When and how to open roses after wintering

Too early opening of roses can lead to their freezing, and later - cause damping out. Therefore, in order not to harm the health of the bushes, and, in addition, to preserve and increase their decorative effect, you need to know when to open roses after winter.

Proper care will help ensure the splendor of the roses bloom

When to open roses after winter in 2021

An untimely or incorrect opening can lead to the death of even those roses that were prepared according to all the rules for the winter season. High humidity and return frosts in spring sometimes cause much more damage to plants than winter cold.

If you remove the shelter from roses in spring too early, when the ground has not yet warmed up well enough, and the air temperature is still likely to drop below 0 ° C, the plants run the risk of freezing. This is due to the fact that the kidneys, which wake up quickly enough with the arrival of spring heat, die when the air temperature drops to -6 ° C.

A no more attractive picture is obtained when the protective cover is removed later. As a result of intensive evaporation of moisture by the vegetative parts of a plant in an enclosed space, an excessive increase in soil moisture occurs. In combination with oxygen deficiency, this often causes the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms, including mold.

A shelter made of agrotex will help protect roses from the cold.

At what temperature can roses be opened in spring

If the winter was not very frosty, and the spring was abnormally early, it is not easy to determine the date on which roses should be opened after wintering.

The main indicator that it is time to open roses in the Moscow region and other regions in 2021 is the air temperature. In the daytime, it should be 8-15 ° C of heat, and in the dark - not to fall below the mark of - 2 ° C.

Warning! You should not remove the shelter until the soil thaws to a depth of at least 20 cm.

When to open climbing roses

Long stems of a climbing rose are removed from the support in autumn, laid horizontally, covered with sand or soil, and then covered with straw, fallen leaves or spruce branches. This construction is completed by agrofibre, cardboard or roofing material, fixed on a special frame.

Climbing roses with the onset of spring open in the following sequence:

  1. Approximately in the second half of March or early April (this depends on the region, as well as the air temperature), the covering material is removed, the upper layer of the shelter that has compacted during the winter is loosened and the flowers are again covered, leaving small windows for ventilation. This will provide access to fresh air and the evaporation of unnecessary moisture. At night, to avoid the harmful effects of possible frost, the holes are closed.
  2. After a week of partial ventilation, one side of the frame is completely opened from the east or north side.
  3. After the next 2 days, subject to a constant positive daytime temperature, the winter shelter is finally removed and the top layer (sawdust, mulch, spruce branches, etc.) is removed.
  4. They dig up roses and raise them on supports only when the threat of residual frost has passed.

The climbing rose is left in a horizontal position until May

When to open standard roses

Standard roses are in most cases tall bushes with an extensive crown. In the process of preparing for the winter season, they are bent to the ground, covered with a layer of soil and covered with roofing material fixed on the frame, dense plastic wrap or agrotechnical cloth.

Stamp roses should be opened in the Moscow region and other regions only after the air has warmed up to a temperature of at least + 8 ° C and the top layer of the soil has thawed.

Plants are freed from winter cover in the following sequence:

  1. During the period of active melting of the snow cover (the second half of March), its remnants are removed from the shelter, after which drainage grooves are made.
  2. Closer to the second half of April, they begin to air the roses, opening the side parts of the covering frame for this. Airing begins at 2 o'clock, each day increasing the duration of the procedure and the degree of opening.
  3. After about a week, the covering frame is completely removed, the roses are dug up and lifted from the ground.

Warning! In the first days, standard roses freed from winter shelter can suffer from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is better to shade them with spruce branches or thick paper.

Rotten and dry stems may appear after winter.

When to open cuttings

Some gardeners plant cuttings of flowers in open soil in the fall and cover them with glass jars to create a greenhouse effect, that is, they build a kind of mini-greenhouse. For the winter, together with the banks, they are additionally covered with fallen leaves, spruce branches, straw or sawdust.

Experts advise against rushing to release such plantings in the spring. It is better to start opening when the weather is stable, around May. In the process of opening the cuttings, a layer of mulch is removed, the jar is removed and the shoots are watered with water at room temperature.

Opened cuttings need to be shaded

When to open roses after winter in the Urals

Ural winters are notable for their harshness, and not every Ural spring is warm. For this reason, it is recommended to open roses after wintering in the Urals not earlier than the second half of May. By this period, stable warm days are already established, and the soil thaws well enough, which makes it possible to wake up not only the buds, but also the roots of the plant.

Roses are opened in the Urals in the same way as in other regions: first, they ventilate for several days, and then completely remove the shelter.

Warning! Gardeners advise in the early days not to take far away the shelter, because the probability of spring frosts in the Urals is especially high.

When to open roses after winter in Siberia

In the gardens of Siberia, as well as in the Urals, the optimal time for the spring opening of roses is from about May 15 to early June. As a rule, there is no snow by this time.

After several days of airing, the top layer of the shelter is removed (agrotechnical, spruce spruce branches), and after a week, excess soil is removed, which also served as protection from the cold.

After full disclosure, the bushes are cut off, removing dry and rotten stems, then watered with warm water for the final awakening of the root system.

When to open roses in the Moscow region after winter in 2021

In central Russia, roses are opened from about April 12-16. It was at this time that roses were opened after winter in the Moscow region in 2019.

However, given the abnormally early spring of 2021, plant opening times this year may come earlier. The first and main sign that you can open roses in the Moscow region right now is the establishment of stable warm weather (the air temperature is not lower than + 8 ° C).

The opening of roses in the spring in the Moscow region in March 2021 should be done gradually. First, the bushes are ventilated, briefly opening the edge of the shelter, and after about a week they fully open and free the ornamental plants from the layer of soil covering them.

It is better to open roses in cloudy warm weather.

How to open roses correctly in spring

All types of roses open gradually after winter. First of all, in the first half of March, when solar activity increases and there is a likelihood of exposing protective shelters, a layer of snow should be thrown over them. This will prevent premature heating of the air inside the structures and reduce the risk of plants damping out. In the last days of March, the snow that did not have time to melt is removed from the shelter.

The protective cover is removed when the snow is melting intensively, even in shaded areas. This happens around the end of March or April (depending on the region).

Do not forget that during the period of sharp warming, the soil can remain frozen for a long time. In order to accelerate thawing, the soil in the root zone of the ornamental bushes is sprinkled with wood ash.

It is not recommended to open roses in spring after winter shelters:

  • if there is snow on the ground surface;
  • with a high probability of night frost;
  • at a daily temperature below the established norm (+ 8 ° C);
  • without preliminary ventilation.

Attention! During the period of active snow melting, too much water sometimes accumulates in the root zone of roses, which can lead to rotting of the lower part of the stems and roots of the plant. In order to prevent such troubles, special grooves are made to drain excess water.

The first discovery of roses

The first opening is carried out in the form of airing, which is done at positive temperatures. To do this, in good weather, open the ends of the shelter. After 2 hours, the ends are again covered, but small holes are left through which air will flow into the structure. The duration of airing is increased with each subsequent day. In addition, the degree of discovery is gradually expanded.

Attention! For the first time, airing is performed at the maximum positive temperature, that is, at about 12-14 hours. If the probability of recurrent frost persists, the ventilation holes are closed at night.

It is impossible to remove the shelter immediately.

Complete removal of cover

To facilitate the adaptation of roses after cold weather, the shelter is removed gradually, increasing the holes for airing the plants within 3 days. After that, subject to stable warm weather, the roses are fully opened.

After the full opening of the ornamental bushes, they are dug up, that is, the soil covering them is moved away from the stems, which also served as protection from freezing.

After the rose bushes are fully opened, they perform sanitary pruning of the bushes, during which dry and rotten stems are removed. In addition, for the prevention of fungal diseases, roses are treated with a Bordeaux mixture.

Now that the ground units are finally awake, it's time to think about the roots as well. To wake them up, the bushes are watered with warm water. A week later, the bush is irrigated again, but this time nitrogen fertilizers are added to the water.

Advice! In the first days after opening, for the prevention of sunburn, ornamental plants should be protected from bright sunlight. Alternatively, you can shade them with spruce branches.

Two weeks later, the shelter from the sun is removed, and the roses are once again treated with preparations containing copper.


Every gardener should know exactly when to open roses after winter. Competent exemption from winter protection will help maintain the health of ornamental plants and ensure their lush flowering.

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