Recipe for green tomatoes with garlic for the winter

Recipe for green tomatoes with garlic for the winter

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Green tomatoes with garlic for the winter are a versatile snack that will help diversify your winter diet. Delicious preparations can be served with a side dish, main course or as an independent snack.

Tomatoes of medium and large sizes are processed. Be sure to pay attention to the color of the fruit. If there are dark green spots, it is better not to use tomatoes, since this is an indicator of the content of toxic components in them.

Garlic Green Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes and garlic can be marinated with a special brine or subject to a longer heat treatment. The original version of the snack is stuffed tomatoes, filled with garlic and herbs. Garlic and unripe tomatoes are used to prepare delicious salads, which can be supplemented with other vegetables.

A simple recipe

The quickest and easiest way to marinate is to use whole vegetables. This does not require sterilization of containers. Such blanks have a limited shelf life, so it is recommended to use them within the next two months.

Twists with unripe tomatoes and garlic are prepared as follows:

  1. From tomatoes, choose 1.8 kg of fruits of the same size, without traces of damage or decay.
  2. Selected fruits are dipped in boiling water for half a minute. It is most convenient to blanch the tomatoes in portions in a colander, which can be quickly removed from a saucepan of boiling water.
  3. Then they begin to prepare a three-liter jar, at the bottom of which a couple of bay leaves, 8 peppercorns and five garlic cloves are placed.
  4. The marinade is obtained by boiling a liter of water with a tablespoon of salt and 1.5 tbsp of granulated sugar.
  5. At the stage of readiness, 0.1 l of vinegar is added to the marinade.
  6. The prepared liquid is poured into a glass jar.
  7. It is better to close the container with tin lids.

Emerald Salad

Unripe tomatoes and garlic make a delicious Emerald Salad, which gets its name from the abundance of green ingredients.

You can prepare an appetizer of green tomatoes with garlic using the following technology:

  1. Three kilograms of unripe tomatoes must be cut into slices.
  2. Garlic (120 g) is placed under a press for grinding.
  3. One bunch of dill and parsley should be crumbled as finely as possible.
  4. A couple of hot peppers are cut in half rings.
  5. The components are transferred into one container, where you need to add 140 g of sugar and a couple of large tablespoons of salt.
  6. The container is covered with a lid and left in the cold for several hours.
  7. When the vegetables are juiced, they are put on the fire and boiled for 7 minutes.
  8. When removing the pan from the stove, add 140 ml of 9% vinegar.
  9. The jars are sterilized in the oven, after which they are filled with vegetable salad.
  10. Boil the lids well, then roll up the jars.
  11. The container is left to cool under a warm blanket.

Garlic and Pepper Recipe

Delicious preparations are obtained by adding garlic and bell pepper. The green tomato recipe includes the following steps:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (5 kg) are cut into thin slices.
  2. Garlic (0.2 kg) is enough to peel.
  3. Four bell peppers are cut into longitudinal strips.
  4. A couple of hot pepper pods must be washed and removed from the seeds.
  5. A bunch of parsley should be chopped as fine as possible.
  6. All ingredients, except tomatoes, are crushed in a food processor or meat grinder.
  7. The resulting mass and greens are added to the tomatoes, they must be mixed well.
  8. Vegetables tamp glass jars tightly. At the exit, you should get about 9 liters of marinating mass.
  9. For the marinade, boil 2.5 liters of water, make sure to add 120 g of salt and 250 g of sugar.
  10. The liquid is brought to a boil and then removed from the stove.
  11. At the stage of readiness of the marinade, pour 0.2 liters of 9% vinegar.
  12. Until the liquid begins to cool, the contents of the containers are poured with it.
  13. Then the cans are placed in a deep basin filled with boiling water and pasteurized over the included fire for no more than 20 minutes.
  14. The resulting blanks must be rolled up with a key and placed under a warm blanket to cool.

Pepper and carrot recipe

Delicious preparations called Lick your fingers are obtained by canning a whole set of vegetables that ripen at the end of the summer season.

The process of preserving salad with pepper and carrots includes several stages:

  1. One and a half kilograms of tomatoes that have not had time to ripen are taken from the total mass. Too large fruits can be cut into pieces.
  2. The bell pepper should be chopped into small pieces.
  3. About 1/3 of hot pepper is used, seeds are removed and finely chopped.
  4. One carrot should be chopped up as fine as possible. You can use a food processor or a fine grater.
  5. Three garlic cloves are pressed through the press.
  6. All ingredients, with the exception of tomatoes, are mixed in a common container.
  7. The resulting mass of peppers and carrots is placed on the bottom of a three-liter jar.
  8. Place whole or chopped tomatoes on top.
  9. The marinade is prepared by boiling a liter of water with 1.5 tablespoons of salt and three full tablespoons of sugar.
  10. When the liquid begins to boil actively, the fire is turned off and removed.
  11. Be sure to add 0.1 liters of vinegar and fill the jar with liquid.
  12. For half an hour, the jar is pasteurized in a saucepan with boiling water, then canned with iron lids.

Stuffing with garlic and herbs

The original canning option is stuffed tomatoes. A mixture of garlic and herbs is used as a filling.

You can preserve green tomatoes for the winter by observing the following sequence of actions:

  1. Two kilograms of tomatoes that have not begun to ripen should be washed and cross-shaped cuts made in them.
  2. The two heads of garlic should be peeled and chopped into thin slices.
  3. Cut the bell pepper into longitudinal strips.
  4. The Chilean pod needs to be washed, half of it will be needed for canning.
  5. A three-centimeter horseradish root must be peeled and grated.
  6. A couple of small onions need to be peeled.
  7. Tomatoes need to be stuffed with garlic and parsley. If desired, add other greens - dill or basil.
  8. Onions, hot peppers, part of the garlic, dill seeds and half of the chopped horseradish root are placed at the bottom of the glass container.
  9. Of the spices, 8 allspice and black peppercorns are used.
  10. Then tomatoes are placed in a jar, plates of bell pepper are placed between them.
  11. On top you need to leave a horseradish leaf, torn into pieces, the remaining horseradish root and garlic.
  12. First, the vegetables are poured with boiling water, which must be drained after 10 minutes. The procedure is repeated two times.
  13. For the final pouring, you need a liter of water, two tablespoons of salt and one and a half tablespoons of sugar.
  14. After boiling, add 80 ml of vinegar and preserve the jar.

Stuffing with garlic and carrots

You can use a vegetable mixture with carrots and hot peppers as a filling for green tomatoes. This appetizer has a spicy flavor and goes well with meat dishes.

The procedure for cooking delicious tomatoes by the seaming method is divided into several stages:

  1. For processing, medium-sized unripe tomatoes are required (only about a kilogram). It is best to choose fruits that are approximately the same, so that they marinate evenly.
  2. The tomato filling is prepared by chopping two carrots, a head of garlic and chilean pepper. To do this, use a meat grinder or blender.
  3. In each tomato, make an incision and fill the fruits with the resulting mass.
  4. Pickling jars are chosen with a capacity of up to one liter, since it is most convenient to put stuffed fruits in them. Glass jars are left for 10 minutes in the microwave, turned on at maximum power. Boil the lids for 5 minutes.
  5. When all the fruits are placed in the container, proceed to the preparation of the marinade.
  6. One and a half tablespoons of salt and three tablespoons of granulated sugar are added to a liter of water.
  7. The liquid should boil, then it is removed from the burner and a teaspoon of vinegar is added.
  8. From the spices, measure half a teaspoon of a mixture consisting of peppercorns.
  9. The fill should completely fill the cans.
  10. Then the containers are placed in a bowl of water, which is boiled for 10 minutes.
  11. We close banks with a key.


If the tomatoes have not yet ripened, this is not a reason to postpone the preparation of delicious snacks for the winter. When properly prepared, these vegetables become an integral part of pickled preparations and various salads. The properties of garlic are especially important in winter, when the period of colds comes.

If the blanks are intended to be stored throughout the winter, it is recommended to sterilize the jars with hot water or steam. Hot peppers, salt and vinegar are good preservatives.

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