How to make delicious green tomato jam

Much has been written about the use of green tomatoes. All kinds of snacks can be prepared from them. But today we will talk about the unusual use of unripe tomatoes. We will tell you how to make green tomato jam for the winter. Yes Yes! Exactly!

And there is no need to be surprised, because the sweet dessert turns out to be surprisingly tasty and few people think that there are green tomatoes in a vase in front of them. The taste is more like something exotic. We will tell you how to make jam from unripe fruits.

Important points

So, you've decided to make jelly or green tomato jam for the winter. You need to choose fleshy fruits, since there is little liquid in them. In addition, rotten and cracked tomatoes should be discarded immediately. No amount of pruning can save the workpiece for the winter from harmful microorganisms that have penetrated the skin.

Many of us know that in such fruits lies the "enemy" of man - solanine. This is a poison that can incapacitate the human body for a while. It is he who gives the bitterness. Ripe tomatoes also contain solanine, but in negligible quantities. Many of our readers will probably say why then they advise using such fruits. It's simple, because there are two ways to get rid of solanine:

  • pour tomatoes for three hours with clean cold water;
  • per liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of salt and soak unripe fruits in it for 45-50 minutes.

Both methods are effective, the solanine leaves the tomatoes. You just have to rinse and dry the fruit again before cooking.

And a few more words about how to prepare green tomatoes for jam. After washing, we cut out any dots on the fruits, as well as the place where the stalk is attached. As for the slicing, it will completely depend on the recipe. You will also learn from the recommendations to remove the skin or cut green tomatoes with it.

Green tomato jam recipes for the winter

The most interesting thing is that you can take small and large tomatoes for jam for the winter. In the first case, we will cook them whole, in the other, we will cut the fruits into slices or pieces, depending on the recommendations of the recipe. In addition to tomatoes, you can add various additives to the jam, in a word, experiment. We suggest making green tomato jam according to the recipes described in the article below.

Advice! If you have never used green tomatoes for jam, jelly or jams, then boil a small portion first.

And to understand which option is the best for you, use several recipes.

Classic recipe

This is the most convenient and simple option for novice hostesses. For jam, we need a minimum set of products:

  • 2 kg 500 grams of green tomatoes;
  • 3 kg of sugar;
  • 0.7 liters of clean water;
  • 0.5 teaspoon citric acid or the juice of half a lemon.

Warning! It is undesirable to use tap water for any conservation, even after settling, since it contains chlorine, which is harmful to health.

Cooking steps step by step:

  1. After washing the green tomatoes, put them on a dry, clean towel to dry. According to the recipe, we cut the fruits into medium-sized slices and put them in an enamel saucepan.
  2. Pour in prepared clean water (all tomatoes must be covered) and put on the stove. As soon as the contents of the container boil, switch to low heat and cook with stirring for only 10 minutes. Pour out the resulting juice, in which the tomatoes were cooked. There is still a little solanine in this liquid, but we do not need it at all.
  3. Then add sugar, gently mix the tomato mass and cook again for about a third of an hour.

    Remove the saucepan from the stove and leave it for three hours so that the tomatoes absorb the sugar syrup and do not boil. During this time, the slices will become transparent.
  4. Then we boil again for 20 minutes and set aside for two hours. We will boil green tomatoes three more times in 2 hours. At the last call, add citric acid (or lemon juice) and mix the jam. Green tomato jam will turn out thick, with a yellowish tinge.
  5. If you want to get jelly, wipe the mass before the last cooking through a sieve, add acid and boil again with constant stirring so that the mass does not cook to the bottom.
  6. Put the green tomato jam in jars and seal it tightly.

Put some of the delicious jam in a vase and you can start drinking tea. Believe me, you will immediately understand that you have cooked a little tasty jam or jelly, because your family cannot be pulled by the ears from the vase.

Cherry tomato

To make delicious jam, one kilogram of unripe cherry tomatoes will require a kilogram of granulated sugar, a teaspoon of citric acid, vanillin on the tip of a knife and 300 ml of water.

  1. We will cook whole cherry tomatoes, so you need to choose fruits of the same size. We will only cut out the place where the stalk is attached. We boil the prepared raw materials three times for 20 minutes, drain the water each time. Then remove the skin and put the tomatoes in a colander to remove water.
  2. Now let's start preparing the syrup. We cook it from water and sugar in a separate saucepan. When all the liquid is drained, put the green tomatoes in the sweet syrup and cook until the jam thickens. Remember to stir and skim constantly. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, add citric acid and vanillin.
  3. We use only sterile jars for unfolding. After capping, turn over and leave to cool on the table.

This recipe can be used to make jam. Then the mass will cook longer. This dessert is good for tea and even milk porridge. Try it, you will not regret that you had to spend a little time. Green tomato jam or jam is worth it!

Jam with rum

Another recipe for green tomato jam uses an alcoholic drink - we will have a dessert with rum. But its presence is not felt, but the taste becomes amazing.

So, we need:

  • green small tomatoes and sugar 1 kg each;
  • table vinegar 9% - 1 glass with a belt;
  • carnation - 2 buds;
  • lemon - 1 fruit;
  • rum - 30 ml.

Cooking rules:

  1. Cut the tomatoes into small slices. From 500 grams of sugar and water, you need to cook syrup. When the granulated sugar is completely dissolved, pour in the vinegar.
  2. Put tomatoes in boiling syrup and cook for 5 minutes.
  3. We set aside 12 hours. The next day we drain the syrup, add the remaining sugar and boil again.
  4. While it is boiling, we prepare lemons. We wash the fruits and cut them into small pieces together with the peel. The bones must be selected.
  5. Put the tomatoes in syrup, add lemons and cloves, mix and cook until the tomatoes are transparent.
  6. We will fill the jam with rum when it cools down.
  7. We put delicious and aromatic jam in jars.

Attention! Unfortunately, long-term storage will not work: the sweetness is eaten instantly.

Tomatoes and walnuts

If you like to make preparations for the winter with walnuts, then use the recipe below. You will not experience any special difficulties during cooking.

What do we need:

  • any green tomatoes - 1000 grams;
  • walnut kernels - a quarter of a kilogram;
  • sugar 1 kg 250 grams;
  • pure water 36 ml.

And now a few words about how to make walnut jam for the winter:

  1. We cut small tomatoes in a circle no thicker than half a centimeter. Then we carefully cut out the core along with the seeds.
  2. Fry the peeled kernels in a dry skillet for no more than 6 minutes. Then grind into crumbs in any convenient way.
  3. Boil the syrup from water and sugar over low heat until it thickens.
  4. Fill the tomato circles with nuts and put them in a bowl. Pour the contents with hot syrup and set aside for a day under a towel.
  5. The next day, drain the syrup, boil again, pour tomatoes with nuts and leave for another 24 hours. We repeat this procedure one more time.
  6. On the last day, we cook the jam for about half an hour and roll it hot into jars. The syrup will become so thick and amber that it looks like jelly.

As you can see, you don't need to do anything special, the recipes are simple, available even for novice hostesses.

If you want to cook hot jam, then use the video:


We told you about how to make jam from unripe tomatoes for the winter. In addition to the ingredients listed in the recipes, any additives can be used. Fortunately, our hostesses are big dreamers. Experiment in your kitchens and treat your family and guests to delicious green tomato jam. Successful preparations for the winter!

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