Seedlings of tomatoes without soil

Seedlings of tomatoes without soil

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Many gardeners are familiar with different ways of growing seedlings, including very economical and unusual ones. But you always want to experiment and try something new. Today we will talk about growing tomato seedlings in toilet paper, and neither land nor a special substrate is needed.

What is the essence of the method

This technology appeared relatively recently, but has already gained considerable popularity among summer residents. The main secret of the method's success is its low cost. So, you will need for planting.

  • Large plastic glass (optionally a cut plastic bottle);
  • Several plastic bags (they can be replaced with scraps of old polyethylene);
  • Toilet paper (1 roll).

At the first stage of growing tomato seedlings, soil is not needed. The need for land will appear when picking (with the development of cotyledon leaves).

Attention! Oddly enough, but the seeds are quite enough of those useful substances that are contained in paper.

How it's done

We are starting to get used to a new method of germinating seeds for seedlings. The algorithm of actions is as follows.

  1. Cut strips 100 mm wide from the foil. So many strips are needed so that all the seeds can be placed in 1 row.
  2. Lay out the resulting plastic strips, spread a paper layer on each of them. If the paper is thin, it is best to place it in two layers. Moisten it with water.
  3. Place the seeds on the toilet paper starting at a point 10 mm from the edge. Place the seeds so that the spacing between them is 20-30 mm.
  4. Cover the seeds with a strip of toilet paper and sprinkle with water. Above - again a polyethylene strip. Now it only remains to roll the resulting tape into a roll.
  5. Fix the roll with a pharmaceutical rubber band, place it in the glass so that the seeds are at the top. Fill a glass with water so that it does not reach the grains. Now our future seedlings are in almost ideal conditions. She will receive oxygen from the air, and toilet paper will absorb and deliver water to them.
  6. Place the prepared seeds in a well-lit area. The first shoots can be expected in about 7 days.

Important! Remember to attach the grade tag to each roll when you roll it up.

Care features

With this original planting method, care for seeds prepared without soil is minimal. Fertilizer will be needed when the seedlings hatch. For this reason, potting soil is not needed. A weak solution of humic acid is suitable as a top dressing. The next feeding will be needed with the appearance of the first true leaf. With the formation of two or three real leaves, you can make a pick.

Carefully not to damage the spines, unfold the roll and remove the plastic wrap. Plant young seedlings in pots, carefully separating them from the paper and first discarding weak plants. The seedlings are clean, not stained in the ground, so replanting them is not at all difficult. Further cultivation of tomato seedlings is the same as with all other methods.

Important! If the sprout is not too developed, it can again be placed in a toilet paper "incubator" to grow.

Practice shows that the percentage of weak shoots is much lower than with other methods. The sprouts are less injured and take root quickly. The peculiarity of the seedlings grown in this way is that they have short internodes, which favorably affects the yield of tomatoes. For picking, a universal soil mixture, which is sold in specialized stores, is suitable.

This method can also be used when growing other crops: pepper, eggplant, cabbage. It is especially preferred for large-seeded vegetables with an adequate supply of nutrients.

Longitudinal cultivation

For the method of growing seedlings in a bottle, you will need the same devices as for "roll". Just do not cut the plastic bottle horizontally, but cut it along. Line the bottom of the halves obtained with toilet paper, moisten it with water, put the grains on a paper "mattress". Cover the seeds with plastic and place the plastic boats in a well-lit area. It remains only to wait for the emergence of seedlings.

What are the advantages of the method

As already mentioned, seedlings grown on toilet paper take root well and are resistant to diseases (in particular, black leg). It is possible to use the method for seedlings of hybrid tomatoes, the cost of which is far from low. At the same time, almost all sprouts survive by the time of the pick. Here are some more benefits.

  • Possibility of growing seedlings from expired seeds.
  • Easy to care for, fast growth.
  • A minimum of space occupied by seedlings. No need for huge drawers on the windowsill.


  • If the plant is too light and heat-loving, it may grow somewhat slowly.
  • Pulling stems with insufficient growth of rhizomes.

Of course, there are drawbacks, but all the advantages of the method are appreciated even by novice gardeners who are interested in how to grow seedlings with minimal losses. The seedlings are healthy, with a good survival rate. Subsequently, they tolerate planting well in the ground.

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