Plastic garden paths

Plastic garden paths

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Garden plastic walkways or plastic trellised paths are an economical option for many summer residents. Plastic flooring consists of modules measuring 30 * 30 cm or any size. Many are familiar with such plastic molds for garden paths like shoe racks located in front of the apartments.

Garden parquet

To make your plastic track look aesthetically pleasing, use for flooring decking - garden parquet. The plastic decking substrate most accurately repeats the modules sold as a stand-alone coating. On the surface of such a substrate, wooden plates are fixed, so that outwardly it looks completely wooden.

With the help of garden parquet, aesthetic and practical garden paths are created that meet many requirements. The cost of creating such a track is often compared with the price of installing granite. Many summer residents have already appreciated the practicality of plastic tracks, which are characterized by the following indisputable advantages.

Advantages of Plastic Garden Paths

  1. Plastic paths garden able to withstand high pressure, they do not twist and rarely change their initial shape. Such garden paths do not accumulate and do not retain water, so there is no problem of dampness and the spread of a specific smell.
  2. Plastic tracks are well washed, always remain dry and clean, and also, unlike many other coatings and floorings, do not absorb chemical liquids. That is, you can safely use chemicals or fertilizers, without fear that garden paths will absorb these liquids.
  3. Over time, plastic tracks will not rot and mold, so they can retain their aesthetic appearance and practicality for a long time.
  4. Laying plastic garden paths is quite easy, and you can quickly figure out the laying process. Such opportunities allow summer residents to pave the tracks themselves and not resort to the services of professionals.
  5. The plastic from which the tracks are made does not enter into various biological and chemical reactions, so you can safely walk on such a flooring.
  6. Lattice paving is most convenient for garden plots, as it allows not to bring dirt into the house.

The richness of the color palette among such a modular tile is also important. This condition allows you to create a wide variety of plastic paths that fit into the landscape design.

Installing a plastic walkway in the garden

Garden paths made of plastic are installed according to the method of the designer: they easily fit into various geometric configurations. Special expanders, corners and sills make it possible to fill in the traumatic zones of the track, the junction with curbs, lawns and decorative elements of the garden.

Plastic Track Care

Plastic coatings practically do not require special care. It will be enough to rinse them with water from a hose 1-2 times a week. The texture of the plastic gratings allows you to create a flooring with an elastic and elastic structure that provides excellent grip on the foot and track surface.

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