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How to deal with spinning leaves in tomatoes

How to deal with spinning leaves in tomatoes

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Hello. Tell me, please, how to deal with twisting leaves in tomatoes? Throw away a pity. thanks


Well, very ...

Probably a leaflet, it’s hard to say without a photo. Treat with pests. Be sure to treat the soil before planting. Both for seedlings, and in greenhouses, soil.

In tomatoes, the leaves curl when the temperature changes, there is nothing to worry about in the promise.

Yes. Galya writes correctly. Do not throw anything away.

Throwing away is never too late. Pour a liter of iodine water: 3-4 drops of iodine per 10 liters of water. Do not worry, ventilate the greenhouse necessarily. Take root. Everything will be OK !

Spray Boric Acid against Temperature Difference

under the root or on the foliage?

under the root. No foliage needed. Everything will be OK.

but how to breed, what is the ratio?

3-4 drops of iodine per bucket. Water under the root

Can they fatten?

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