Apricot pits: benefits and harms to the body

Apricot pits: benefits and harms to the body

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After eating the apricot, the pit is usually thrown away. Only a real housewife or gourmet knows that the nucleolus contained under the hard shell is rich in vitamins, tasty and can be used for cooking. Apricot seeds are used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

Composition and properties of apricot kernels

The nut hidden under the shell contains butyric and organic acids, a complex of minerals, amino acids. Oiliness determines the caloric content of the nucleolus. Acids and minerals in humans stimulate the work of internal organs, accelerate the metabolism of nutrients.

Oleic acid is considered an energy source. The composition of the apricot kernel contains up to 29%. Linoleic acid, the content of which reaches 11%, is of great benefit to the human body. The substance maintains normal cholesterol levels, stimulates the heart, and is an excellent antioxidant. The table shows the total content of nutrients 100 g of apricot kernels.

Apricot kernels: benefits and harms

The rich composition of the apricot kernel kernel is a real storehouse of vitamins for the human body. Trace elements help to maintain immunity, suppress the inflammatory processes of the respiratory system.

Important! The substances contained in apricot nucleoli contribute to the liquefaction of phlegm in bronchitis and its removal from the human body.

Apricot pits are considered to be an effective remedy for cramps. Traditional medicine healers use nucleoli against hiccups, for the treatment of colds, for the removal of worms from the body.

As for harm, the tasty nucleolus contains dangerous hydrocyanic acid, which is present in all bones of any fruit. A substance is released from vitamin B17 after entering the human body. However, the proportion of hydrocyanic acid is scanty. A person needs to eat at least 40 g of apricot kernels in order to feel the deterioration of the condition. Determining the saturation of a nut with hydrocyanic acid is easy to taste. A bitter nucleolus indicates a large amount of a harmful substance.

Advice! Hydrocyanic acid is easily destroyed by heat treatment. Apricot pits can be roasted in the oven or simply boiled.

The nucleoli are dangerous for allergy sufferers. Apricot itself is a strong allergen. People with this condition should limit their intake of tasty nuts. It is advisable to refuse to take apricot kernels for a pregnant woman, a person with gastrointestinal tract, liver, and thyroid diseases. For people with complex diabetes mellitus, apricot pits are contraindicated.

Is it possible to get poisoned and how to cope with poisoning

With unreasonable use, you can poison yourself with any product, even the most useful one. However, trouble can happen if a person ate poorly processed or old pitted kernels.

A person feels the first symptoms of hydrocyanic acid poisoning inside the body:

  • there is a sharp weakness, rapid muscle fatigue;
  • breathing worsens, stuffy throat;
  • dizzy, aching, aching, but spasms do not appear;
  • bloating, heaviness, pain, as from severe overeating;
  • pronounced flatulence is manifested;
  • nausea, periodically accompanied by vomiting;
  • the patient develops fear, turning into panic.

It is easy to determine the poisoning of a person with apricot pits by external signs:

  • mucous membranes quickly turn red;
  • the pulse quickens and drops instantly;
  • difficulty breathing becomes intermittent over time;
  • cramps appear all over the body or in certain areas.

Severe apricot kernel poisoning is easily confused with symptoms of heart failure. If you do not provide assistance in time, breathing will stop.

Hydrocyanic acid poisoning requires only medical intervention. However, before the doctor arrives, the person needs to be helped. Actions are taken in the same way as for any poisoning:

  • washing the stomach with boiled water with manganese;
  • taking activated charcoal tablets.

Apricot bark is an excellent antidote to hydrocyanic acid. If the bones can be poisoned, the tree will heal itself. Dry apricot bark in the amount of 100 g is poured into 1 liter of water. The broth is boiled for 30 minutes. After cooling down, take as tea about three times for five hours.

Important! A decoction of apricot bark helps to cope with a mild form of poisoning with nucleoli, if you can do without hospitalization.

Application of apricot kernels

Apricot kernels resemble nuts and look like almonds. There is even a similar aroma. In addition to traditional medicine and cooking, bones are used in cosmetology.

Can I eat

Many rural children know the taste of apricot kernels, as they eat them instead of nuts. However, many nucleoli should not be eaten. The harmless volume is considered in the range of 20-40 g, but you need to take into account the age category and body weight. A healthy adult with an average weight of 80 kg can consume 35 g of apricot kernels daily for a week, after which a break is needed. For people with health problems, the intake is limited to 30 g once a week. Children should not be given more than 20 g of apricot kernels, and even then not daily.

The healing properties of apricot kernels

The main healing property of apricot kernels is the fight against colds, accompanied by complications of the respiratory tract. The nucleoli will help cure a simple cough and advanced bronchitis. The recipes call for pure use of apricot kernels and complete with herbs. The nucleoli are added to the decoction of thyme, chamomile, coltsfoot, horsetail.

A decoction of sage, chamomile and apricot pits is used to gargle. Mother-and-stepmother, brewed with nucleoli, serves as an excellent expectorant for dry coughs.

In their pure form, apricot pits are used in the treatment of conjunctivitis or getting rid of seizures. A solution is prepared from 10 g of chopped nuts and 100 ml of boiling water. After infusion of the solution for 4 hours with convulsions, take 50 ml three times a day. For the treatment of conjunctivitis, cotton swabs are moistened in the solution and applied to the eyes.

Application in traditional medicine

There are many recipes in folk medicine using apricot kernels. Consider some of the most popular and harmless for a person who loves to self-medicate:

  • For coughing and to speed up the excretion of sputum, eat 1 tbsp. l. pounded apricot kernels per day.
  • A daily intake of 10 nuts will help get rid of worms.
  • Rubbing for feet is prepared from 1 bottle of vodka with a volume of 500 ml and 1 tbsp. pounded apricot kernels. The mixture is infused in a warm, dark place for three weeks. After rubbing, the legs are wrapped in a blanket.
  • Folk healers have even found the use of the shell of the nucleolus. After intensive frying in a pan, ash is obtained. Before meals, take 1 tbsp. to strengthen blood vessels.
  • A cocktail helps to improve immunity, restore strength. Take 200 g of nucleoli, pour 0.6 l of water and beat it all with a blender until milk is obtained.

Traditional healers are trying to treat complex diseases of the liver, kidneys, and digestive system with apricot seeds. However, it is better to coordinate such actions with your doctor.

Why are apricot pits useful for women

Apricot kernels are rich in healthy natural oils that help women maintain their beauty. Acids inhibit skin aging, maintain hormone balance. In general terms, bones have a beneficial effect on health. The nervous and cardiovascular system, blood composition improves.

Oil from apricot kernels is most in demand by women. It is used in its pure form for body and hair care. The oil is widely used in cosmetology in the manufacture of creams, face masks.

How to take apricot pits for cancer

Folk healers in many countries agree that apricot kernels have a unique effect of inhibiting a malignant tumor. Sick people are offered to eat up to 40 g of nucleoli per day, dividing the dose into three equal parts. Reception is carried out for a month, after which they withstand a 1.5 week break and continue the course again.

Due to the presence of vitamin B17 in the apricot kernels, scientists support the opinion of folk healers, but there is no official confirmation yet. It is amygdalin that is used in chemotherapy. Vitamin B17 is produced in the form of a medicine called Laetrile. The active ingredient destroys cancer cells without poisoning the body. It is only necessary not to exceed the recommended dose while taking.

Apricot pits in cosmetology

In past centuries, only wealthy ladies could use oil from apricot kernels. Now the product is available to every woman. In cosmetology, oil is not always used in a pure form. It is added to nourishing shampoos, hand and face creams. On the basis of the oil, scrubs, cleansing lotions, masks are produced. A cosmetic product containing an extract from apricot kernels promotes rapid healing of wounds, smoothes wrinkles, gives the body elasticity, and prevents inflammation of the skin.

Apricot kernel oil

The oil is extracted not from the seeds themselves, but from the apricot kernels. The technology is called the cold-pressed method. There are many recipes for face masks based on apricot oil:

  • Cleansing. One part of oatmeal, ground into powder, is mixed with two parts of milk. After a five-minute infusion, add half of one part of butter and fresh honey.
  • Moisturizing. Grind the egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of apricot oil. The mixture is applied to the face and kept for 30 minutes.

When shampooing, the oil from the apricot kernels is added to the shampoo. Hair gains shine, silkiness, strength. You can make a mask by adding to 1 tbsp. apricot oil a couple of drops of lavender oil. The mixture is rubbed into the head 30 minutes before washing.

Cooking applications

Whole apricot kernels are used in homemade cakes. If you throw a few kernels into homemade cognac, the drink will acquire an almond flavor. The hostesses make unusual jam. To do this, remove the stone from the apricot, peel it, remove the nucleolus and push it back into the fruit.

In production, apricot kernels are usually used as a spice in the form of ground powder. It is added in the production of ice cream, confectionery, sauces. Chefs use the spice in the preparation of meat and fish dishes, salads, compotes, sweet desserts.

Advice! You can get an almond spice yourself by grinding the kernels of apricot kernels in a coffee grinder, but first you need to dry them well.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The kernels can be stored peeled and in shells. Beforehand, the apricot pits are thoroughly dried. A raw nut will quickly become moldy. The kernels are stored in a tightly closed jar. It is advisable to keep the container away from light. Apricot pits cannot be stored for more than 1 year, since the nucleoli accumulate harmful substances.

Advice! Expired apricot pits can be identified by the bitter taste of the kernels.


Doctors talk about the safety of eating apricot kernels, but in reasonable measures. Only individual intolerance to the product can be negatively reflected. It is necessary to completely refuse to take: pregnant women, diabetics, people with acute diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system.

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Any product of natural origin is beneficial and harmful. If you are not sure about the usefulness of apricot seeds, you should not try to convince yourself.


Galina, 43 years old, Ulyanovsk

I use the kernels only from large-fruited apricots. I tried to add to jam, pastries. The result is an almond-flavored product. I like.

Valeria, 37 years old, Oryol

A jar of ground apricot kernels is always close at hand in the kitchen. I don't like to add spice to the second and first courses, but I use it when baking cakes, cookies, pastries. I tried to make homemade ice cream, it turned out delicious.

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