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How to use boiled egg shells

How to use boiled egg shells

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Friends, do you use shells from boiled eggs?


Easter *? so it’s medicinal) don’t throw it away but collect it) then whoever gets sick in the house) people animals or plants then pour a little shell and wash or water the plant or animal to drink 🙂

Yes, not only Easter eggs, we often cook testicles and throw the shell out, but I think that maybe it doesn’t need to be thrown away, but can be used as a top dressing

I collect and scatter around the site. I think there will be no harm anyway. I don’t even pour out the water where the eggs were cooked, I water it with flowers

Calcine in the oven - then it is easier to crush, and the powder in the holes - calcium against the top rot of tomatoes, peppers, and even fight with keel cabbage. I also collect all the shells in a bag, then in a mass I will pierce and into the ground.

I don’t throw it away, I’m in the hole for tomatoes

I dig in under the cherry. I put in the hole with potatoes when planting.

And how much do you need in the window?

I put in the cabbage in the hole, a little mix with the ground, I hope. What slugs do not like is fertilizing plants and improving soil aeration.

I dry the shell, then I pray in a blender in a coffee grinder, it turns out the powder and everywhere I add it to the ground

There is no benefit to plants from boiled shells, if only tossed on a compost heap is all organic. The benefits of raw shells can be insisted on with water, beautiful urea, in a ridge to put crushed.

Grind the shell and fish bones and mix under the stone trees, deepen into the ground.

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