The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses in 2019: description, reviews

Not every summer resident can choose the right tomato variety for greenhouses, and the reason for this is clear - lack of knowledge and professionalism. To correct the situation and help you grow a quality crop, today we will consider the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses.

Growing tomatoes in greenhouses - it’s quite a familiar thing, but for those people who have been engaged in tomatoes for years and know everything about them. For beginners, who just built a greenhouse and prepare it for growing a variety of crops, a similar topic can be quite complicated. And, therefore, today we decided to consider the most popular and best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, according to many experts.

Thanks to the study of breeders and the observation of summer residents, the following list has been compiled, which, we hope, will help you grow an excellent crop of sweet and juicy fruits.

Tomato “Honey Drop”

This variety has a beautiful, bulk appearance and high sugar content. Each fruit of a mid-early tomato reaches a mass of up to 30 g. Seedlings are planted in mid-March to a depth of several centimeters. The best temperature for growing tomato is considered to be a limit from +20 to + 25 ° C. Planting seedlings in the soil occurs at the end of May, according to the scheme of 70x40 cm. The plant does not require special care, the main thing is not to forget about the systematic irrigation of tomatoes, weeding weeds in rows and loosening the soil after irrigation. Also, be sure to fertilize the soil, which regulate the yield. In the first half of September you will be able to collect beautiful and delicious tomatoes;

Tomato “Samara”

One of the varieties of tomatoes, which is not only grown in greenhouses, but is recommended for growing indoors. “Samara” - tomatoes with unlimited growth, a group of carpal, a large-sized fruit, juicy and sweet. It is advisable to sow seeds in early March, dive as standard, in the phase of the first real leaf, it is imperative to lighten up during seedling cultivation. Seedlings are transferred to the greenhouse soil after 45-50 days, at the end of April, they are planted according to the 60x40 cm pattern. Now, after the seedlings have entered the greenhouse, it is also recommended that dawn, as well as a clothespin during flowering (leave no more than 4- 5 flowers in inflorescence). “Samara” is distinguished by round and smooth fruits, up to 80-90 g. Ripe fruits are great for eating raw, as well as for canning;

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Tomato Moneymaker

A colorful plant with a very specific and unique name. It is a standard annual, very popular among summer residents. Seedlings are sown in March, but transferred to greenhouse soil closer to summer, at the end of May. Landing takes place according to the scheme of 70x50 cm. The early ripe Moneymaker, the fruits of which you can get already in the middle of summer, can reach a height of 160-180 cm, form up to 7 brushes and up to 12-15 fruits in each brush. The variety is versatile, immune to many diseases and pests, shows excellent results during the harvest period - the fruits are light red in color, standard, smooth, juicy, weighing about 100 g;

Tomato “Long Keeper”

The medium-sized plant, whose height can reach one and a half meters, shows good results for growing tomatoes in a greenhouse - up to four kilograms of fruit from the bush. This variety is intended only for greenhouses, where it should be provided with the following care - timely watering, temperature control, plant formation, mandatory garter, planting pattern - no more than three plants per 1 m2. The tomato is late ripe, and therefore, the fruits ripen already without a plant. The fruits are quite large, roundish, sometimes weighing up to 300 g. Color changes depending on ripening.

These varieties are considered very popular and in demand in the agro-industrial complex. They can easily be grown in their own greenhouse in the country, and get excellent results. We also recommend that you consider the following varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, presented below:

Tomato “Miracle of the Earth”

Almost no flaws, but because it is very popular among summer residents. This is a variety with very sweet fruits and high productivity - up to 3-4 kg per bush. Tall, up to two meters, and early ripe, with elongated heart-shaped fruits, sometimes up to 400-500 g in weight. There are also champions who reach a weight of 900 g or more. Experts say that this variety is great for mass cultivation, for example, for business. It is drought tolerant, reacts neutrally to changes in temperature and humidity, is well stored and transportable;

Tomato "Dina"

Sredneranny and srednerosly, with a high content of carotene, a variety of tomatoes, which is very like the owners of greenhouses. Bushes in height up to 120 cm, but with an indicative yield, which reaches 4-4.5 kg of fruit from one bush. Tomatoes grow small, only about 120-150 g, but of good quality, rounded and smooth. Advantages are also considered to be that Dina bears fruit throughout the life of the bush, which, incidentally, is quite resistant to drought and certain diseases. The fruits are great for canning and for eating raw;

Tomato “Bull Heart”

A classic tomato variety for professional summer residents, which surprises not only with the quality of the fruits, but also with their original appearance. The plant has a high yield, a high unit weight of the fruit, sometimes up to 300 g. There are several varieties - with yellow, red and almost black fruits. Tomatoes “Bull’s heart” require special care and attention, only then they will be large, fleshy and juicy. The main condition for growing varieties in greenhouses is garter, temperature control, watering and other regimes.

In addition to these varieties, the following are popular: Boni MM tomatoes, tomatoes for the greenhouse Orange, a good greenhouse variety of French-clove tomatoes, as well as Winmont, Leader 165, San Marzano, Super Marmande, Tiger tomato, Oksana.

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Naturally, you need to choose tomatoes for the greenhouse not only by their pretty name and picture, their quality indicators and characteristics you like, but, first of all, by the growing conditions, which must fully correspond to one or another variety. Therefore, if you want to grow good quality tomatoes and choose the best varieties for the greenhouse, try to match as much as possible all the requirements of the variety and the conditions that you can provide them. In the future, it remains only not to make mistakes when growing tomatoes.

Good varieties of tomatoes for growing in a greenhouse (20 photos)

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