Benches and benches in the country: the best options and features of self-manufacturing

A garden bench and a bench are one of the main elements of modern personal decor. Such designs differ in appearance, shape and materials used in the manufacture. There are many manufacturing options, so there is a great opportunity to choose the most suitable.

Differences between a bench and a bench

Benches are a fairly simple type of product, consisting of a pair of deaf supports and boards between them. In the manufacture of wood is most often used. The bench consists of several racks, and is also equipped with a back and seat. The legs are metal or wooden, in the amount of four to six pieces. Depending on the product class, benches often have twisted legs, decorated with various decorative elements. Many types of benches are complemented by special armrests.

Another difference between a bench and a bench is the ability to dig a structure into the ground, so this design for a park or street is not mobile, but stationary. Benches also belong to the category of portable or mobile products. The presence of a comfortable back and armrests makes the design more comfortable. Making such a product for the garden with your own hands does not require special knowledge and professional skills. Such a product is very easy to make with your own hands. In order to make the structure yourself, you should consider ready-made projects or independently work out the optimal schemes and drawings.

Do-it-yourself options for making benches

A street bench made of wood in combination with massive metal forging fits very harmoniously into garden decor in the presence of a large number of garden plantings, including trees and perennial shrubs.

Openwork benches in a romantic style are suitable for a garden with young trees or a vineyard. The miniature bench, painted in bright colors, contrasts perfectly with the dense hedges and flowering flower beds. Retro benches made of "aged" wood help create a mysterious atmosphere in any home decor.

What the design consists of and where to start

The main components of any bench are most often represented by a comfortable seat, knocked together from individual rails, legs, as well as armrests and backrest. In addition to simple designs with a back for summer cottages, there are more original and unusual types represented by a puzzle bench, a swing bench, transformer benches, rocking benches, as well as twisted products from curved branches.

How to make a simple wooden garden bench

The simplest design is made of wood, and has not only a comfortable seat, but also a back. Wooden products are not only practical, but also, with proper use, are very durable.Projects may be different, and benches have different sizes and shapes. Height may also vary. Depending on personal preferences, you can build a low or high bench.

Dimensional drawings and steps for manufacturing a bench made of metal

Metal garden benches - a durable and reliable design. Regardless of the level of complexity, to create a product based on profiled pipes You will need to prepare a standard set of tools and basic supplies:

  • profiled pipes;
  • boards for sitting and back;
  • welding machine and electrodes;
  • a grinder or hacksaw for working with metals;
  • drill;
  • file;
  • construction level and tape measure;
  • a planer for boards;
  • paint for metal and wood or stain;
  • hammer and pliers;
  • fasteners.

When creating the frame, profile supports are installed at an angle of 90 °. After welding, the seams are processed with a grinder or file. Treated seams are primed. In the supporting part, eight symmetrical holes are made for fixing the board seat. The frame part is necessarily treated with metal paint. Wood boards are impregnated with stain. Installation of seat boards in the frame is carried out after drying of paints and stains.

How to make a bench with your own hands

Home-made shops for relaxing in the country

The independent execution of a simple wooden bench is the best option, which is quick and easy to manufacture.

A simple bench made of boards with a back

In accordance with the drawings, the procurement of several main parts is performed:

  • two parts measuring 600x100x50cm with two angles of 45 degrees;
  • two parts with dimensions of 700x100x50cm with an angle of 45 degrees;
  • two parts measuring 500x100x50cm;
  • two parts with dimensions 800x100x50cm;
  • six parts with dimensions of 1500x50x50cm;
  • two parts with dimensions of 1500x50x2cm;
  • two parts with dimensions 500x50x50cm with two angles of 45 degrees.

Finished parts are treated with antiseptics. The supports are assembled from the parts, after which the corners are rounded and the chamfers are removed. The connection is made by bolts. Then the supports are installed with a distance of 120cm, and the back and seat are also assembled. The front and rear trims are screwed to the supports, and at the final stage, the stops are screwed.

We make a table with a bench and a canopy

The advantages of such designs are as follows:

  • take up very little space;
  • become a real decoration of a personal plot;
  • ease of self-manufacturing;
  • help to escape from the hot sun and rain.

Garden benches or mini arbors are created with a canopy made of cellular polycarbonate or metal tiles. The main thing is that the design is designed strictly in the same style. In such constructions, a pair of benches is installed opposite each other, and the table is located in the middle. If desired, such a bench can be easily enough moved from place to place. For manufacturing, it is advisable to use light and reliable materials in the form of polycarbonate and metal, but more creative materials can be chosen, for example, a combination of wood with PVC pipes.

Forged country benches

As a rule, such shops are custom-made by professional blacksmiths. However, one must remember that metal benches are quite expensive, and also characterized by lack of mobility. If two people can carry simple products, skillful models with a large number of parts and decorative elements can be too heavy, so they are installed immediately in a permanent place.

Unusual decorative shops

Decorative products can be used not only on the street, but also indoors. To this end, very often a wide wooden board of irregular shape and thick branches of dry wood as decorative elements.

It is advisable to leave the edges of the board uneven, as natural as possible, but in this case the bark is necessarily removed and the end parts are polished a little, which will make it possible to obtain the most rounded and attractive shapes. Also, instead of the railing, original items can be used, for example, wheels from a cart or backs from chairs.

Making a bench on the terrace

Most often, products made entirely of wood in accordance with the selected dimensions are installed on the terrace. The rear legs are sawed off "from the bevel" from the seat to the upper part, about half of the total thickness of the bar, which allows the seat back to be tilted. All surfaces without fail are processed by a grinding machine or sandpaperand then varnished or painted in accordance with the general idea of ​​the decor of the terrace.

How to make a shop with your own hands

Options for homemade benches for gazebos

Arbor benches turn space not only into a very convenient place to relax, but also are a real decoration of the whole landscape. For the manufacture of a variety of materials and wood. Well-established plastic, as well as artificial fiber and plexiglass. Such products look very original and unusual.

Independently benches for an arbor are most often made of metal and wood. A good addition to the iron gazebo are steel and forged, very beautiful and elegant benches. In wooden arbors it is advisable to install wood-based products. Regardless of the type of material, the finished product must be treated with special compounds that will prevent the negative effects of external weather factors, as well as extend the life of the product.

We decorate the territory around the shop with flowers and decorative products

As decoration of benches and benches, you can use not only flower beds, flowerbeds and flowers, but also flowers in flowerpots and flowerpots. In suspended structures, cascading and ampelous plants such as fuchsia, petunia, decorative foliage dichondra, bacors and pelargonium look great. Begonia, biedens, verbena and lobelia look very impressive.

Around the structures you can grow ornamental ground cover perennial plants such as sedum or stonecrop, young or sempervium, saxifrage, small clove or vinca clove and large, loosestrife, awl-shaped phlox and ground cover varieties of juniper. You can also plant spicy and aromatic herbs. Wooden benches can be decorated with wicker hedges.

How to upgrade an old wooden bench

To date, it is quite possible to update the old wooden bench yourself. For this purpose, it is necessary to carefully remove all old paint, after which it is good to sand the wood and carefully check all the boards.

Worn-out elements must be replaced. At the final stage, the structure should be coated with an antiseptic, after which a new layer of the coloring composition is applied. Experts recommend using rubber paint for woodworking for this purpose. The bench covered with "Pinotex", which is represented in many shades, looks very nice. After Pinotex, yacht varnish is coated. Such an updated bench will serve for many more years.

Garden Shop Ideas

Benches and benches in the territory of the house or in the garden - this is primarily a place for a full and comfortable rest. However, when making it with your own hands, it is very important to choose the right material, as well as use competent drawings and diagrams.

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