What types of plums are most suitable for giving

What types of plums are most suitable for giving

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A sweet and juicy plum is necessary at every dacha, because it is one of the few fruit products that absolutely everyone loves. Today we will consider the best varieties of this fruit.

Growing plums in the country will not take you much free time, which must be given to more fanciful plants. Many trees of this species grow even without special care, but for this it is necessary to choose a quality seedling and the right variety, and provide the plant with care in the first years of life.

We are used to seeing in the village or at the cottage the most diverse varieties of white, blue, red plums, which differ in shape, size, taste and ripening period. What kind of variety is right for you, we do not know yet, but Having studied our today's material, you will get the ground for reflection and easily pick up a plant for the Urals and Siberia, the Moscow Region and Ukraine.

Varietal variety of plums

Early plum varieties

Naturally, each of us wants to try the juicy and fragrant fruit early, in the spring or at the beginning of summer, and therefore we try to plant not only ordinary varieties of culture, but also early ones at the summer cottage. In this section, we will consider with you the most successful varieties of plums that mature early.


July is a large-fruited tree, the fruit weight of which sometimes reaches 50 g. It has red and purple fruits with dense and very sweet flesh.

Golden Ball

One of the best varieties of yellow plums that can be grown in various regions. The fruits are round, golden yellow, flesh with peach flavor.

Zarechnaya early

Many people think that this is the best variety for the Moscow Region, but, as you know, how many people there are so many opinions. Zarechnaya refers to winter-hardy varieties that are distinguished by high productivity. Fruits are dark purple, oval, large enough, up to 45 g, the bone is easily separated from the pulp of the fruit, and therefore the plum is great for a variety of canning.


An excellent variety that shows the harvest 2-3 years after planting. The fruits of this tree are large, weighing 35-40 g, have a great taste.

Plum varieties for the South Urals

Mid-season plum varieties

The fruits of this varietal group ripen a little later than the early ones, but are able to please large fruits, excellent taste and juiciness.

Souvenir of the East

A sweet variety that absolutely everyone will like, especially if you pay attention to the appearance of the fruit. Large, heart-shaped, maroon fruits will appeal to children and adults.


Maroon color of the fruit, red foliage of the tree, red pulp. The only thing that may not be particularly like is the average fruits, but if you do not pay attention to the size of the fruit, but only monitor the quality, this variety is perfect for your garden.

Late grades of plums

If you are looking for a plum with sweet fruits, then you can safely turn to the latter. Many pros believe that it is among the later varieties that you can find the sweetest representatives.


Not suitable for those summer residents who expect a good harvest in the first years of planting. But Greengage can show a very good late-ripening crop with large fruits, which will differ not only in external beauty, but also in great taste.


Another variety of yellow plums, which is perfect for growing on your own site. Not everyone will like small fruits, but high productivity and frost resistance will please professional summer residents.

When choosing plums for a summer residence, be sure to ask when exactly you want to get the main crop, and based on this, make a decision.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the following plum varieties: Vengerka, Stanley, Duce, Seaside, Oda, Promis, Red Hard, Titmouse, Kuban, California, Diamond, Gilberd, Verity, Amers, Valor.

Be sure to think about the fact that pollinating varieties will also be needed on the site, or you just have to purchase self-fertile specimens.

What kind of plum is best for the garden

After studying the list of varieties and choosing just a few, it doesn’t matter whether it is Prune plum or any sort of undersized plum, you definitely need to to study and cultivate plums in the country, because proper agricultural technology is the path to success.

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