Soap row: photo and description

Soap row: photo and description

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Soap ryadovka (Gyrophila saponacea, Tricholoma moserianum), due to its characteristics, belongs to conditionally edible mushrooms, so it can be cooked. To do this, you need to know some secrets.

Where soap rows grow

The soap row belongs to the Ryadovkov family. Representatives grow in small groups that create ranks, for which the genus got its name. A feature of the representatives is their characteristic soapy smell, it is not easy to get rid of it.

Fruit bodies are widespread everywhere; they are often found in meadows, in deciduous and coniferous forests. Any soil is suitable for them, mushrooms bear fruit every year.

The distribution area is the temperate northern zone. They can be seen in Karelia, Altai, Leningrad and Tver regions. They are also found in Ukraine, North America and Western Europe.

What soap rows look like

The cap is convex at a young age, later it becomes prostrate. Its edges are uneven, cracked. The surface of the fungus is covered with small scales, becomes oily in wet weather. After the fruiting body dries, the cap is rough. The mushroom is only 4-6 cm in diameter, but there are specimens that reach impressive sizes. Their caps grow up to 12 cm.

On its reverse side, you can see rare plates that adhere tightly to the stem. They are painted white, cream or gray-green. In adults, the plates are light green; when pressed, pink juice is released on them. Spores of the fungus are white.

The leg is thick - about 3 cm in diameter. Its length at a young age is up to 4-5 cm. Adult large specimens keep on high legs, sometimes they reach 12 cm. They are cylindrical in shape, smooth, less often covered with scales. Painted off-white or gray. They acquire a rusty tint from below.

The pulp is very firm. It has a pink tint at the cut and break. A distinctive feature is its smell. Fresh mushroom smells like laundry soap, the smell intensifies during cooking. The taste of the pulp is bitter.

In the description of the soap ridge and from the photo it can be seen that the color of the fruit is uneven, there are spots. The center is darker, and the edges of the cap are somewhat lighter. There are gray-green, brown-yellow, olive or gray-yellow mushrooms. Sometimes there is a pink-brown tint in the color.

Is it possible to eat soap rows

Rowing soap is not a poisonous mushroom. However, it is rarely eaten. This is due to the smell of the fruit, which intensifies during the cooking process. Some mushroom pickers salt them with garlic and horseradish to remove extraneous odors.

There is an opinion that in large quantities such a forest product can cause poisoning and upset of the intestinal tract. Therefore, some people consider these fruiting bodies to be toxic.

Taste qualities of a mushroom ryadovka soap

Rowing soap does not have a special taste. Its pulp is bitter and smells unpleasant.

Benefits and harm to the body

Interestingly, the soap line (or Tricholoma Saponaceum) still benefits the body. It is used in folk medicine. The fruit body contains many useful substances:

  • B vitamins;
  • polysaccharides.

They increase the body's resistance to various pathogenic microbes, prevent the appearance of tumors and reduce the rate of their growth.

Important! Poisoning cases are rare. When properly prepared, the mushroom can be eaten.

False doubles

Soap ryadovka has similarities with other representatives, not all of which are edible. Outwardly, it resembles:

  • green tea;
  • gray rowing;
  • brown;
  • golden;
  • tiger;
  • pointed;
  • smelly.

However, knowing the description of these species, it is possible to recognize the soap row. It differs from greenfinch in plates. They are much lighter in color. Its scent resembles a cucumber, it has dense flesh and a short leg that is almost completely submerged in the ground. Refers to conditionally edible.

The gray ryadovka has a pleasant smell of flour. It grows on a short stalk and has a white flesh. It belongs to the edible variety.

The brown ridge is distinguished by the brown color of the cap and the characteristic tucked edges. It grows mainly in birch groves and has a bright mushroom smell. Refers to conditionally edible.

The golden ryadovka releases juice when pressed. Its leg is covered with red scales, and the flesh has a characteristic white color. It is inedible and poisonous.

Tiger ryadovka is a poisonous representative with characteristic black spots and scales on the cap. The smell is unpleasant, but strong.

The pointed row has a bell-shaped convex head. It is dark gray or black with jagged edges. The taste of the fruiting body is bitter, unpleasant. It is poisonous.

The smelly row is distinguished by an unpleasant odor that appears after the destruction of the fruit. Her cap is dense, there is a tubercle in the center. The skin and pulp are white. Refers to hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Collection rules

When collecting fruits, you need to adhere to a number of rules:

  • choose only familiar mushrooms;
  • give preference to young fruits;
  • do not take spoiled copies;
  • clean the soil and dirt immediately, without leaving it for later.

Wicker baskets are used to collect mushrooms. Plastic buckets and bags should not be used where the fruiting bodies do not breathe and quickly deteriorate.

Important! You need to go for the rows after a good pouring rain. During the dry season, they quickly age and become unusable.

How to cook soap rows

The taste of the soap ryadovka depends on the correct preparation. Fruit bodies are pre-cleaned, washed under running water and soaked for several hours. After that, they need to be boiled in water, after adding vinegar to it for 10 minutes. after boiling. Drain the broth and repeat the procedure again. Increase the cooking time to 20 minutes. In 10 minutes. until the end of cooking, put the peeled onion in the pan. It will help get rid of the unpleasant odor. Rinse the finished product in cold water.

After cooking, the product can already be eaten, but it is best to salt it. To do this, the prepared mushrooms are placed in sterile jars, at the bottom of which horseradish, currant leaves and a few cloves of garlic are laid. Cover the mushrooms with salt, shake the jar and put it in a cold place. After 45 days, you can eat.


Soap row is a completely edible mushroom, however, you need to be careful when collecting. It is very easy to confuse it with poisonous or unsuitable specimens.

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