Nettle juice: medicinal properties and contraindications, recipes

Nettle juice: medicinal properties and contraindications, recipes

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Nettle is a well-known plant that is actively used in folk and traditional medicine. Leaves are eaten to saturate the body with useful substances. Nettle juice activates the work of all organs and systems, removes toxins and increases the level of hemoglobin. The drink allows you to eliminate vitamin deficiencies, improve the condition of the skin and hair, and get rid of headaches.

Why nettle juice is useful

Grass can be found everywhere. The medicinal plant is a weed. The leaves have a positive effect on the body thanks to the nutrients they contain. Nettle juice includes:

  • ascorbic, glutamic and pantotoneic acids;
  • retinol;
  • fiber;
  • pectins;
  • vitamins B1, B2, B9;
  • potassium and iron salts;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • manganese;
  • amino acids;
  • Sahara;
  • sulfur;
  • proteins, carbohydrates.

Daily use of the drink strengthens bones, which helps prevent osteoporosis. The product allows you to cleanse the liver, bladder and respiratory system. Using nettle juice is beneficial for the nervous system.

What does nettle leaf juice help with?

Drinking the drink helps to restore metabolic processes. The result is to improve the condition with the following pathologies:

  • diabetes;
  • gout;
  • prostatitis, cystitis;
  • gastritis, pancreatitis and ulcers, constipation, enteritis, indigestion;
  • rheumatism;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • ARVI;
  • pneumonia;
  • hemorrhoids.

The following properties of nettle nectar are called:

  • antimicrobial;
  • antianemic;
  • hepatoprotective;
  • gastrosecretory;
  • antihemorrhoidal;
  • antidiarrheal;
  • expectorant;
  • antitussive;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anti-asthma;
  • immunostimulating;
  • healing;
  • antirheumatic.

According to research, fresh nettle juice has a therapeutic effect on prostate adenoma, delaying the development of hypertrophy

The liquid is used for violations of the integrity of the skin. Dressings are moistened with juice for treating wounds. The addition of honey helps to normalize blood pressure. The composition is also used to treat diseases of the digestive system.

Nettle nectar heals the oral cavity, eliminating stomatitis and gingivitis. Gargling with a product has an antimicrobial effect.

How to make nettle juice

The drink can be made exclusively from fresh ingredients. The process takes only a few minutes. The collected sheets are washed, dried and passed through a juicer, meat grinder or pounded in a mortar. Concentrated juice can be obtained in this way.

Collection and preparation of raw materials

Leaves must be harvested before the flowering period. This makes the collection procedure much easier. A plant should be taken up to 25 cm in height. To make juice from the nettle, the tops of the plant are plucked.

Important! Collecting grass is carried out away from roads.

Rinse nettles thoroughly before use. It is advisable to place the raw material in water for five minutes. It is important to remove insects and leaves showing signs of damage.

Juice is made from dried raw materials. Wet leaves are spread in a thin layer on a towel or clean paper. To obtain the juice, you can use any available method listed below.

Spin Methods

Getting fresh nettle juice is not difficult. The following methods of squeezing are called to obtain a healthy drink:

  1. Using a juicer. The grass is pre-washed and placed in an electrical appliance.

    Nettle juice saturated with useful substances is recommended to drink 0.5 tbsp. per day

  2. By means of a meat grinder. After grinding, the leaves turn into gruel.

    You can also squeeze the juice using cheesecloth to extract juice from the fresh mass.

  3. In a mortar. The leaves are ground with a pestle until mushy.

    Before placing the nettle in the mortar, it should be chopped with a knife.

Healing recipes based on nettle juice

The drink helps to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, normalize metabolic processes and stimulate physical performance. Stabilization of the acid-base balance is essential.

With vodka

To prepare a tincture that can be stored for several months, you should take:

  • nettle leaves - 1 tbsp.;
  • vodka - 2 tbsp.

The tincture preparation algorithm includes the following steps:

  1. The grass is washed thoroughly and allowed to dry.
  2. The leaves are cut and passed through a meat grinder or juicer to obtain juice. You can squeeze out the nectar by rubbing the raw materials in a mortar and then using gauze.
  3. The juice is poured into a jar, vodka is added.
  4. The tool is infused for two weeks in a dark and dry place.

Attention! Shake the contents of the jar regularly.

Tincture of nettle nectar on alcohol is used for pathologies of the cardiovascular system, kidney stones, diabetes mellitus

The dosage of the infusion used depends on the indications:

  • diseases of the circulatory system - 25 drops per day after meals;
  • calcifications of the urinary system - 50 ml every two hours;
  • diabetes mellitus - 1 tbsp. l. three times a day;
  • ailments related to the gastrointestinal tract - 1 hour three times a day.

The alcoholic agent is preliminarily dissolved in water before taking it.

With honey

The beekeeping product multiplies the positive properties of the nettle drink. Observance of proportions allows to achieve the desired effect. For 150 g of herbal nectar, it is recommended to take 250 ml of honey. The resulting composition is stored in the refrigerator and consumed twice a day for 2 tsp.

Nettle nectar with honey is useful for ARVI

Admission rules

Freshly squeezed nettle juice has many indications for use. It is recommended to use it to normalize the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems. Due to the saturation of the body with useful substances, the overall resistance to various adverse factors increases. Elimination of vitamin deficiencies manifests itself in improving the condition of the skin and hair, increasing efficiency.

There are certain rules for using a healthy drink. Compliance with them allows you to minimize the risk of undesirable effects.

In the first days of use, use 25 drops (1 ml) of the drug on an empty stomach. Food intake is carried out after 30 minutes. In the absence of side effects, the dosage is gradually increased to 50 drops.

Important! It is convenient to use a syringe for correct dosing.

The drink is drunk three times a day, previously diluted with water. To achieve an immunomodulatory effect, the agent is mixed with a spoonful of honey. The composition significantly increases the body's defenses.

Limitations and contraindications

Nettle juice has medicinal properties. However, in some cases its use is not recommended. Nettle juice has the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy (first trimester);
  • the use of antidepressants;
  • hypertension;
  • individual intolerance;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • increased blood clotting.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drink has pronounced beneficial properties. Nettle juice is uniquely formulated to support health and wellness.

The preservation of valuable qualities directly depends on the observance of the recommended shelf life. It is advisable to drink the drink after wringing out for 15 minutes. In the refrigerator, nettle juice can be stored for no more than three days.


Nettle juice is an affordable general tonic used for the treatment and prevention of various pathologies. Herbal nectar is effective for diabetes, stomach diseases, anemia, ARVI. Before using the juice, you must exclude possible contraindications so as not to harm your health.

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