Testing of a convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu in September

Testing of a convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu in September

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We have a small house at the dacha, it has been on the site for more than 40 years. The house was built from timber, the most affordable material at that time. Sheathed outside with clapboard, and inside on the floor and walls, fiberboard is nailed, and the ceiling is trimmed with PVC panels. The house was conceived as a summer one, so it was not heavily insulated. A small layer of expanded clay is poured on the roof, the roof slope is plank, and on top there is a roofing sheet and a metal profile. The concrete foundation was brought under the house after the original backfill foundation had collapsed. Single-frame windows with air vents. On the veranda, as expected, large windows

Our dacha is located on the bank of the reservoir and although the house on the site is light, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay in the warm season. The useful area of ​​the house is 35 sq.m, divided into a living veranda and a room.

Mid September. Most of the harvest has already been harvested. Collected greens, potatoes, carrots, the beds are almost empty. It remains to remove only the cabbage.

During the day, the sun is still shining well, the air warms up to plus 18 degrees, but at night the temperature is already below 10 degrees. Getting up in the morning and going outside is uncomfortable. Therefore, we do not spend the night at the dacha, but come during the day to perform the necessary work.

So that you can safely change into work clothes, not be distracted by the furnace in the house and feel comfortable, we decided to test the electric convection-type heater of the Russian brand Ballu for subsequent use.

The operating mode suitable for this season can be selected on the heater control unit. We selected the "Comfort" mode, and set the minimum power using the control buttons, one division on the power indicator is lit. This can be clearly seen in the photo below. Temperature 25 degrees, USER mode.

We left the heater on all night. The next day we arrived at the dacha. The thermometer confidently showed plus 22, and this is quite a comfortable temperature not only for changing clothes, but also for rest. To maintain the given heat in the room, only 1.8 kW were needed, which is an acceptable consumption of electricity for heating.

At this stage, our new electric convection heater of the Russian brand Ballu meets our expectations. Testing will continue at lower temperatures.

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