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Why dahlias can dry

Why do dahlias dry up, although the neighbors are healthy?


I see mold on the ground. Campaign land is infected with fungal spores. And the dahlia got sick. Plus navnennoy not moderate watering. Transplant into the ground. Preheat it in the oven or microwave. Do not fill in and treat with phytosparin. 6 days 3 treatments. Set aside from healthy plants. Healthy also treated with phytosparin.

Yes, there is a fungal disease.

On the ground, this is not mold, but a piece of tons of paper. The earth is almost sterile.

But in the photo both plants are sick: (I wrote to you that treat with photosparine and you decide.

Phytosporin is not at hand. What can replace it? Something from all kinds of bugs. Please send.

Rather, the tubers themselves were sick. Fitosporin and only.

They are from seeds.

Then is waterlogging washing? looks like.

Can phytosporin be stored? And for prevention, can I spray the rest of the seedlings?

It is possible to store the working solution and even not only seedlings are watered with phytosparin, but also a greenhouse regularly :-) A friend directly in a greenhouse breeds in a greenhouse and constantly water

I have phytosporin in a bottle. Not a paste and almost transparent. There is one tsp. L. per liter. Vobschem sprayed painful and the rest also went.

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