Varieties of indeterminate tomatoes for open ground

Varieties of indeterminate tomatoes for open ground

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Many vegetable growers, growing tomatoes on their site, do not even suspect the existence of such a name as the terminant varieties. But this is the very variety of tomatoes with tall bushes, which many housewives love. Indeterminate tomatoes grow over 2 m in height.

Caring for such a crop consists of removing the stepchildren to form the plant with one or two stems. And during the pinching, a small penny is left so that a new branch does not start to grow from this place. A flower cluster appears above 9 leaves, which indicates a later ripening of the crop, however, indeterminate varieties of tomatoes for open ground have gained their recognition due to the long fruiting period and the possibility of obtaining large yields.

What are the pros and cons of growing indeterminate tomatoes

Like any other vegetables, growing indeterminate tomatoes has its positive and negative qualities. Let's take a quick look at the advantages of tall varieties:

  • The growing season of an indeterminate tomato is much longer than that of a low-growing variety. The determinant bush quickly and amicably gives up the entire crop, after which it no longer bears fruit. Indeterminate plants constantly set new fruits before the onset of frost.
  • The stems tied to the trellis offer free access to fresh air and sunlight. This relieves the plant of phytophthora and the formation of rot, which is often found in rainy summers when grown in open beds.
  • The very high yields, due to the use of a limited planting area, allows the cultivation of tomatoes for commercial purposes Fruits of indeterminate varieties lend themselves well to storage, transportation and are considered the most delicious.

Of the shortcomings, one can only name the extra labor costs. To tie the stems, you will have to build trellises. Bushes tend to grow indefinitely in length and width. The plant will constantly have to be shaped by removing the stepsons.

The video tells about pinching tomatoes:

Overview of indeterminate tomato varieties

In our review, we will try to highlight which of the tomatoes are the most delicious, sweet, large, etc. To make it easier for housewives to navigate in the choice of varieties for open ground, we divided them into different subgroups.

Varieties bearing pink and red fruits

It is this traditional color that all tomato lovers like more, so we will start the review with these varieties.

Miracle of the earth

This variety produces early pink tomatoes. Fruits from the first ovary grow up to a weight of about 0.5 kg. The next tomatoes ripen slightly smaller, weighing about 300 g. The shape of the vegetable resembles a heart. The plant tolerates heat and drought, adapts to temperature changes. During storage and transportation, the skin of tomatoes does not crack. In good growing conditions, one plant will yield 15 kg of yield.

Wild Rose

An indeterminate early plant capable of producing up to 7 kg of pink tomatoes. The variety quickly adapts to hot weather conditions, is not afraid of late blight. Large tomatoes weigh from 0.3 to 0.5 kg. Fleshy fruits with a sweet and sour aftertaste are eaten fresh; tomatoes are not suitable for winter harvesting.

Tarasenko 2

This tomato represents the best domestic hybrids. A very high-yielding bush forms clusters weighing up to 3 kg each. The plant has good resistance to late blight and rot. Tomatoes grow medium-sized, weighing about 90 g. The shape of the fruit is spherical with a small nose protruding at the top. The color of the pulp is deep red. The tomato is great for canning.

Tarasenko pink

Another domestic hybrid, the name of which shows that it bears pink fruits. The plant forms clusters weighing up to 2 kg each. When grown outdoors, the bush forms up to 10 brushes per season. Elongated tomatoes weigh a maximum of 200 g. The plant is resistant to late blight, adapts well to shady areas.


The variety adapts well to aggressive weather conditions, takes root on almost all types of soil. One bush brings about 3 kg of tomatoes. The red color dominates in the pulp, but a pronounced brown tint is inherent. The fruit is very juicy, weighs about 150 g. Dark seeds are clearly visible in the seed chambers at the break in the pulp.

Scarlet mustang

The plant sets up clusters with very long fruits. Individuals of tomatoes grow up to 18 cm in length. The color of the pulp is scarlet, more even prone to red. The mass of a mature vegetable is about 200 g. The crop is characterized by stable fruiting, and under any weather conditions it is capable of bringing at least 3.5 kg of yield. The vegetable is used for fresh salads and processed.


This tomato is a large-fruited medium-early variety. The mass of a mature vegetable reaches 0.4 kg. Raspberry-colored pulp has a high sugar content. The variety is considered high-yielding, but takes root on fertile soil. But the plant does not care about temperature drops and lack of moisture.

Varieties bearing orange and yellow fruits

Fruits of unusual color are most often used for salads and pickles. Such tomatoes do not go to fruit drinks.

Lemon giant

This crop also represents large-fruited varieties of tomatoes, only yellow in color. The first ovary bears large fruits weighing 0.7 kg, further clusters grow with tomatoes weighing 0.5 kg. The variety is considered mid-ripening, capable of bearing fruit before the onset of frost. The plant has average immunity to late blight.

Honey saved

Another large-fruited variety that produces yellow tomatoes weighing about 0.6 kg. The very fleshy fruits have a sugary pulp and small seed chambers. The yield is average, about 5 kg of tomatoes are usually removed from 1 bush. The vegetable is characterized by excellent aroma and is considered a dietary direction. The strong skin does not crack when the tomato is still growing and during storage in the basement.

Honey drop

Yellow tomatoes grow very small. The mass of one tomato is only 20 g. Fruits hang in clusters of a maximum of 15 pieces, very similar in shape to pears. The plant is undemanding, takes root in poor climatic conditions, withstands a short-term drop in temperature. The sweet-tasting tomatoes are used for rolling in jars or fresh.

Amber goblet

Intense orange-colored tomato feeds on the energy of the sun. The plant does not care about heat, drought, all the same, the fruits will be juicy with a lot of sugar. An oblong egg-shaped vegetable weighs about 120 g. The culture is endowed with good immunity to common diseases. Tomatoes are most often used for winter preparations and fresh salads.

Varieties bearing fruits of other flowers

Oddly enough, there are white or green tomatoes that are considered mature in this color. Some indeterminate varieties even produce dark brown fruits. Such tomatoes are not very demanded by housewives because of their specific color, but they are also tasty and worth considering.

Brown sugar

This variety belongs to the late ripening period and is best grown outdoors in warm regions. Long-term fruiting until the first frost. One plant can yield up to 3.5 kg of yield. Sugary tomatoes with brown aromatic pulp weigh about 140 g. Smooth skin takes on a shade of dark chocolate.

Pear black

The culture of the middle ripening period brings good yields up to 5 kg / m2... The shape of the tomatoes resembles a rounded pear. The plant forms clusters, in each of which up to 8 tomatoes are tied. The mass of a mature vegetable is 70 g. Brown tomatoes are used for canning and pickling.

White heart

The unusual white color of the tomato produces a medium-ripening variety. A yellowish tint is slightly visible on the skin. Heart-shaped tomatoes grow large. The average weight of one vegetable is 400 g, but there are specimens up to 800 g. 5 clusters are formed on the stalk, in each of which a maximum of 5 tomatoes are tied. Despite the unusual color, the vegetable is very sweet and aromatic.

Emerald apple

A very high-yielding variety that yields up to 10 kg of tomatoes per plant. The color of the vegetable is completely green; when fully ripe, an orange tint is slightly visible on the skin. A slightly flattened spherical shape, the fruits weigh about 200 g. The culture adapts to aggressive weather conditions, is practically not affected by late blight. The vegetable is more used for salads, pickles or the preparation of a specific juice that resembles the taste of kiwi.

Cherokee Green Gold

The variety is poorly distributed among domestic gardeners. The tomato has a completely green flesh, and an orange hue is slightly visible on the skin. The seed chambers contain few grains. The vegetable is so sweet that it looks more like a fruit. The plant loves light fertile soil. The mass of a ripe tomato is about 400 g.

Large-fruited indeterminate varieties

When growing indeterminate varieties, many vegetable growers often bet on getting large tomatoes throughout the summer and until late autumn. We will now try to consider the best varieties.

Bull heart

This popular variety is probably known to all domestic summer residents. The bush on the lower ovaries bears large fruits weighing up to 0.7 kg. Above, smaller tomatoes are tied, weighing about 150 g, but all tomatoes are sweet, sugary with a small amount of grains in the seed chambers. It is necessary to form a bush with two stems. In open beds, up to 5 kg of the crop can be removed from the plant. This variety has several subspecies, each of which bears fruits in pink, yellow, black and traditionally red.

Cow heart

The variety belongs to the middle ripening period. The plant can be formed as desired in 1 or 2 stems. Round-shaped tomatoes with an elongated spout weigh about 400 g. Sugary pulp with few seeds. The harvested crop is not stored for a long time. It should be used for processing or just eat fresh tomatoes.

Abakan pink

The culture of the middle ripening period can bear fruit in open and closed beds. The bushes are stepson until one or two stems are obtained. The characteristics of the fruit are similar to those of the "Bull Heart" variety. Sugar-colored red tomatoes weigh about 300 g and are considered a salad direction.

King of the Orange

The medium ripening crop is intended for open and closed ground. The bush is formed with one or two stems. Tomatoes grow up to 0.8 kg in weight. The orange-colored sugary flesh is a little loose. The plant is capable of producing up to 6 kg of harvest.

King of Siberia

Among orange tomatoes, this variety is considered one of the best. Tomatoes grow huge, some of them weigh more than 1 kg. The bush is formed with one or two stems. The purpose of the vegetable is salad.

Northern Crown

This variety produces a very beautiful, even-shaped tomato. The crop is intended for open ground, requires the formation of a bush with one or two stems. Red tomatoes weigh about 0.6 kg. The vegetable is intended for fresh consumption.

Heavyweight Siberia

The variety is intended for outdoor cultivation. The plant is unpretentious, resistant to many diseases, does not even require compulsory pinching, but in this case the size of the fruit will be smaller. Mature tomatoes weigh about 0.5 kg. The pulp is juicy, sugary, with a low content of seeds. Used vegetable for salads.


The plant produces very attractive dark red tomatoes with a black appearance near the stalk. Bushes grow very long when formed with one or two stems. The weight of a ripe tomato is about 300 g. The yield is stable even in bad weather conditions. Up to 4 kg of fruit can be removed from the plant.

Japanese crab

This tomato variety has appeared recently. Fruits are rounded-flattened and have a distinct ribbing. The first crop is harvested 120 days after seedling germination. The average weight of a tomato is 350 g, sometimes giants weighing 0.8 kg grow. The bush is formed with two or one stem.

The most popular indeterminate varieties, according to reviews of summer residents

There are a lot of tall tomatoes, but somehow it is always customary to give preference to a limited number of varieties. So, many gardeners most often from indeterminate varieties prefer "Wonder of the World" and "Tarasenko2". We have already considered their characteristics. Now I would like to draw your attention to two more popular varieties.

De Barao Yellow

Late ripening hybrid. The first crop ripens after 120 days. Tomatoes are characterized by firm flesh covered with strong skin. The vegetable is shaped like an oval. The weight of a ripe fruit is about 60 g. Tomatoes can be stored for a long time, tolerate transportation, are preserved and salted.

De Barao Royal pink

A related variety of pink-fruited tomato. The shape of the vegetable resembles large sweet peppers. The approximate weight of a tomato is about 300 g. Up to 5 kg of crop are harvested from one plant.

This video tells about the best indeterminate varieties for open ground:

Growing indeterminate varieties is a little more difficult than ordinary undersized varieties, but among such a wide variety of varieties, there are sure to be crops that will become the favorites of the grower in the future.

Watch the video: All About Determinate Tomato Care: Pruning, Staking, Feeding, Calcium u0026 Let it Go! (May 2022).

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