Do-it-yourself garden house: drawings and estimates

Permanent residence in a megalopolis tires an ordinary resident - you want to leave the city to relax away from noise and dust. To do this, you need to get a garden house. When it appears, you will have the opportunity for a comfortable stay in the lap of nature. However, many abandon their dreams, fearing that the implementation of such an idea will require large sums of money. This is not so - even with a small budget, you can build a good house. The nuances of its construction will be discussed in this article.

Building materials and tools

The person who decided to build an inexpensive garden house on his site wonders what material to build from. The market today offers a wide selection of raw materials. You need to focus on your financial capabilities and characteristics of materials.

Typically, dwellings outside the city are built of brick, foam blocks or aerated concrete. From the latest material the construction of the house will occur more rapidly. However, the most popular for the construction of structures in the country is a beam.

A beam with a cross section of 100 × 100 mm is usually used. In order for the structure to turn out reliable, it is necessary to dry the material in advance. In this case, the shrinkage of the cottage will be minimal, and there will be no deformation.

As for tools, you will need:

  • miter saw and hand saw;
  • hammer;
  • cordless drill;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • corner;
  • marking cord;
  • duct tape;
  • flat brush.

House Options

If your main goal is an inexpensive building, you can build a small house. Today the choice of options is quite large and frame structures not limited to. On your site you can build:

  • bungalow house;
  • skeleton;
  • Finnish house
  • panel house.

Project documentation

If you plan to build a summer house with your own hands, drawings and estimates - the first thing you need to get. It is necessary to determine the following parameters:

  • dimensions of the future structure;
  • house functions.

The owner of the site needs to calculate all the details: how many rooms will be in your house, what will be the height of the ceilings, how many guests will be able to accommodate at the same time in the building, what materials will be needed.

If before starting construction a detailed project will be at your disposal, including a competent drawing of the structure, then you will save time and money.

First of all, it is necessary to draw a plan diagram of the foundation of the house, which is its foundation. It is also necessary to calculate the elements in places where the floors and ceiling are connected to the walls. Do not forget about the support of floors and roofing. In any project, one of the important points is the list of communications that will be brought to the house. To ensure comfortable living conditions, you can conduct water supply, electricity and gas. All these points need to be described, including the allocation of places to connect to the highways.

Space planning

When it is necessary to build a dwelling inexpensively and quickly, many owners of summer cottages make their choice in favor of panel structures. Their main advantage is that such a structure can be erected in a short time. Remember that budget garden houses are not recommended for lowlands. There, after rains, a lot of moisture accumulates, which provokes the process of decay. Therefore, to place a home, it is best to choose the highest place on your site. The best option is the north or north-west side of the site.

So that the place for development is not very obscured, it is important to locate the house not at the very border of the site, but at a distance of 3 m from the fence. If it will be a one-story building, then you should provide an attic, which should be spacious enough, as well as a veranda that you can use to relax.

In the winter, the attic will become a repository for garden equipment. Other important items can also be placed there. If it is planned in two floors, then in this case a room is allocated for the kitchen on the ground floor. In this case, the room should be bright. For this, large windows are made in the kitchen. Next is a heated room, where a staircase leading to the second floor is usually installed.

You should think about the insulation of the bedroom. There should also be a guest room and a bathroom. The attic in a two-story building can be used for:

  • summer bedroom;
  • cabinet;
  • billiard room.

There you can arrange a place for growing seedlings.

Of course, the number of rooms and their purpose is largely determined by the preferences of the owner of the site. If you do not have enough of your own imagination, you can look at the Internet. Everyone will be able to find inexpensive options.

The planned structure in the country is best done with a veranda. This extension will bring you many benefits. She can be open or closed. More effective is the second option. Thanks to the roof over your head you will be well protected from rain, wind and sun. By installing mosquito nets on the windows, you can use the veranda as a summer bedroom.

When planning a basement in your home, you should make sure that there are no surface ground water in your area. In the spring, their level usually rises, they fall into the basement, causing an unpleasant odor that will stand throughout the house. In addition, under the influence of moisture, the foundation will gradually collapse, and you will need to carry out repairs.

Beginning of work

If you want to save, you can build a garden house 3 × 4. In order for you to succeed, you need to prepare quality materials and all the necessary tools in advance. All this must be chosen, I focus on which house did you decide to build - a panel board or a timber. Garden houses made of timber will last longer, but their construction will require the creation of a very powerful foundation, which should lie quite deeply.

Panel buildings on a summer cottage are a choice for people who in a short time want to get inexpensive housing. For its sheathing, plywood sheets are usually used. Four days later, a solid house will appear on your site for living in comfortable conditions.

House building

The panel house must be erected in accordance with the construction plan. The first operation should be the construction of the foundation. After that, you can proceed to the device frame. Later preparing the upper and lower skin, rafters and vertical supports are being erected. Additional bars are used to form a contour for doors and windows. Using screws, the outer skin of the frame is fixed with plywood. When performing work on the inner lining, drywall, chipboard or fiberboard is used.

To insulate the home, between two layers of cladding, you can lay mineral wool or other modern insulation. Or you can use improvised materials. For example, sawdust that retain heat well. Thick boards can be used to create a rough floor, and linoleum or laminate can be used for finishing. The rafters are sheathed using plywood, which is then covered with roofing material or drying oil.

In order for the erected house to look attractive, it is necessary to use high-quality and beautiful outdoor material. A great choice is lining or siding panels. In the finished country house you can install both wooden and plastic windows. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the owner, as well as his personal preferences. However, it must be remembered that plastic lasts longer and also requires minimal maintenance compared to wood windows.

Garden houses made of timber, although they take longer to build, are more aesthetically pleasing in comparison with switchboards. For them, you can use a simple or profiled beam.

Work begins with pouring the foundation. If you build a small house, then the columnar base will be quite enough. If the construction is heavy, then there is no alternative - you will have to fill in the strip foundation. Quite often, concrete slabs are used to build the foundation, which are buried 20 cm into the ground. The finished base must be covered with a layer of waterproofing. To do this, the plate is covered with a layer of roofing material. Only after this can you do the installation of the frame.

Logs and a crown should be laid on the foundation supports. For the device of the floor, boards of large thickness are used. Once it is assembled, need to do wall building. To fasten the bars with each other, you can use pins. Each new layer must be laid with insulation - tow or jute. When the walls are erected, you can proceed to the installation of rafters and braces of timber. Having completed this work, we proceed to the installation of windows and doors. What will be the interior of the garden house, largely depends on the imagination of the owner of the suburban area. The countryside should be taken as a place of rest. You decide what it will be.

As you can see, a 3 × 4 garden house with your own hands is not a dream, but a reality. Do not be afraid of self-construction of the building. DIY mini-houses are created quite simply, even if you do not have experience. If you want to create houses as quickly and easily as possible, choose a shield option.

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