Place a plate with a load on top and leave for several days. If there is not enough brine, add a little broth.
  7. After that, arrange in jars, put cabbage leaves on top, close with plastic lids, place in the refrigerator. After a week, you can try.

Mushrooms are served with onions, butter, fried or boiled potatoes

How to quickly salt milk mushrooms with garlic and horseradish root

You will need a bucket of mushrooms (10 l), rock salt, garlic, three horseradish roots 10 cm long.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Prepare the brine (take 4 tablespoons of salt per liter of water). It must be brought to a boil, removed from heat and cooled.
  2. Put the prepared mushrooms in a saucepan with water, add a little salt, cook. After boiling, cook for 15 minutes. Then drain the broth, pour clean water, cook for 20 minutes. Throw in a colander, cool.
  3. Steam half-liter cans, boil the lids.
  4. Arrange the milk mushrooms in containers with caps down, laying with horseradish and garlic. Fill the cans up to their shoulders.
  5. Pour brine to the top, release the air with a fork, tighten the lids, send to storage.

According to the classic recipe, milk mushrooms are salted with garlic and horseradish leaves

A quick way to pickle milk mushrooms with cherry and currant leaves

As seasonings, you will need currant and cherry leaves, garlic and dill.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Soak the mushrooms for 2 days, then drain and rinse. Boil in clean salted water (after boiling, cook for 5 minutes).
  2. Put the mushrooms in a colander, let cool and drain off the water.
  3. Transfer the milk mushrooms to a saucepan, add salt (4 tsp for a two-liter jar of mushrooms), garlic, dill, currant and cherry leaves. Mix well.
  4. Arrange the mushrooms in jars, pressing with a spoon. Close with plastic lids, transfer to a cold place. You can try after 20 days.

If the mushrooms are needed quickly (after a week), it is worth boiling them longer - 20-30 minutes, then salting.

Cherry and currant leaves - traditional seasonings for pickles

How to quickly pickle milk mushrooms in brine for the winter

For 1 kg of mushrooms, you need to take 60 g of salt, bay leaf, cloves to taste, 10 black peppercorns, a few cloves of garlic.

How to quickly salt:

  1. Soak prepared mushrooms for 1-2 days. Drain water, pour clean and put on fire.
  2. When it boils, add salt, bay leaves, cloves, black pepper, garlic.
  3. Cook after boiling for 40 minutes.
  4. Throw the boiled milk mushrooms in a colander, then put in sterile jars, pour with brine, cool and close. Put away for storage, but after a week you can eat the mushrooms.

Milk mushrooms are salted both dry and wet

Storage rules

The workpieces are stored in glass jars, as well as in tubs, enameled pots and buckets.

Large supplies are sent to the cellar or basement. In other cases, they are kept in the refrigerator, in the compartment for fresh vegetables.

You can choose a balcony as a storage place, but in order to avoid freezing, it is recommended to place containers with mushrooms in boxes with sawdust. You can wrap them up in blankets.

The air temperature must be between 0 and +6 ° C. If the room is colder, the workpieces will freeze, which will lead to a deterioration in taste. If it is warmer, they will sour, become unusable.

Milk mushrooms should be in brine all the time; when evaporating, add cold boiled water. The containers need to be shaken so that the brine does not stagnate, or to be shifted.

Important! It is necessary to monitor the appearance of mold and promptly remove it with a slotted spoon.

The storage method depends on the salting technology. The workpieces prepared by the hot method are placed in glass jars and sealed with nylon or metal lids. They are usually kept in the refrigerator or in a cold pantry.

Dishes without heat treatment are stored in large containers. They need temperatures between 0 and +3 ° C. The best place for them is the cellar. It is important to ensure that the mushrooms do not float and are always in the brine. They can be put into glass jars, covered with cabbage leaves, covered with plastic lids and sent to the refrigerator.

Milk mushrooms, salted at home, are stored for no more than 6 months in the cellar. In the refrigerator, this period is shorter - up to 3 months.


Salting milk mushrooms quickly and tasty is not at all difficult. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the recipe and store the blanks correctly.

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