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Tomato Aurora

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The land plot of a modern vegetable grower can no longer be imagined without a tomato. The variety of varieties is simply amazing, forcing many not only beginners, but even experienced summer residents to get confused. The choice of one or another type of tomato depends on the characteristics and characteristics of the variety, as well as on the individual preferences of the gardener. This article will focus on a hybrid tomato variety with the sonorous name "Aurora".


Tomato "Aurora F1" is classified as a hybrid, early ripening varieties. The height of the bush reaches 65-70 cm. The first crop, with proper care, can be harvested as early as 90 days after sowing the seeds in the ground. Seedlings obtained from tomato seeds are intended for planting both in a greenhouse and in a garden bed.

Attention! With early planting of the plant in the greenhouse, double fruiting of the bush is possible due to the appearance of young shoots after the first harvest.

The plant is determinant (transitional), therefore, it does not need a garter, with the exception of bushes over 65 cm.

Tomato fruits have a rounded, slightly ribbed shape, in the ripening phase they are colored scarlet. The mass of a mature vegetable reaches 110 grams.

The yield of the variety is high: up to 5 kg of tomato from one bush.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Aurora, as a hybrid, has a number of characteristic advantages:

  • short terms of fruit ripening, "friendly" fruiting;
  • good disease resistance;
  • unpretentious cultivation;
  • good external and taste qualities, transportability.

Judging by the reviews of the majority of gardeners, there were no obvious shortcomings in the cultivation of the Aurora F1 variety.

Fruit characteristics

Ripe tomatoes of this type, as you can see in the photo, have a rounded shape with a slight ribbing at the stalk. The color of the fruit in the phase of biological maturity is red.

The weight of one vegetable reaches 110 grams, and when grown indoors, it can vary from 110 to 140 grams.

The yield of the variety and transportability are high.

In cooking, tomatoes "Aurora F1" are used for preparing vegetable salads, canning, as well as making sauces and ketchups.

Features of growing and care

Variety "Aurora F1" is unpretentious, but following some simple rules will help you to collect the maximum yield from each tomato bush.

Rule # 1: Always water the plant in a timely and abundant manner directly under the bush. The best time for the procedure is evening. Also, do not forget about the water temperature: it must be at least 15 degrees.

Rule # 2: Regularly loosen the soil near the plant, especially after watering, and also remove any unwanted weeds that interfere with the normal growth of the tomato bush.

Rule # 3: Remember to fertilize your plants. During the period of active growth and ripening of fruits, it is advisable to carry out 2-3 additional fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers.

You will get even more useful tips for caring for tomatoes planted in a greenhouse from the video:

Each grower carefully approaches the process of choosing tomato seeds for sowing in their area. An important role is played by the individual preferences of the gardener and the characteristics of the variety that can satisfy this request. As you can see from the description, tomato "Aurora F1" is able to satisfy the needs of even the most scrupulous and capricious grower.


Nina Petrovna, 60 years old, Kerch

I have been growing tomatoes for many years. I tried different varieties - from simple classic to exotic hybrids. Today I want to share my impressions of the Aurora F1 variety. I really liked the tomato, especially its unpretentiousness and ease of care. Bushes are small in size. The plant forms a lot of inflorescences and they are quite large. The early rich harvest made me very happy, and also was a significant advantage for the variety. The taste is excellent. The application is universal. I have used this type of tomato for salads, ketchup and winter preparations. For those who have not yet tried planting hybrids, I recommend starting with this particular tomato variety.

Tamara Semyonovna, 58 years old, Gomel, Republic of Belarus

I really like to grow tomatoes on my site. I renew the varieties every year. Previously, I planted only classic types of tomatoes, but this year I decided to try a hybrid. Everything was beautifully painted on the packaging: early and very amicable ripening, high resistance to diseases, a very productive variety. I decided to check on personal experience whether it is really so. The seeds sprout quickly and amicably. I planted the seedlings in the greenhouse very early and began to wait. On about day 89, I had already harvested the first crop of tomatoes. And not only one or two vegetables, but quite a lot, enough not only for a salad, but also for rolling. The variety really turned out to be super early. I was satisfied with the taste and yield. Next year I will land the Aurora again.

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