Dahlia Cactus: growing from seeds

Dahlia Cactus: growing from seeds

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Flower lovers are probably familiar with dahlias. They attract attention with their vibrant colors and incredibly delicate and fluffy buds. The color of the dahlia is so diverse that everyone can find flowers to their liking. By experimenting with flowers, you can create whole compositions in your flower beds. Cactus dahlias look especially attractive, their pointed leaves leave no one indifferent. Also, seed producers have taken care, and produce a mixture of cactus dahlia. Dahlias of various colors are placed in such a bag with seeds. Agree that it is very convenient and also saves you money.

Characteristics of the cactus dahlia

The cactus dahlia is an amazingly beautiful flower. It belongs to bush perennial plants. Up to 15 peduncles are formed on each bush. The flowers are large, each petal is twisted, with a sharp end. The colors can be very diverse: yellow, pink, white, orange, burgundy and red. There are two-color types of dahlias, when one flower can combine the petals of two colors, or smoothly transition from one color to another. Buying a package with the name "Dahlia Cactus Mix" in a seed store, you can grow flowers of several colors at once. The packaging shows which colors are in it.

Attention! The cactus dahlia can be grown not only outdoors, but also in pots. In this way, you can decorate a gazebo or balcony.

Dahlia is a compact plant. All bushes are about the same height. This allows you to use it for group plantings, bouquets and flower bed decoration. The height of the bushes can range from 30 to 150 cm, and the diameter of the flowers is about 10 to 30 centimeters.

Growing and care

Growing dahlias is advised by the seedling method. But you can immediately sow dahlia seeds in the ground. If you chose the second option, then do not rush to sowing. This must be done in May, so that in July you can already admire the luxurious flowers. But sowing for seedlings should be started in early April. At first, boxes with dahlias need to be covered with foil to create a greenhouse effect. For rapid germination, peat and sand are added to the soil.

Important! Watering the seedlings is best done with a spray bottle. Excessive moisture can interfere with normal growth.

When the first leaves appear on the stalks, you should pick the plants into separate pots. But before that, the soil must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or steamed with boiling water. Before planting, the plants are hardened by taking them out into the street. The first day we keep the seedlings for only 5 minutes, every next day we increase the time by another 10 minutes. Some flowers may bloom at this stage.

Advice! Dahlia loves warmth and light, keep this in mind when choosing a planting site.

You can start planting in open ground at the end of May, make sure that the frost has completely passed. For full growth, you need to plant flowers at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other. We leave about 40 centimeters between the rows of dahlias. Flowering can continue until frost. In this case, it is necessary to pluck dried flowers from time to time, as well as loosen the soil. Water the dahlias as needed.

You can also grow dahlias from rhizomes. This method allows you to plant flowers from year to year without spending money on seeds. Landing is carried out as follows:

  1. In April, the roots should be removed from the cellar and placed on sawdust or peat in a sunny place. Only in good light will the roots give healthy shoots. Due to insufficient sunlight, pale shoots will sprout, unable to grow.
  2. After budding, the rhizomes should be divided. Each tuber must have at least one bud.
  3. One rhizome is enough for planting 6-10 tubers. We place each of them in a box and add earth to it. In early May, you can plant dahlias in the greenhouse. They can be moved to a flower garden or flower bed in early June.
  4. Tubers are planted in the ground to a depth of about 15 centimeters down with "eyes". Next, you need to sprinkle it with soil and water it well.


Cactus dahlias can please our eyes all summer and even the beginning of autumn. These flowers are incredibly easy to grow. They are unpretentious to conditions and do not require special care. Having dug out the rhizomes in advance, you can grow these flowers in your flower bed for many years. And by purchasing "Dahlias cactus mix", you can get just such a beauty, as shown in the photo. A variety of colors will delight all your loved ones and decorate your yard in an original way.


Evgeniya, Samara

I tried to plant such flowers. I now have reds, pinks and whites. I want to buy some more flowers.

Valeria, Krasnoyarsk

I love dahlias very much. I already have several types. I also bought the mixture. They sprout well, not all, but 70% of the seeds have sprung up for sure.

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