Types of toilets for a summer residence: options

Types of toilets for a summer residence: options

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Traditionally, at the dacha, the owners do not try to highlight the street toilet with something. They put in a far secluded place a rectangular house on a dug hole. However, some enthusiasts approach this issue creatively, creating a whole comfortable bathroom. Now we will consider the existing types of toilets for a summer residence, as well as the best options for its location.

Choosing the best place to install the toilet in the country

Before choosing the type of country toilet, you need to decide where it is best to put it. In this matter, attention is paid not only to the fact that it is convenient to approach the building, but also take into account a number of sanitary standards:

  • It is advisable to place a house with a cesspool no closer than 25 m to intake wells and wells. Moreover, all water sources are taken into account, even in neighboring areas.
  • A dacha is not only a vegetable garden, but also a resting place. It would be wrong to put a toilet in the middle of the yard. For a house, it is advisable to choose a secluded place behind the house outside the general view.
  • The landscape of the courtyard will help to correctly place the country toilet. In hilly areas, a cesspool is dug at the lowest place. The foundation of a residential building and a water intake well are located above the toilet, which allows the penetration of sewage from the overflowing pit into the basement of the house or drinking water.

Attention! The complexity of the terrain can create additional problems. For example, on a hill, water may not flow into a well, and in a lowland, high groundwater will flood a cesspool. Perhaps, in such an area, the placement of objects will have to be changed, then the toilet is installed as far as possible from any buildings and a source of drinking water.

  • It is important to choose the location of the country toilet, taking into account the wind rose. In the hot summer period, smells should be carried away by the wind in the opposite direction from residential buildings, and not only their own, but also those of neighbors. If there is little space in the yard, the toilet can be placed behind the house from the side of the wall without a window. It is not recommended to dig a cesspool near a veranda, gazebo or terrace.
  • A cesspool of any size will fill up over time and will have to be pumped out. When installing a toilet in the country, it is immediately important to provide for a free entrance. It is better to pump out a large-volume cesspool with a cesspool machine, and a free drive is left for it. When groundwater occurs in a summer cottage above 2.5 m, a toilet of the powder-closet system is built or a sealed storage tank is buried in the ground. The deep occurrence of groundwater below 2.5 m allows digging a cesspool.
  • From residential buildings, a toilet with a cesspool is located at a distance of 12-14 m, and from sheds - 5 m. A dry toilet of the type of powder closet can be installed at a distance of 5 m from the house. It is important to take into account the distance up to 4 m from fruit trees and shrubs.

Cesspools severely pollute the soil and groundwater. According to sanitary standards, tanks for country toilets must be made airtight.

Varieties of country toilets

So, it's time to consider what types of toilets are. This information will help you choose the best option for your summer cottage.

Water closet - a comfortable bathroom

The name of the water closet already indicates that this system provides for the flushing of waste with water. In principle, at the dacha, a comfortable bathroom is obtained, which works, as in a city apartment. The system is installed inside the house and consists of a toilet with a cistern. A water closet can also be installed inside an outdoor booth, making a beautiful and convenient odorless toilet. But in this case, with the onset of cold weather, it will not work, since water cannot be supplied to the tank in winter, otherwise it will simply freeze.

Toilets are sold in different sizes and shapes. Choosing a good plumbing fixture shouldn't be a problem. There are several ways to fix the toilet:

  • to the concrete floor with laid ceramic tiles, the toilet bowl is fixed with plastic dowels with self-tapping screws;
  • if a mortgage is provided in the concrete from a piece of board or the floor is made of wood, the toilet bowl is screwed in with self-tapping screws;
  • so that the tile does not burst during drilling, it is allowed to glue the toilet bowl to the floor with epoxy resin.

There are two ways to install the cistern. A not very convenient option is a separate mount. The cistern is fixed with screws to the toilet wall above the toilet. In this case, the connection to the bowl is made with a plastic pipe with a cuff. The easiest way is to install the tank on the bowl itself and tighten it with plastic bolts. A sealing gum is placed on the joint.

A plastic seat with a lid is installed on top of the bowl. The tank is connected to the water supply. If it is not in the country, you can install a storage tank with water on a hill. The connection is made through a ball valve.

The outlet of the bowl of the water closet is connected to the common sewage system using a corrugation and a tee. Branches of pipes from all water points are also connected here. The sewerage system of the water closet provides for the discharge of sewage into a septic tank or cesspool. A homemade waste tank is built from concrete walls 100–150 mm thick, covered with a reinforced concrete slab with a service hatch.

Country toilet of the backlash-closet system

The toilet of the backlash-closet system similarly provides for the installation of a toilet bowl inside the house. It turns out a semblance of a bathroom in a city apartment, only without a sewer system. The whole feature is in the cesspool. Under such a toilet, a waste accumulation tank is installed not far from the house, but directly under the toilet. Moreover, the cesspool must be made sealed, plus it is equipped with ventilation so that a bad smell does not enter the house.

The cesspool from the toilet bowl towards the common drive goes with a slight expansion, and the bottom must be made with a slope. Sewage flows down an inclined plane into the storage. The reservoir is covered with waterproofing on all sides. The top cover is additionally insulated to prevent waste from freezing. Sewage is pumped out by a sewage machine through a service hatch.

Country toilet of the powder closet system

In terms of the speed of construction, the dacha powder closet is in the first place. The structure consists of a toilet seat with a waste container. Under such a toilet, you do not need to dig a cesspool and build a sewer. The chair can be placed indoors or in a separate house at a summer cottage.

Powder closet works simply. There is a small container under the toilet seat. A simple bucket can be used in a homemade design. After each use, the waste is sprinkled with peat or wood chips. The powder closet is equipped with a dusting mechanism. In a homemade toilet design, sprinkling is done manually with a scoop from a bucket of peat standing next to it.

Such a country toilet system is beneficial if it is impossible to dig a cesspool due to the high location of groundwater. For the system, a prerequisite is the manufacture of ventilation.

Important! The capacity of the powder closet toilet is emptied every three days. Waste is thrown onto a compost heap, additionally sprinkled with peat or earth.

Country dry closet

Using a dry closet in the country is beneficial for several reasons. First, the process of decomposition of sewage takes place in such a way that the waste turns into an environmentally friendly sludge. They can even be stored in a compost heap for later use instead of fertilizing in the country garden. Secondly, the waste processed in the dry closet is reduced in volume several times. Such a positive process relieves the owner of the dacha from frequent pumping out of the tank.

Factory-made dry closets work with special fillers to help recycle waste. Biological products containing colonies of beneficial bacteria can be used.

Classic country toilet with a cesspool

The classic of a country bathroom is an outdoor toilet with a dug-out cesspool. The simplest version is represented by a rectangular wooden house with a small hole dug under the floor. After filling it, a new hole is dug and the house is transferred to it. The old storage tank is preserved for waste decomposition.

An equipped cesspool is being built under a non-portable street toilet in the country. The walls of the tank are made of concrete or brick. The bottom of the cesspool is concreted, occasionally made filtering. For the manufacture of a house, in addition to wood, a wide variety of sheet material is used. Some craftsmen create whole masterpieces with lighting and forced ventilation.

Examples of country street toilets

Making a good country toilet means bringing its comfort closer to the level of a city bathroom. Moreover, it is possible to recreate the optimal conditions of stay even in street houses. Further, we propose to consider in each picture what the country owners manage to do.

In the video you can see an example of a country toilet:

Reviews of summer residents on the choice of toilet design

Let's try to determine, according to the reviews, which is the best toilet for a summer residence to build in order to provide maximum comfort.

Sergey, 39 years old, Omsk

I rarely visit the dacha, so I didn't build a serious toilet. The house was built from corrugated board. I dug a cesspool 1x1x2 m and covered it with bricks. I have been using it for three years. Never pumped it out.

Nikolay Ivanovich, 65 years old, Irkutsk

I am a carpenter by profession. I even have a box of an outdoor toilet in my country house made of wood. The house was knocked down not just rectangular, but gave it the shape of a hut. He concreted the cesspool from above and installed a toilet bowl in the street toilet. Made good ventilation, so the place was comfortable, no bad smells.

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