Growing cherries from the stone: at home and in the open field

Growing cherries from the stone: at home and in the open field

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Gardening is an exciting hobby that will not only provide you with interesting leisure, but also allow you to taste the fruits of your labor. It is quite possible to grow a cherry from a stone if you know how to properly prepare seed material, plant it, and what conditions need to be created for seedlings. Using this method, you can get any sort of cherry in your garden. This is especially convenient in cases where there is no way to get a seedling from the nursery.

Growing cherries from pits is a long process

Will a cherry grow from a seed

Cherry seed propagation is a natural process. In nature, many species germinate by self-seeding. This process usually takes a long time. In order to grow a fruiting tree from a cherry seed, gardeners should be patient in advance and not expect too much as a result.

Attention! In most cases, trees grown from seeds lose some of the varietal properties of the parent plant.

In nature, berry trees reproduce by self-sowing.

The harvest volumes will be significantly less, but with the right approach, you can get a strong healthy tree that will delight you with beautiful flowering and tasty fruits. Even if the result is not what was intended, a true gardener will get a lot of pleasure from the growing process and will certainly take into account the mistakes made.

Pros and cons of seed propagation of cherries

There are several ways to grow fruit trees and shrubs. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

Positive aspects of growing cherries from stone:

  1. Possibility of further use of a young tree as a stock. This is how varieties are obtained that cannot be rooted in any other way.
  2. A large number of wild cherry seedlings can be obtained in a relatively short time.
  3. Even if the tree freezes, its roots will remain viable, while the grafted cherry will die immediately.
  4. Gardeners grow specific varieties of cherries in this way.
  5. Trees adapt well to the weather conditions of a particular region.
  6. A convenient way to continue breeding work.

You can get many sprouts from the seeds at once.

This growing method also has its drawbacks:

  1. Irregular and poor harvest.
  2. In some cases, the fruits become smaller and lose their flavor characteristics.
  3. The crop begins to ripen only 5-7 years after planting, in some cases later.

When to sow cherries with seeds

The most suitable time is autumn (October) or early spring. In the first case, the planting material will have time to exfoliate well over the winter and will sprout better. When planted in spring, the seeds undergo a two-month period of stratification.

In summer or winter, cherry seeds are planted in pre-prepared pots. With the arrival of spring, the seedling is transferred to the garden. This method is commonly used to grow bonsai cherries.

How many cherries grow from a stone

It takes time to germinate a cherry pit. This takes approximately 5 weeks. The process of growing cherries is gradual and requires patience. In one season, the tree grows on average 50 cm in height. The first flowering and fruit ovary occurs only in the 4th year.

The seed sprouts for more than a month

Step-by-step instructions on how to grow a cherry from a stone

First you need to select the correct planting material. To do this, take only the ripe and large berries. The bones are carefully removed and poured into a colander. Then they are washed under running water to free them from pulp residues. After all the water has drained off, the bones are transferred to clean newspapers, paper towels, or an absorbent cloth.

The planting material is dried in a shaded place, having previously leveled all the seeds in one layer. Ready seeds are placed in a breathable paper bag, additionally wrapped in plastic wrap and kept in a warm place at a temperature of no more than + 20 ° C until planting.

Cherry pits must first be washed and dried.

You should also consider the following rules:

  1. All bones must be stratified before planting. This will help speed up their germination and make them resistant to temperature extremes.
  2. You can plant cherry seeds directly in the open ground or grow seedlings at home, choosing flower pots or convenient boxes as containers. In the latter case, you can easily control the condition of the sprouts and not be afraid that they will suffer in the winter.
  3. Now the sprout needs careful care.

This is a schematic instruction for growing cherries and pits. Next, the various landing methods will be discussed in more detail.

How to plant a cherry pit at home

To plant cherry seeds, it is best to choose autumn or spring. It is very important for cherries to choose the right soil. Ideally, if it is possible to use the garden soil in which the mother tree grew. So the bone will receive all the necessary nutrients in which the fetus itself has grown. If this is not possible, you can purchase ordinary seedling soil in a specialized store. Another important point is the size of the pot. A large container is not required, a volume of 0.5 liters is enough.

The technique of planting the bone looks like this:

  1. The pots are filled with the prepared soil mixture, taking care of the drainage in advance.
  2. Small depressions (maximum 3 cm) are made in the ground and planting material is placed in them. Wells are usually made with a thin stick or finger.
  3. From above they are carefully sprinkled with earth and tamped. It is best to water the plantings from a spray bottle or so that the water flows down the side of the container.
  4. Next, you need to ensure that the soil is not overdried. Additionally, you can make a greenhouse using plexiglass or an ordinary transparent bag. The containers are placed on a well-lit windowsill in a warm room. After 3-5 weeks, you can see the first shoots.

Growing cherries from the stone in the open field

This method is easier in terms of planting maintenance, and also does not cause unnecessary stress to the tree, since the seedling does not need to be replanted. It is necessary to immediately find a permanent place for the future cherry. Pre-harden the planting material and prepare for rapid germination. The planting technique is almost the same as the potting technique. Only the place where the seed was planted must be marked.

Attention! If the seeds were planted in the spring, they will germinate in a month or two, if the cherry was planted in the fall, then the first shoots will have to wait until the next spring.

The sprouts are thinned out, leaving only the strongest and most viable ones. The distance between them should be at least 5 m. The roots should be given enough space so that they can actively develop.

How to care for sprouts

At home, sprouts are looked after in the same way as indoor flowers. They need regular watering with warm water and loosening of the topsoil. This is done so that the earth is not taken with a hard crust, otherwise oxygen and nutrients will not flow to the roots. Loosening too deep is not worth it, so as not to injure the fragile root system. Top dressing is periodically introduced in the form of organic tinctures, but not fresh organic matter. You also need to inspect the sprouts for diseases and pests. For the slightest problems, both chemical and natural remedies are used. Cherries that are one or two years old are transferred to the garden.

Cherry sprouts should be watered regularly, periodically adding organic fertilizers

Outdoors, maintenance is a little easier. It is necessary to water and loosen the soil in a timely manner, fight weeds and apply fertilizers. Two-year-old trees begin to form a crown, making a healing spring pruning. It is very important to properly prepare cherries for cold weather. In the fall, the tree is watered abundantly (up to 8 liters of liquid for one plant). Before winter, the roots must be covered and the trunk circles must be mulched. In regions with a harsh climate, the trunk and crown are additionally insulated with sacking.

Will pitted cherries bear fruit?

The palatability and abundance of yields are usually not as high as those of cherries grown from seedlings. But if you follow all the rules of planting and proper care, you can get a good result.

In the country, it will not work to grow cherries from a seed of a store berry; it is best to harvest planting material from garden fruits. To secure a positive result, any cultivar you like is grafted onto the seedling.

Cherries from the stone will not give a large harvest

Experienced gardening tips

Experienced gardeners recommend following some rules when growing cherries:

  1. When choosing a variety, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the climate.
  2. The trees need to be planted alongside pollinating varieties in order to achieve a good harvest.
  3. It is impossible to bury the bone too much in the ground.
  4. In dry summers, cherries are watered more abundantly than usual.
  5. Acidic soils must be enriched with minerals.


It is not difficult to grow a cherry from a stone, and a tree planted with his own hand is a special source of pride for a gardener. Constant care and the creation of ideal growing conditions will help preserve the taste of a varietal crop and achieve high stable yields. Berries grown in your own garden are always tastier and healthier.

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