What varieties of raspberries to plant at the cottage

What varieties of raspberries to plant at the cottage

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Want to plant raspberries in the country? A very correct decision, because it is not only tasty, but also a very healthy berry. The only thing you need is to choose the right variety for your region and the growing conditions that you can provide.

Today we will consider some of the most interesting at first glance varieties of large-fruited, juicy and sweet raspberries that are suitable for cultivation in various regions. So, we study the varieties for the Middle Strip, for the Moscow Region and the Urals, Siberia, as well as for Ukraine, because in this warm country, delicious berry grows just fine.


The Yellow Giant (it is also called that) is the best choice for the Northwest. Yes, let's just say so, because from these regions we received the most flattering reviews in the direction of the berry.

Giant - raspberry dessert destination with medium ripening. The plant is a really powerful and powerful bush that is growing rapidly. Due to this, after a few years in the country, the Yellow Giant can show frankly serious plantings with a good harvest and large berries.

The fruits are very fragrant and sweet, have a light fluff, but noticeably differ in bright yellow color.

The plant perfectly resists pests and diseases, but, unfortunately, it can not fight against severe frosts, and therefore will require serious care and proper winter preparation.


A large-fruited variety that shows really worthy berries, weighing up to 10 g each. The shape of the berry is conical, the color is red, the taste is sweet and sour, which is liked by very many.

Hercules bush is very strong, quickly and easily multiplies, perfectly resists pests and various diseases, not picky about the conditions of detention. It is on the basis of the latter fact that one can precisely state that Hercules is the most suitable option for the Moscow Region and even Ukraine, where the climate can change quite dramatically.


A variety of remontant raspberries for the Moscow region and other regions.

Polka is distinguished by a rather large berry, weighing up to 8-10 g, a bright red or red-burgundy color, rich taste and a very pleasant, specific aroma.

A plant with a strong upright bush that can withstand the load of the crop and does not lie on the ground, and there are a lot of sweet berries on each bush, especially if you assume that the fruiting period of Polka is from July to November.

Having studied the large species, we decided to devote some time to others who are also worthy of being at your dacha.

Early raspberries

If you want to get a rich harvest of healthy berries early, then you should choose the following varieties: Bryansk Divo, Vega, Runaway, Abundant, Giant Ruby, Cascade, Lazorevskaya, Cumberland, Litach, Lashka, Novokitaevskaya, Michurinskaya dessert, Meteor, Flame, Patricia, The Sun, Early Dawn. In addition, these are not only early, but also red raspberry varieties that most people like.

Ripening varieties

Quite often, these are not only stable plants, but also fruitful ones: Arbat, Aborigine, Glen Prosen, Volnitsa, Vistula, Balm, raspberry varieties Pride of Russia, Gusar, Gloria, Kaliningrad, Spark, Golden Giant (yellow variety), Latam, Cleopatra, Kirzhach, Kokinskaya, Maroseyka, Malakhovka, Tenderness, Reward, Molling Promis, Sibiryanochka, Orbit, Newburgh, Sokolenok, Shy, Youth.

Late ripening varieties

This list includes new varieties, as well as all known. So, we remember the following names: Mirage, Brigantine, Biryusinka, Dense, Relight, Stolichnaya, Sputnik, Samara dense, Terenty, Taganka.

Varieties of remont raspberries

Experienced summer residents, who plant some types of remont raspberries on the territory of the summer cottage, are the most correct: Bryansk Divo, Diamond, Babye Leto, Atlant, Apricot, Heracles, Eurasia, the Yellow Giant, Crane, Mulatto (black raspberry variety), Golden Autumn, Penguin and Ruby necklace.

Choosing different varieties, you can provide yourself with a quality crop for the whole season.

Choosing the best raspberry variety

It is simply impossible to say unequivocally which raspberry variety (Tarusa, Krasa Rossii, Hercules and others), because each of us has a number of requirements that we make to plants. But do not forget that the varieties of the plant will also present their requirements, and if you want to grow a really decent crop, then you will need to try hard.

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