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Automated temperature control system in the greenhouse

Automated temperature control system in the greenhouse

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I have a graduation project on the topic “Automated temperature control system in a greenhouse”. The greenhouse is relatively small for installation in a room. Climate control in three ways:

  1. lighting,
  2. irrigation,
  3. air and soil temperature (my project).

Temperature values ​​(as well as other parameters) are measured and transmitted by sensors to an object communication device (USO) based on the Arduino Uno microcontroller. Temperature control is carried out by “heaters”, which are also associated with ODS. Which “heater” to choose for uniform heating:

  1. soil
  2. air?

One of the options for heating the soil is a warm floor. The heater must be small and electric.


I do not write graduation projects, but I am engaged in greenhouses, so you have a greenhouse for installation in a room. But any room has its own heating, and if it is not there or it is not enough, it is better to provide for air heating. Heated floor is effective for residential premises, and soil heating in any greenhouse is easily solved, due to the layer of manure at the lowest level. It is filled with soil and heat is released in the process of decay; here, infrared electric heaters would be most effective.

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