Tomato Novice: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Novice: characteristics and description of the variety

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Many varieties of tomatoes have been popular for decades. Tomato Novice, the characteristics and description of the variety of which will be given below, is just such a plant. The authors of the tomato are Volgograd breeders, who presented the gardeners with an unpretentious and fruitful variety. If you opt for this tomato, you will always have fresh salads and canned food.

Description of tomatoes

Tomato Novichok is not a new variety; it has long been included in the State Register in the Lower Volga region. It is recommended to grow in unprotected soil or under temporary film shelters on personal plots and on farms.

Important! On large plantations, machinery can be used for harvesting.

Bush characteristic

Tomato Novichok stands out for its compact bush, belongs to the determinant varieties with medium early ripening periods. Ripe fruits begin to take off 110-127 days after germination.

Plant growth is limited to the flower cluster. As a rule, the height is from 50 to 80 cm. Novichok tomatoes are medium-leaved. Lush green leaves of medium size.

The first flower tassel on tomatoes of the variety appears above 6 or 7 leaves. The next inflorescences are in increments of one or 2 leaves. From 5 to 6 fruits are tied in a brush, barren flowers are rare.

Attention! Tomato Novice forms a minimum number of stepchildren, they are only in the lower part of the stem.


The fruits of the Novichok variety are cream-shaped, elongated-oval. Each of them has from three to five chambers. The color of tomatoes can be red or pink, depending on the variety. But there are no stains.

Important! Tomato Novice pink, identical in characteristics and description of the variety to Tomato Novice with red fruits.

Different companies simply produce seeds of the Novichok variety. Hence the color variations. The Novice pink tomato is produced by Poisk, and the Novice Deluxe pink is produced by the Gavrish seed company.

The fruits have a smooth and soft surface. The pulp is fleshy, the color corresponds to the variety - red or pink. The fruits of the Novichok variety are tasty, with a barely noticeable sourness. As gardeners note in the reviews, tomatoes with a bright tomato flavor.

The average weight of a tomato is 75-100 grams. The skin is dense, does not crack even in overripe fruits.

The use of tomatoes

The fruits of the Novichok variety, pink or red, are highly productive. The appointment is universal. Small tomatoes are excellent raw materials for pickling and pickling. The integrity of the fruit is preserved even under the influence of the boiling marinade. Fruits are also tasty in fresh salads.

Advice! If you want to keep fresh fruits - wilt them.

Advantages and disadvantages

If the conversation comes about the description and characteristics of vegetable crops, it is necessary to reveal the positive and negative sides of the varieties. Let's start with the pros.

Benefits of the variety

It should be noted that the Novice tomato variety, pink or red, has a lot of advantages, which gardeners often write about in reviews:

  1. Mid-early ripening period, amicable return of fruits. Tomatoes are harvested Newbie almost simultaneously.
  2. The bushes are low, with a minimum number of stepchildren, which greatly simplifies care.
  3. Tying is optional, but small pegs as support are helpful.
  4. High and stable yield, this quality is confirmed by numerous reviews and photos of gardeners.

    More than two kilograms of delicious fruits are harvested from one bush of Novichok tomatoes. Considering that it is advised to plant 7 tomatoes per square meter, the yield is impressive for the most experienced gardeners: from 12 to 14 kg.
  5. Excellent transportability of fruits is combined with high keeping quality. At the same time, the presentation and taste are preserved by 100%.
  6. Tomatoes Newbie for universal use.
  7. Plants are cold and drought tolerant. That is why tomatoes of the variety can be grown in all regions of Russia in open and protected ground.
  8. The Novice variety is not only unpretentious in care. It practically does not undergo diseases from which nightshade crops suffer.
  9. Varietal qualities and characteristics are preserved with self-preparation of seeds.

But nothing is known about the shortcomings yet. For such a long time of cultivation, their gardeners have not noticed. The only thing that an excellent return will be if agricultural techniques and rules of care are fully observed.

Excellent characteristics of the Novice tomato variety, unpretentious cultivation, the possibility of mechanized harvesting allows you to cultivate a crop on a large production scale. Moreover, the crop can be harvested from all the bushes at once.

Healthy seedlings are the key to the harvest

Gardeners, who have been cultivating for many years, note the unpretentiousness of tomatoes and the ease of growing. The agricultural technology inherent in the Novichok variety is no different from other tomatoes.

Growing seedlings

For the Novice pink tomatoes, according to the description, the seedling method of growing is characteristic. Seeds must be sown 60-65 days before planting in open ground, greenhouse or under a temporary film cover.

Seed preparation

Self-respecting gardeners will never sow untested and unprocessed tomato seeds.

We will describe the processing technique below:

  1. A 5% saline solution is prepared (½ teaspoon of salt is dissolved in half a glass of water). Seeds are dipped into it for a quarter of an hour. Viable seed will be at the bottom. They continue to work with these seeds. They are washed and dried.
  2. Then they are dipped in a solution of pink potassium permanganate (as in the photo) for a third of an hour, the seeds are washed again with clean water.

Thanks to the processing in saline and manganese solutions, the seeds are disinfected. You can be sure that disease spores, if they were on the seeds, will die. In addition, germination and nutrition of the seed is stimulated.

Seeds can be sown dry or germinated before planting. For this, the processed planting material is wrapped in a damp cloth and left in a warm place. As soon as the white roots hatch, they are immediately placed in the ground.

Advice! In order not to damage fragile sprouts, it is advisable to take the seeds with tweezers.

Preparation of soil and containers

Soil preparation must be done in advance, five days before sowing. Many gardeners use ready-made seedling formulations that they sell in the store. They have balanced nutrients. If the composition is prepared independently, then it should contain turf soil, compost or humus, sand. In addition to the listed components, you also need to add wood ash.

Warning! Fresh manure is not added either under the seedlings or in the holes, otherwise a rapid build-up of green mass will begin. In addition, there are many pathogens in the manure.

Seedlings of tomatoes Novice can be grown in wooden or plastic boxes, containers. They are filled with soil and spilled with boiling water, adding potassium permanganate.

Sowing seeds

It is necessary to sow seeds in moist soil at a distance of 2-3 cm. Close them up to a depth of one centimeter. On top of the containers are covered with foil to accelerate germination. When the tomatoes begin to sprout, the cellophane is removed.

Features of seedling care

Before germination, the temperature is maintained at 21-24 degrees. Then it is reduced by three days: at night about 8-10 degrees, in the daytime not higher than 15-16 degrees. With regard to lighting, it must be sufficient. Otherwise, the seedlings of tomatoes of the Novichok variety will stretch out and be flimsy.

Water the seedlings as the top clod of earth dries. The appearance of 2-3 true leaves is a signal to pick tomatoes. Beginner. This procedure is required. During transplanting, you need to pinch the central root a little in order to stimulate the development of a powerful root system with lateral processes.

In the course of growing seedlings, Novice tomatoes are not fed if the soil was fertile. Foliar top dressing can be done by dusting the plants with wood ash. Water it sparingly so that the water does not stagnate.

Advice! In order for the plants to develop evenly, the seedling containers must be constantly rotated.

Ten days before planting, Novichok tomatoes are hardened in the open air. The procedure is performed by gradually increasing the exposure of plants to the air.

Planting seedlings

Tomatoes are planted in accordance with the climatic conditions of the regions, but after that, when return frosts are not threatened. In the greenhouse - at the end of May, and in open ground or under temporary film shelters - after June 10.

According to the description and characteristics, pink or red tomatoes of the Novichok variety are planted at 7 pieces per square meter in a checkerboard pattern. The landing pattern is in the picture below.

As for agricultural technology, it is traditional. It comes down to watering, feeding, loosening the soil and treating diseases.

It is simple and pleasant to take care of the Novice tomato variety.


Svetlana, 45 years old, Dzhankoy

I advise all gardeners to plant the Novichok variety. Amazingly yielding tomatoes with delicious all-purpose fruits. The germination rate of store seeds is 100%. Tomatoes grow quickly, the harvest ripens together. I put tomatoes on salad and canning whole fruits.

Valeria, 34 years old, Klin

Tomatoes are my weakness. I plant new varieties every year. Two years ago I bought tomato seeds Novice pink. Everything in it suits: taste, unpretentiousness of care. But most of all - the absence of disease. Grown on the street. The neighboring bushes were struck by late blight, and the Novice stood as if nothing had happened. I advise!

Sergey, 55 years old, Irkutsk region

We rested with relatives and saw bushes of tomatoes strewn with fruits. It was Newbie. We took one tomato and released the seeds. Varietal properties have been preserved. Bushes are low, do not require support. But we tie them to a trellis so that the lower brushes with tomatoes do not fall to the ground. The harvest is rich and stable. I really like my family.

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