Peppermint tincture: for hair, for face, for acne, benefits and harms, instructions for use, reviews

Peppermint tincture is a valuable remedy with numerous health benefits. In order for the tincture to have a beneficial effect, it is necessary to study the features of its action and recipes for its use.

The composition and value of peppermint alcohol tincture

Peppermint is considered a medicinal plant due to its rich composition. Its leaves contain the following components:

  • ether compounds;
  • menthol;
  • resins and tanning components;
  • saponins and fatty acids;
  • organic acids;
  • arginine and betaine;
  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamins PP and B;
  • potassium and zinc;
  • iron, phosphorus and calcium;
  • copper, sodium and manganese;
  • magnesium.

The beneficial substances in the composition of mint dissolve especially well in an alcohol base. This makes the mint tincture a healing agent, the properties of which are beneficial for many diseases.

The healing properties of peppermint tincture

In small dosages, mint infusion can be of great benefit to the body. In particular, the remedy:

  • has a calming effect and relieves tension, fatigue and stress;
  • has an analgesic and antispasmodic effect;
  • works as a natural choleretic;
  • has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • improves metabolism and helps to get rid of chronic constipation and intestinal disorders;
  • strengthens blood vessels and normalizes heart rate, as well as evens out blood pressure;
  • disinfects the oral cavity and is of great benefit in dental diseases;
  • has a beneficial effect on brain function and increases attention and concentration.

Very often, the properties of peppermint tincture are used for colds. Peppermint not only effectively warms, but also helps fight viruses, relieves fever and makes it easier to cough up.

How to make peppermint tincture at home

It is not necessary to go to the pharmacy for the mint tincture. You can prepare the drug at home, for this you only need dried peppermint leaves and strong alcohol or vodka. There are several versions of the preparation of a medicinal product - in each of them the infusion has a beneficial effect on the body when used correctly.

Tincture of fresh mint with vodka

The most elementary way to prepare the infusion is to use regular vodka and fresh mint. The recipe looks like this:

  • mint leaves are crushed in a volume of 2 large spoons;
  • the powder is poured into a glass vessel and poured with 2 glasses of high-quality vodka;
  • the vessel is closed with a lid or stopper and removed for 2 weeks in a dark place.

The agent must be shaken every day so that the valuable substances are better distributed in the alcohol base. At the end of the period, the tincture is filtered through folded gauze and poured into an opaque glass container for permanent storage.

Dried mint tincture

Another option for preparing a medicinal preparation suggests taking alcohol and not fresh, in dried mint. Prepare the tincture according to the following recipe:

  • 10 g of dried leaves are soaked in hot water or in a steam bath;
  • after 20 minutes, the raw material is placed in a glass jar;
  • pour 1 liter of vodka or moonshine, and then remove it in a dark place for 2 weeks;

An infusion of fresh leaves is considered more beneficial, but dried mint is also beneficial. You can use it for cooking in the cold season, when juicy young leaves are simply not at hand.

What peppermint tincture helps with

The properties of peppermint in the form of an infusion have a medicinal effect on a wide range of ailments. It is used for:

  • chronic fatigue and increased irritability;
  • overexcitation and sleep problems;
  • tachycardia and angina pectoris;
  • migraines and headaches arising from muscle tension;
  • runny nose, cough, and sore throat;
  • dental inflammation;
  • stones in the gallbladder and ducts;
  • flatulence and food poisoning;
  • hypertension.

Taking peppermint tincture is recommended for nausea and vomiting. Also, its properties bring a good effect with hangover syndrome, since they help to relieve most of the discomfort.

The use of peppermint tincture in traditional and folk medicine

Medicinal properties of strong mint tincture are officially recognized by medicine. The remedy is recommended for use in small dosages to get rid of nervous disorders and inflammations. Traditional medicine also offers several recipes for using a healing infusion.

For migraine

The properties of the drug help to quickly relieve tension of the facial and cervical muscles, and also contribute to the expansion of the vessels of the head. In case of severe migraine, it is recommended to apply a few drops of the product on the forehead, temples and back of the head three times a day, and then rub your head with light massage movements for several minutes.

The properties of mint tincture have a cooling and analgesic effect, help to relax and distract from unpleasant sensations, so the headache quickly passes.

When tired

The soothing properties of peppermint allow you to quickly get rid of nervous tension, restore good mood and vigor. For chronic fatigue, it is recommended to add 20 drops of the tincture to a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach or shortly after lunch or dinner.

You can also drip the infusion into evening tea and use the remedy shortly before bedtime, in which case peppermint will relieve insomnia and bad dreams.

With nausea

The properties of peppermint are good for relieving nausea and stomach cramps. If unpleasant symptoms occur, it is necessary to dilute 20 drops of the drug in 150 ml of water, and then drink it on an empty stomach and sit or lie down quietly for a while. Peppermint will have a beneficial effect in a quarter of an hour, nausea will subside, and good health will return.

With a hangover

Alcohol tincture of peppermint has a positive effect on hangovers. Its properties soothe nausea, eliminate headaches and muscle tremors, and help to quickly remove toxins from the body.

You need to take an infusion for a hangover in an amount of no more than 20 drops - they must first be dissolved in a glass of water. It is better to use the remedy on an empty stomach, in which case, within half an hour after using the mint tincture, the state of health will improve enough to have the strength to have breakfast.

Attention! When treating a hangover with peppermint infusion, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the minimum dosage. Since the product contains alcohol, an overdose will worsen the condition and may even cause new alcohol intoxication.

With articular diseases

Peppermint tincture has a good effect on arthritis, rheumatism and arthrosis. The remedy is most often used externally - a cotton pad is moistened in the infusion and the sore joint is rubbed for several minutes. You can also apply a compress with mint infusion for half an hour.

Peppermint has a complex effect on the joints. The alcoholic agent cools tissues and relieves pain and inflammation, helps to restore mobility to joints and eliminates mild swelling.

For diseases of the oral cavity

The anti-inflammatory properties of the tincture are of great benefit for gum ailments, stomatitis and caries. It is enough to dissolve about 20 drops of the product in a glass of warm liquid, and then rinse your mouth three times a day.

With a cold

The properties of mint infusion reduce the temperature and help to cope with viral diseases faster. For acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, it is recommended to take the product twice a day in a standard dosage - 20 drops per 200 ml of water.

Also, the infusion can be added to evening tea and immediately after that go to bed, then the next morning the condition will become much better.

The use of peppermint tincture in cosmetology

Mint tincture is an effective cosmetic remedy. At home, it is used to care for skin and curls, to cleanse the epidermis and to fight acne.

How to use peppermint tincture for hair

Reviews of peppermint tincture for hair claim that the beneficial properties of the product have a strengthening effect on the hair and prevent hair loss. In addition, the tincture has a beneficial effect on the scalp - it regulates the secretion of subcutaneous fat and helps to get rid of dandruff.

For hair growth

With weakened brittle hair and dandruff, it is recommended to regularly use mint infusion after shampooing or in between hygiene procedures. Apply the remedy in this way:

  • dilute with water in equal proportions peppermint tincture for hair to dilute the concentration, otherwise the product will burn the skin strongly;
  • the solution is distributed through the hair, paying special attention to the roots and scalp;
  • for half an hour, put a plastic cap on your head or wrap your hair with cling film.

After the expiration date, the peppermint tincture for hair growth is not washed off, but simply allowed to dry. Peppermint does not pollute the curls, but cleanses them and pleasantly refreshes the skin.

Important! Using peppermint for hair growth is too often not recommended, as the effect can be reversed - the peppermint will simply dry out the skin, leading to dandruff. In total, you need to use mint tincture no longer than 2 months in a row.

Hair loss

Reviews of peppermint for hair claim that when the strands fall out, the properties of the tincture also have a quick beneficial effect. For example, you can use the following composite tool:

  • 10 g of cinnamon powder is added to 20 ml of liquid honey;
  • add a few drops of mint tincture to the ingredients;
  • distribute the mixture through the hair, especially carefully treating the area near the roots.

Honey, cinnamon and peppermint tincture will speed up blood circulation under the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

Peppermint hair masks

To restore hair to its natural shine and silkiness, you can use proven homemade peppermint masks. For example, such a mask nourishes and moisturizes well:

  • a small spoonful of lemon juice is mixed with the same amount of quality cognac;
  • add 2 small spoons of coconut and jojoba oils;
  • make only half a spoonful of mint tincture;
  • apply a mask to the hair roots, cover with cling film and hold for at least 1.5 hours.

Rinse off the product using shampoo, and make a mask no more than twice a week.

The properties of another mask effectively restore damaged hair and soften the scalp. They do it like this:

  • mix burdock, peach and grape oil in 1 small spoon;
  • add half a spoonful of peppermint infusion;
  • distribute the mask through the hair and leave it under the film for half an hour.

The mixture is also washed off with shampoo, and the procedure must be repeated three times a week.

Using peppermint tincture for face care

Reviews of peppermint tincture recommend using it not only for hair, but also for facial skin. Peppermint has a strong refreshing effect, regulates the oiliness of the skin and tightens pores, and helps prevent early wrinkles. With regular use of the tincture, the complexion improves and blood circulation accelerates.

For acne and blackheads

Especially often, tincture is used to get rid of acne - the antiseptic properties of peppermint quickly relieve inflammation. The tool is used very simply, twice a day you need to wipe your face with a cotton swab, moistened with peppermint tincture, slightly diluted with water.

After rubbing, it is recommended to wash your face with cool water and treat your face with a light cream so as not to dry the skin. If you apply peppermint tincture several times a week, acne and blackheads will disappear, and the skin will become much cleaner and smoother.

How to use peppermint infusion in combination with other tinctures

The properties of mint tincture are used not only in pure form, but also in combination with other alcoholic tinctures. The beneficial effect of this is enhanced, since the drugs enrich and complement each other's properties.

In particular, the following combinations are popular:

  1. Peppermint with valerian tincture. Taking the mixture is useful for stress and nervous disorders, as well as for sleep disorders. The tinctures are mixed with each other in equal proportions, and then 25-30 drops of the combined agent are dissolved in a glass of water or applied to a piece of refined sugar. It is advisable to take the remedy at night.
  2. Peppermint with eucalyptus. A mixture of two tinctures is good for colds and bronchopulmonary diseases. It is also necessary to mix mint and eucalyptus in equal proportions, 30 drops of the combined tincture are added to a glass of warm water and drunk three times a day on an empty stomach. The solution can be used to gargle - its properties will be beneficial for angina and pharyngitis.
  3. Peppermint with peony. The tandem of the two tinctures is another good remedy for anxiety and depression. Tinctures of peony and peppermint are mixed in a ratio of 4 to 1, respectively, and then 30 drops of the resulting product are diluted in water and drunk on an empty stomach shortly before bedtime. The tool not only evens out the emotional background, but also regulates blood pressure.
  4. Peppermint with hawthorn. The properties of hawthorn and peppermint tinctures have a good effect on the nervous system and on the heart. You need to mix 2 products in a ratio of 1 to 4, while hawthorn should occupy most of the tandem. Take 15-30 drops of hawthorn and peppermint tincture shortly before bedtime, it is especially beneficial for tachycardia, hypertension, neurosis and insomnia.

Attention! Before using the combined tinctures, you must make sure that none of the components causes individual allergies, otherwise the treatment will turn out to be harmful.

Other Uses for Peppermint Alcohol Tincture

In addition to home medicine and cosmetology, the benefits and harms of peppermint tincture are used in several other areas. In small dosages, its properties may be in demand when preparing food, and the product can also be useful in everyday life.

In cooking

Peppermint tincture is mainly used to flavor dishes and give them unusual flavors. The agent is most often added to alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks. Also, the tincture is used in the preparation of desserts, spicy sauces, biscuits and other baked goods, the agent is added to sweets and ice cream.

At home

The rich mint aroma is pleasant for humans, but repels insects and rodents. Peppermint tincture can be a good and affordable way to get rid of pests in an apartment or country house.

To scare away mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, as well as rats and mice, it is enough to spread cotton pads soaked in the infusion in several places, or put small open containers with the product. The smell of peppermint will have the desired effect in just a few days, the insects will decrease, and the rodents will begin to avoid the apartment or house.

Advice! Since the alcoholic infusion evaporates quickly, it is necessary to regularly add it to the container or rewet the cotton pads.

In beekeeping

The properties of peppermint tincture are used in apiaries when it becomes necessary to combine bee colonies in one hive.

In the evening after the end of the summer of the bees, the beekeeper installs a time frame filled with sugar syrup with the addition of mint infusion instead of a plug-in board in the hive.

The frame of the second bee colony is moved close to the frame with syrup, after which the bee colonies are left overnight.

By morning, the bees unite into a single family, spreading mint syrup throughout the hive, and there is no fight between them.

Also, using the properties of mint infusion, the swarm is relocated to a new hive. In this case, a few drops of the agent are dripped onto the bottom of the new bee dwelling and are launched inside the bees. After that, the swarm no longer tries to leave the hive and quickly assimilates in it.

Contraindications to the use of peppermint tincture

Instructions for the use of peppermint tincture notes that not everyone can use a useful remedy. It is recommended to use it with caution or completely abandon it:

  • with hypotension and varicose veins;
  • with chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • with alcohol intolerance or allergy to mint;
  • with exacerbation of gastric ailments;
  • with serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Drinking alcoholic peppermint infusion is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. You can not offer the remedy to children under 14 years old, even in small dosages, it will be harmful.


Peppermint tincture is a valuable medicine that is beneficial for inflammation, neurosis and high blood pressure. You can make a tincture with your own hands, but you must use it very carefully, not exceeding the minimum dosage.

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