Potato variety Veneta: characteristics, reviews

Potato variety Veneta: characteristics, reviews

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Potatoes in any form are on the Russians' table almost every day. But few people think about what kind of root crop is used for cooking. Although many have observed that the vegetable does not always meet the taste and culinary qualities.

Today, breeders have created potato varieties suitable specifically for frying, mashed potatoes, salads. For salad lovers, Veneta potatoes are the best choice.

What do we know about the variety

Breeding work was carried out in many countries of the world, and does not stop today. The main task of scientists is to create a universal variety that meets the requirements of any consumer.

At the end of the 20th century, breeders from Germany made a gift to potato lovers. They bred the Veneta variety (in some sources it is called Vineta).

Scientists managed to achieve stable qualities of potatoes, which are repeated in the next generations. The main advantage of a varietal vegetable is the ability to resist diseases and pests.

The gardeners of Russia were delighted with the early productive potatoes of Venet. The first tubers were introduced in 2002. At first, potatoes were firmly entrenched in the household plots of the central and southern regions of the country. Today its cultivation has broadened horizons, and those who like to experiment are planting the Veneta potato variety in many areas.

Farmers are engaged in the cultivation of a branded variety of German potato breeders. The tasty vegetable gives good yields with minimal labor. The Russians understood the taste characteristics of potatoes, they are snapping up quickly.


The bush is quite large with branchy branches. Leaves are light green, with slight waviness. During mass flowering, the field turns snow-white. Snow-white inflorescence in the photo.

  1. The skin of the tubers is smooth, light brown or dark yellow, you can see a mesh on them. The variety of colors depends on the soil on which the potatoes are grown. The shape of the root crop is oval or round-oval.
  2. The weight of one tuber is from 65 to 90 grams. Sometimes Veneta potatoes grow up to 150 grams. There are also champions whose weight is up to 400 grams. There are usually more than ten pieces in a bush, so the yield is high.
  3. The eyes are located directly on the surface, so small that it is difficult to see.
  4. The pulp is tender, crumbly, light brown or dark yellow. The friability of potatoes is created by a high starch content - from 12.8 to 14.9 percent.

Attention! The color of the pulp is richer than the color of the peel.


Now let's find out what characteristics the German breeding variety has:

  1. Early ripeness. The vegetative period is from 70 to 75 days, counting from the moment of planting. You can safely dig up young potatoes on day 43.
  2. High yield of the variety even in arid regions. Thanks to this quality, it has spread far beyond Germany and Russia. They practice the cultivation of Veneta potatoes in the former Central Asian republics of the Soviet Union. Typically, one hectare yields up to 25 tons with proper care. Harvest from one bush in the photo.
  3. Unpretentiousness. Veneta potatoes can be planted on any soil, the yield is practically the same.
  4. All parameters of the table vegetable meet the standards.
  5. Storage. There is no waste when organizing proper storage.
  6. Transportability. It can be transported over any distance, as it does not react to mechanical damage.

Diseases and pests

Veneta potatoes, judging by the description of the variety, posted photos and reviews of Russians, is a unique vegetable. He practically does not have such diseases as:

  • potato cancer;
  • scab and black leg;
  • late blight and potato nematode;
  • various mosaics and stains;
  • rotting tubers and leaf roll virus.

The hobby of gardeners with nitrogen fertilizers can harm the Vinet variety. The surplus can be seen from the retarded plant growth.

Warning! In addition, excess nitrogen impairs the storage of root crops.

Potato care

Since diseases do not interfere with the growth of the root crop, it is not difficult to care for the Veneta variety. Let's take a look at the peculiarities of agricultural technology.

On what soil are potatoes planted

Before starting spring work, you need to decide on a site for planting potatoes. In general, the Veneta variety is unpretentious. Still, a few words must be said about the soil.

Warning! It is undesirable to take soil containing clay for planting potatoes. Water stagnates on them.

If last year legumes grew on the site, then this is the best place. Potatoes do not like waterlogging, so there is no need to water them during the growing season. It grows well even in dry summers.

We plant potatoes

Since the Veneta potato is early ripening, it is planted for an early harvest. As a rule, in early May (they are guided by the readiness of the land).

A week or two before planting, the tubers are pulled out of storage so that the potatoes warm up and sprout. When planting, you do not need to deepen, 7-10 cm is enough.

After emergence, the first loosening is carried out to destroy small weeds and enrich the root system with oxygen. If weeds reappear before the hilling moment, you need to walk again with a hoe.

It is advisable to spud twice. In this case, moisture is preserved, a high ridge above the bush is a guarantee of the formation of a large number of stolons, which means that the harvest will be excellent. Sometimes at their summer cottage motoblocks are used for hilling the Vineta variety. Look at the photo: even rows.

It is not necessary to water, but if the rains do not indulge, you can shed lightly only in the aisles.

How to store

It is best to store Veneta potatoes in nets or bags. The room should be dry and ventilated from time to time. Low humidity is allowed. At elevated temperatures, the tubers dry out, shrivel, and begin to germinate ahead of time.

Rules for storing potatoes on video:

Reviews of gardeners

Anna, 43 years old, Kirov region

I planted some Veneta potatoes last year in early May. There were other varieties as well. At the beginning of July I decided to see how the early potatoes would please. She really surprised. From three bushes, I dug up 1.5 kg of clean, disease-free tubers. The rind is thin, so waste was minimal. Boiled potatoes - crumbly! This is the only way they ate it with lightly salted cucumbers. I will never give up the variety!

Ivan, 46 years old, Novosibirsk region

A gardener with experience. I have been dealing with the Veneta variety for several years. It tastes like Adrette, but the harvest is much larger. Phytophthora does not affect either tubers or tops. Keeping quality is excellent, I have never observed rot.

Marina, 24 years old, Kaluga region

Last year I took up the garden for the first time. Before that she lived in the city. Friends advised me to plant different varieties of potatoes. I bought planting material of the Veneta variety, Sheri Alvara. The most delicious and fruitful variety was Veneta. It is impossible to remain silent about the lack: the stolons spread far from the mother bush. It is not always convenient when digging.

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