Tomato Taimyr: description, photo, reviews

The Taimyr tomato became a gift for the gardeners of the north-western regions and Siberia. The characteristics and description of the variety indicate the possibility of growing it under film and in open beds.

For several years now, the early-ripening variety Taimyr has been pleasing the inhabitants of the northern regions with harvests, despite the unstable weather, late spring frosts and cool summers.

Description of the variety

Tomato Taimyr forms strong standard bushes of small size - from 30 to 40 cm with large bubbly foliage. Due to the early maturity of the variety, already in early July, numerous ovaries appear on them, collected in neat brushes. They form on stepchildren, which therefore should not be removed. Each brush of the Taimyr variety forms up to 6-7 fruits. Due to cold resistance, plants are not afraid of spring frosts, they grow back, giving up to one and a half kilograms from each bush. The tomato is easy to care for and resistant to late blight. The bushes form ovaries and bear fruit until the frost.

Strong bright red fruits of the Taimyr tomato are characterized by:

  • rounded shape;
  • dense structure;
  • small size - the average weight of the fruit is 70-80 g;
  • great taste, harmoniously combining sweetness and mild sourness;
  • the fruits of the Taimyr variety begin to ripen together in early August;
  • they can be removed from the bushes as brown ones - they ripen perfectly at home;
  • Taimyr tomatoes are irreplaceable in fresh salads, perfect for winter harvesting.

Features of the variety

Characteristics of Taimyr tomatoes highlight some common features that distinguish low-growing varieties:

  • despite the compactness, it is better to tie up the bushes - this will provide them with the necessary access to air and sunlight;
  • with the help of pinching, the load of the bushes is regulated, if there are too many stepsons, the entire crop may not ripen in time;
  • care must be taken when fertilizing the Taimyr variety with nitrogen, since the bushes can stretch too much to the detriment of the ripening time and the amount of harvest;
  • due to the early ripening period, the Taimyr tomato does not undergo diseases that are typical for tomatoes in August.

Growing seedlings

In the description of Taimyr tomatoes, it is recommended to grow them in seedlings. Sowing for seedlings is carried out around mid-April, but you can sow seeds directly into the beds, even in small greenhouses. Due to the compactness of the bushes, they do not require spacious structures.

Sowing seeds in boxes

Since the Taimyr variety does not belong to hybrid varieties, tomato seeds can be harvested on their own. To prepare seeds for sowing:

  • they must be soaked for several minutes in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, heated to +40 degrees;
  • spread out on a flat surface and cover with a damp cloth for germination.

Sprouted tomato seeds are planted in boxes filled with fertile soil prepared from a mixture of garden soil, humus and sand. The soil must meet the following requirements:

  • be nutritious;
  • loose enough to provide air for developing sprouts;
  • it should have a slightly acidic reaction.

Important! Adding garden soil to the potting mix will allow tomato seedlings to adapt to the soil environment of the area where they will grow.

Planting in pots

Reviews of many summer residents on the Taimyr tomato are advised to plant seeds directly in the container:

  • peat pots;
  • plastic or paper cups;
  • pots with an opening bottom.

A drainage layer is laid out at the bottom of the container, it reduces the risk of damage to sprouts by a fungal disease, ready-made soil is poured on top of it. The process of planting seeds in cups is simple:

  • the soil is preliminarily moistened and covered with a film;
  • after a few hours, moisture will evenly saturate the entire soil;
  • with the help of a toothpick, a depression is made in each cup, into which one seed is planted;
  • tomato seeds are sprinkled with earth on top;
  • the landing site is moistened with a spray bottle;
  • containers are covered with transparent film and placed in a warm place.

Seedling care

After the sprouting of the Taimyr tomato, the film must be removed, but the temperature in the room must not be reduced. The soil must be periodically moistened with settled water, preventing it from drying out. We must remember that waterlogging is also harmful for sprouts. After a few days, when the tomato seedlings are already growing, you need to gradually reduce the ambient temperature to + 17- + 18 degrees.

If the seeds were sown in boxes, then after the appearance of two true leaves, it must be dived. During this procedure, it is necessary to deepen the tomato seedling to the leaves so that the root system develops better, and the stalk will still stretch out. During this period, additional lighting is useful for seedlings.

Transplanting seedlings to the beds

The characteristic of Taimyr tomatoes allows transplanting seedlings into open ground after the first ten days of June. Plants by this time should have strong stems and a developed root system. It is good to plant tomatoes in areas where cabbage, beans, onions grew before. Do not plant them after potatoes and eggplant due to the susceptibility of all these plants to the same diseases.

The plot for tomatoes should be prepared in advance:

  • treat it in the spring with a hot solution of copper sulfate;
  • fertilize the beds when digging with humus or rotted compost, as well as mineral salts;
  • lime acidic soils;
  • sanding on heavy soils.

For the Taimyr tomato, in its description, a planting scheme is recommended - 15 seedlings for each square meter of the plot, but the planting should not be heavily thickened either. Bushes need to provide sufficient light. Two hours before planting, containers with seedlings should be watered so that a whole lump of earth can be removed from the glass without scattering it or damaging the roots. Peat pots can be lowered into the holes along with the seedlings. Pegs should be immediately placed next to the seedlings for tying the bushes in the future.

Transplanting seedlings into greenhouses is carried out according to the same rules as for open beds. It is recommended to add sawdust to the soil for greenhouses. For greenhouses, it is also important to observe temperature and humidity levels.

Tomato care

Taimyr tomatoes are unpretentious, but respond very well to proper care.

Organization of watering

The first watering of Taimyr tomatoes after transplanting is carried out about 10 days later. In the future, it should be regular - once a week or more often if there is no rain. Adding a small amount of ash to the water for irrigation will protect tomatoes from many diseases. After watering, you need to remove weeds and at the same time loosen the soil under the bushes. In order to retain moisture, you need to mulch the ground under the bushes with sawdust, straw, compost. With the beginning of the ripening period of fruits, watering the Taimyr tomato should be reduced.

Feeding mode

Tomatoes need regular feeding. If the seedlings were planted in fertile soil, the first feeding of the Taimyr variety can be organized in three weeks. Tomatoes respond well to fertilization with diluted mullein with the addition of potassium and phosphorus salts. You can feed the bushes with liquid chicken droppings. All fertilizing should be done only after abundant watering. To strengthen flowers and ovaries during the flowering period, spraying with a weak solution of boric acid is a good way.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Polenova Claudia, 47 years old, Tomsk

The Taimyr tomato has been pleasing with a good harvest for many years, despite the harsh Siberian climate. It is unpretentious and does not require complex maintenance. Every year I grow seedlings on the veranda, and in June I transplant them to the beds. Bushes of the Taimyr variety grow low, but strong and fruitful. They bloom together and give ovaries. From the end of July, I start picking tomatoes. We eat them fresh with pleasure, we also make winter pickles.

Kashtanov Vladimir, 57 years old, Borovichi

The Taimyr variety gives standard bushes of small stature - up to 30 cm. The yield corresponds to the description of the tomato - up to one and a half kilograms. Bushes need to be tied up, otherwise they turn out to be spreading. The taste of tomatoes is excellent, we use it fresh. The bushes, which were planted under the film, yielded a month earlier. The variety is well adapted to our weather conditions.

Daraeva Ksenia, 50 years old, Lomonosov

I like the Taimyr tomato very much, in the photo it is small in size, but it grows excellently in our climatic conditions. In a short time, the entire crop has time to ripen. Agricultural technology of the variety does not require complex procedures - water and feed on time.


The Taimyr tomato is an excellent variety for regions with short, cool summers. It has firmly won the love of gardeners due to its early ripening and excellent taste.

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