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You can transplant lobelia directly into the pots, where it will bloom

You can transplant lobelia directly into the pots, where it will bloom

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My lobelia rose well in peat tablets, can I put them now in hanging pots, where I plan to bloom? So I think some of the petunias can be transplanted into flower boxes


How will you transplant so small (weekly)? They still have not got real leaflets

I think it’s too early, the pot is big, there is a lot of earth, the soil can be acidified.

Hi guys! I have a contest on the channel, good prizes, simple conditions.

Wait for the real leaves, then the root system will be ready for transplanting.

Elena, and what kind of flower boxes in Fix Price are they selling? You have no photos? We didn’t seem to have it.

We have such, on the top (with the fingers of the gauge) 40 to 18 🙂 also bought a lobelia-petunia

There are green and brown

Yeah, such) but no longer (

Below is a photo from Julia) I bought 3 boxes (went and dismantled them (I took a cache-pot on chains round)

Thank you, we do not have such in Arkhangelsk, hanging planters too. Oh, sorry. In garden shops, they are from 200 rubles. Are standing 🙁

It seemed to me to be everywhere (do you have only one fix? Can it cost to search the Internet catalog?

Sorry. What I just took 3 :(: - 🙁 (

Make out! Horror. By the way, in hanging green / brown flower pots checked. Petunias have little space, it is better to take those that are larger, with holes and others with coconut. This is about Fixik 🙂

Are there also different hanging planters? Hm. I’ll go to our other “Fixes” to look for a cache-pot :-).

You see, below it grows in the background and in a larger planter, and in the far planter green 🙂 doesn’t even want to branch 🙂

And you pinched them, it seems that not. Pinch, she begins to bush.

I pinched over 4-5 of this sheet 🙂

In the ground there is a branchy bush, in a planter in the foreground, from the beginning there are three branches, then more, all the time we cut off and pinch the bushes. But I read the first petunia need 5 liters of land, these fixed pots of liter fixed. Need more nutrition.

Well, you can plant lobelia or something else) my girlfriend puts cucumbers in a flowerpot) they hang so beautifully) though they are gherkins) and pay 50 rubles instead of 200 identities substantially)

These flowerpots are small for petunias, I planted that year. It was bad, transplanted again.

Natalia, there pay attention there are beautiful paper pails) such beauty) different colors) and large) 5 liters for sure) and most importantly durable) you can make holes and plant flowers in them) and today I poured expanded clay into them and transplanted several indoor flowers) beauty :-) men pink and blue tulips drawing)

You know, I always planted pitunias in pots small and normal), though every day I watered but grew very much)

And in boxes made of fixative petunia grew well in 3 pieces

Elena, I even have a lobelia in them stunted. Of course, Petunia captured the whole soil with watering every day, but at least 3 liters should be planted, I only plant hybrids, terry varieties.

I also bought 2, even my husband liked it, said that I also bought him all kinds of screws, the pallet wakes up to use as a cover

I plant. For 50 rubles pots 🙂 also boxes. And petunia simply has to be "fed." 5 times more feeding. And I take off the pots, the hydrogel does not help: - 🙁

And I’m somehow obscured) I see the basement or the dry land watered)

Transplant in piles, they take root well. You can pour Epin.

I'm just a summer resident of the day. And I feel bad in such small containers, I have to remove all the flowerpots before leaving and hang up again as we arrive. Otherwise, everything dries up, despite the hydrogel

Thanks for the tip on the boxes and pots, they brought me from the warehouse, they were not put up for sale. I am very pleased with the purchase!

Thank you, I find out, maybe they will bring it with us. I regret taking a little, in a nearby store, not in a fix, they are 140-180!

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