Application of walnut shells and peels

Application of walnut shells and peels

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Everyone has heard about the benefits of walnuts. But few people know that you cannot throw away the shells and peels of the fruit. When used correctly and correctly, they can be of great benefit to a person. So, we will consider all the medicinal properties of the walnut peel and contraindications to them.

Why walnut shells are useful

All parts of the fruit are healing in a walnut. The shell was no exception. It has long been known and used in folk medicine. The beneficial properties of walnut shells are due to the presence of mineral and other beneficial compounds:

  • carboxylic acids;
  • tanning agents;
  • vitamins (C and E);
  • steroids.

Due to its rich and useful composition, walnut shells are widely used in medical practice. It has a general strengthening and preventive effect on the human body. Nut shell preparations affect the immune system, strengthen it and increase resistance to negative factors of the external and internal environment. There are many other useful actions:

  • heals the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose;
  • cleans blood vessels;
  • thins the blood, prevents thrombosis;
  • relieves cough;
  • prevents the formation of tumors;
  • treats skin diseases;
  • has a wound healing effect;
  • used for involuntary urination;
  • helps to solve gynecological problems (erosion, adhesions, cysts);
  • reduces blood pressure;
  • improves night sleep;
  • acts for dizziness, convulsions, stuttering;
  • used in cosmetics.

Nutshells can be used for hair coloring at home. She will not only give a dark shade to the hair, but also make it thick and shiny. Ashes of walnut shells are used for hair removal on the body.

Why walnut peel is useful

The healing properties of walnuts can be used even at the ripening stage. The green peel of such fruits is capable of working wonders in the human body and has long been used in folk medicine. And this is not surprising, it is enough just to look at the rich composition of the adipoles:

  • vitamins (P, E, C, B, A);
  • mineral compounds (Ca, Zn, Fe, Mn, Co, I);
  • tannins;
  • juglone pigment;
  • nucitanin;
  • natural sugars;
  • organic acids (malic, citric);
  • oxalate and calcium phosphate.

The concentration of ascorbic acid in the peel of nuts is many times higher than that in black currant and citrus fruits. The combination of these elements gives a pronounced healing effect and is often used in home treatment. Nut peels help in the following areas:

  • dermatological (ringworm, eczema, herpes);
  • provides cosmetic care for different types of skin;
  • tightens wounds;
  • stops uterine bleeding;
  • reduces the intensity of pain in rheumatism, joint diseases;
  • gives an effect on varicose veins;
  • the product is added to the composition of medicinal toothpastes;
  • strengthens the gums;
  • helps to get rid of corns;
  • as a rinse, relieves inflammation in the tonsils, oral cavity;
  • prevents baldness;
  • cares for hair;
  • helps to hide gray hair, tint it;
  • relieves excessive sweating;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • strengthens light sleep;
  • removes excess cholesterol;
  • produces antimicrobial effect;
  • restores lost strength after illness;
  • saturates the body with vitamin C.

Walnut peels are a surprisingly healthy and balanced product. Has a therapeutic effect on adults and children. Walnut peels are often used to treat parasites. It can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients such as wormwood, cloves.

How to use walnut shells

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the medicine, it is necessary to separate the kernels of the nuts from their shells. This task is not always easy and requires certain skills and knowledge. You can peel the nuts from the shell with a knife, inserting its tip into the gap and splitting the fruit in two, or use pliers, heat it in the oven, hold it in boiling water until softened, etc. Many people know about the benefits and harms of walnut shells.

Walnut shell decoction

There are different ways to use walnut shell decoction. One of them is lowering blood sugar. To prepare a decoction from walnut shells, you must perform the following steps:

  • pour 3.5 liters of water into an enameled container for 5 liters, boil;
  • toss there two full handfuls of nutshells, and boil for half an hour;
  • put a handful of beans and boil for another 5 minutes;
  • add a handful of dried white mulberry leaves and keep on fire for 5-10 minutes;
  • remove, cool, drain;
  • put in the refrigerator for storage.

Drink 200 ml of decoction of nut shells per night. If there are no heart problems, then the dose should be increased and drunk a little during the day. As a result, it will be possible to abandon sugar-reducing drugs.

With the help of a decoction of walnut shells, it is good to cleanse blood vessels in the treatment program for obliterating atherosclerosis. Grind the shell of 30 pieces of fruit, pour half a liter of water into an enamel container, boil for ΒΌ hour. Insist until cool, then drain the water. Put the shells of nuts in 0.5 liters of water again, boil in the same way. Place the solution in a thermos, leave until morning. In the morning, drain the broth of the nutshell from the thermos, mix with the previously obtained one. Take a tablespoon three times a day on an empty stomach.

Walnut shells for tartar

Prevention and treatment of dental plaque, bleeding gums can be carried out using the shell of the fruit. The recipe is very simple. Pour 20 g of dried and chopped walnut shells (or 40 g fresh) with one cup of water. Boil under the lid for no more than twenty minutes, leave for an hour. The output should be a dark brown liquid.

Pour 1/4 cup of broth, put a toothbrush there. After five minutes, start brushing your teeth. The procedure is carried out after meals three times: in the morning, at lunchtime and before bedtime. Decoction of nut shells will not give its result immediately, you may need one or more 2-week courses of treatment.

Aqueous solution for skin lesions

Hot water, like alcohol, is able to extract useful components from plant materials. But the shelf life of such drugs is short - a few days. Therefore, it is better to drink them right away. They lose their value over time.

Chop as many nuts to obtain 200 g of shells. Pour in a cup of water. Boil the nutshell for about half an hour. Filter, add boiled water (1:10). The resulting solution is applied orally or used for external compresses for skin diseases.

Walnut Peel Recipes

The nuts are harvested in early September, when the fruits are ripe, but the pericarp has not yet opened. The peel is removed by light pressure with your fingers. You need to pick the fruits from the tree, preventing them from falling. The peel of the removed fruits is green, and the fallen ones quickly turn black. Biochemical changes take place in it, and it is not suitable for treatment.

Walnut peel for hair

The peel and leaves of the fruit can give the hair a chestnut shade. There are several ways to prepare a coloring composition. Here is some of them:

  • get juice from the green peel, mix two tablespoons with 100 g of alcohol;
  • chop the peel, dilute with water and apply to the hair (10-20 minutes), the mixture can be prepared in a blender;
  • wash your hair with a decoction of the peel (25 g / 3 l of water), the concentration of the solution and the intensity of coloring can be increased using only 1 l of water, evaporate the liquid until 2/3 of the volume is obtained.

The green skin can be used to give a chestnut color of varying degrees of saturation. It all depends on the concentration of the main ingredient.

Attention! Natural dyes work differently on different hairs. Therefore, before use, their effect must be tested on a separate strand.

With honey for immunity

Mix two tablespoons of finely chopped crusts with 0.5 liters of honey. Place the container with the medicine in a water bath, hold for about half an hour. Take by adding a teaspoon to tea.

Another recipe. Grind the green peel in a meat grinder, mix them with the same amount of honey. You can use a blender and grind the mixture until mushy. Take a teaspoon before meals with warm water or herbal tea. Squeeze the juice from the green pericarp, mix with honey. Take in the same way as in previous cases.

Kids will love this recipe. As soon as the nut fruit starts to burst, but still green, collect the peel, put it in a container, pour honey over it. As it infuses and lets out the juice, strain and give the child 1 teaspoon three times a day.

Tincture with vodka or alcohol

When opening a nut (30-35 pieces), the cups of the peel must be quickly lowered into a three-liter jar with 1.5 liters of 40-degree vodka. Add vodka to the whisk and roll up with an iron lid. Insist forty days at normal temperature in a living room. Then drain the liquid component of the solution, pack it in dark pharmacy containers. This amount is enough for a family of 4-5 people for a whole year.

Take the tincture on an empty stomach, starting in small doses:

  • 1st day - 1 drop in 0.5 glass of water;
  • add one drop every next day;
  • 6th day - 2 teaspoons in 0.25 cups of water.

Keep the solution in your mouth as long as possible, do not swallow in one gulp. You cannot drink the tincture with something hot, otherwise there will be no effect. If the weight is over 75 kg, then on the 6th day 2.5 teaspoons should be diluted, and if the body weight is more than 100 kg - 3 teaspoons. Such a scheme is needed for the body to get used to it.

In cases where the patient is seriously ill or is awaiting chemotherapy, you should immediately start taking with 2 teaspoons twice a day, and so on for five days. Then drink according to the previous scheme: 2 teaspoons once, take it throughout the year.

Eczema and itching in the ears in patients prone to allergic reactions to antibiotics and other drugs are recommended to be treated with a mixture of propolis tinctures and walnut peel. 10 g of crushed pericarp of immature fruits (to be harvested in June) for 10 days to insist in 100 ml of 96% alcohol. Strain the tincture and mix 1: 1 with a 10% pharmacy propolis tincture. Wipe the itchy skin of the external auditory canals, and for eczema 2-3 times a day for half an hour, insert gauze turundas soaked in the mixture into the ears.

Contraindications to the use of walnut shells and peels

Medicinal preparations made on the basis of walnut shells or green peels should be used with caution. It is a highly allergenic product that can cause a strong reaction in the body. Therefore, people with individual intolerance to the components of raw materials or who have a tendency to food allergies are better off using other means of healing.

Healthy people are also not immune from the manifestations of the body's hypersensitivity to new unfamiliar compounds contained in the shell and adicarp - usually these parts of the fruit are not used for food. Therefore, it is necessary to start taking medications with minimal doses, giving the body the opportunity to gradually get used to new tastes and substances.

Attention! Green pericarp of immature fruits has a number of contraindications. This is an increased production of iodine-containing hormones by the thyroid gland, during pregnancy, lactation.

Shelf life of walnuts without shell

It is best to store walnuts in their shells. So it can lie even for several years, without losing its useful properties. But if there is only a purified product on sale, you need to learn how to choose it correctly:

  • take only in transparent packaging, since you can clearly see the quality and condition of the nucleoli;
  • all halves should be solid, of the same color and quality, so it is more likely to store for a long time. Some sellers mix nuts from different batches to make it easier to sell stale goods;
  • there should be no white bloom;
  • you need to taste the nucleoli. If they leave bitterness in your mouth, it means that the product is spoiled and you shouldn't buy it;
  • An indicator of the quality of a nut can be the smell it exudes.

It is better not to prepare the product in advance. Nuts are always on sale, and therefore there will be no problems with their purchase at any time of the year. But, for example, your own crop must be stored correctly, then it will be fresh for a whole year:

  • sort walnuts, divide into small portions and solder in plastic bags, put in the freezer;
  • if you plan to store nuts for no more than a few months, you can put them on the top shelf of the refrigerator by packing them in a dry, tightly closed container;
  • if the nuts need to lie down for a very short time, you can transfer them to a container with a lid and put them in a kitchen cabinet, sideboard;
  • to extend the shelf life, the kernels can be slightly dried in the oven, no more than 10 minutes, while the oil must not be allowed to release, then the product will be spoiled.

It is absolutely impossible to store nuts in a plastic bag, but not in the refrigerator. Due to the complete lack of ventilation, the cores will deteriorate very quickly. Walnuts should also not be kept in humid places, as this will lead to the development of mold, which has toxic properties. If the plaque has already appeared, it is useless to remove it, it is better to refuse such a product.

Attention! The calorie content of some walnuts without shells is 655 kcal, quite high. Therefore, they should be used with caution by people who want to lose weight or are on a diet for other reasons.

Reviews about walnut shells from tartar

Polezhaeva Elena Sergeevna, 46 years old, Krasnodar

I read on the Internet about the use of walnut shells for teeth, how you can get rid of dental plaque with the help of a decoction. I cleaned for more than a week, it helped. The teeth became whiter, the gums stopped bleeding. So I recommend it to everyone. Earlier I tried to brush my teeth with soda and salt, but on the third day the enamel thinned and my front teeth began to hurt, so I had to quit this activity.

Sergey Konstantinovich Mazurin, 65 years old, Berdichev

I try not to use synthetic drugs, I always prefer herbal remedies. I also decided to clean my teeth with walnut shells, it is expensive to do it at the dentist. The result did not come immediately, but I achieved the desired effect. Now, twice in the course of a year, I do myself a cleaning of dental plaque with walnut shells.


The healing properties of walnut peel and contraindications to them have long been known in folk medicine. So you should use the advice of folk healers and improve your health completely free of charge, efficiently and reliably!

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