Useful ideas for giving: original products do it yourself

Useful ideas for giving: original products do it yourself

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There are many common truths that allow us to make our own suburban area better. But there are always original useful ideas for summer cottages, thanks to which you can increase comfort and change a lot with virtually no cost.

Today we decided to consider not only original ideas for a summer residence, but also the most useful ones that can help with the housework, change the landscape for the better, and help with standard summer cottages and relaxation. In general, read on and get a charge of new emotions and ideas that many will like.

Convenient device for carrying firewood

If you decide to cook meat on a fire, melt the stove, or simply organize a bonfire for evening romance, you will need to bring firewood from the woodman. To do this simply by hand, transferring just a few logs, or picking up a whole bunch of firewood in an armful is not very convenient, and therefore we decided to offer you a convenient device for carrying firewood, which you can do with your own hands. All you need for production is a piece of old and unclaimed fabric, a needle and strong thread, as well as a pair of branches or mounting strips of small thickness. As you can see, putting everything together and making the device is very simple, you just need to cut a piece of a given size, make handles in it and sheathe holders of wood with thread.

Barbecue from an old barrel for cooking meat

We are already used to putting several bricks or laying a couple of logs to form the basis on which it will be possible to install skewers with meat. This is convenient, but not always, because every time you need to look for bricks or logs that deteriorate from the fire, prepare a squatting dish and so on. Probably, it's time to do some useful work and build a cool barbecue for a summer residence. For production, you will need an old barrel, a couple of pieces of metal, fittings and a welding machine. As you can see, the brazier can be made very simple by installing the barrel cut in half on the legs of the armature and forming the brazier cover and side panels. Of course, not everyone has a welding machine, and therefore, everything can be done with the help of a grinder and a drill. We cut metal with a grinder, we make holes for fastening all parts with bolts, nuts and clamps with a drill.

Making a barbecue from a metal barrel

Jar Bird Feeder

We have already talked about how to attract birds to the summer cottage. To do this, you just need to give them some food in a specially equipped feeder during the hungry winter time. We have considered several interesting projects, but today we offer another one that does not require you to spend or much time on production. You can make a bird feeder from a glass jar, a nylon cover and a wire or rope for hanging. All that you spend your energy on is the slot in the nylon cover and the process of attaching the feeder itself. A small hole, feed inside, a jar tied horizontally to any base, and the feeder is ready.

Glass jar bird feeder

Watering for a bed or a garden

There is not always time or money to go to the hardware store for watering and thereby ensure watering the site without a personal presence. It does not matter, because there is always a way out. We need a large plastic bottle, for example, 2 l, a dozen old fountain pens and a simple fitting for attaching a water hose to the bottle. We punch holes in the bottle for the handles, from which we create a spraying watering mechanism, wind the cap with the fitting onto the bottle and connect the hose, turn on the water and check the result. Now you can definitely do other things where your presence is needed more than in the garden where the watering takes place.

Drinking bowl or flower bed from an old tire

You can use the old tire for many purposes, but today we will show you how to make a drinker or flower garden out of it.

By and large, in any case, you will need to cut the tire around the circumference to get two parts with recesses. Further, you can form at your discretion, or simply install a drinking bowl for poultry, or are engaged in the production of a flower garden. In the first case, everything is simple, and you just need to cut the tire to get two drinkers at once. The flower garden is a little more difficult to make, because it will need to be installed, decorated, properly processed, and perhaps even a little imagination applied to it, arranging a flowerpot, flowerbed and so on.

Greenhouse for a plant from improvised materials

Today we decided not to talk about creating the already commonplace and well-known greenhouse from a plastic bottle, which we often use to grow seedlings. We thought that it was worth starting from a new idea and showing you how to use home trash for useful purposes. So, our new useful idea for giving and a greenhouse out of the box for disks. Agree, we have a lot of such boxes, and even more so after the disks have become practically unnecessary at home. So, we take a few boxes and create a greenhouse, which you can see in the picture. Everything is very simple, because you can use glue, scotch tape or even a wire to connect to the structure, by piercing the holes with a hot needle or a nail. Everything, the greenhouse for a small plant is ready, it can be closed or opened for ventilation, everything already depends on the agricultural technology of the plant inside the greenhouse.

Country car from improvised materials

It often happens that during construction in the country there are not enough devices that can provide comfort and speed of work. Now we are talking about cars that are designed to transport anything in the country. Often there are simply no such accessories, or they are broken, but cement, sand, brick and other burdens must be continued. Here's what you can come up with to ease your work, you just need to connect your wit, spend an hour and quickly design a country car from materials that are considered garbage at a construction site.

Candlesticks made of aluminum cans

In the event that the light was turned off at the cottage, the battery in the lantern has run out, or the kerosene in the lamp has run out, you should always have candles on hand. Of course, this is both romance and a pleasant aroma, but you can arrange candles in practical candlesticks, which now have the opportunity not only to put on the table, but also to hang somewhere nearby. Believe me, during dinner in the gazebo or on the veranda in the evening, such decorative elements will come in handy. You can make them very simply, having at hand a knife or scissors, an awl or a nail, and a thread for organizing suspensions.

Crafts from a tree for a summer residence

We simply could not ignore this work of art, which not only pleases and evokes positive emotions, but also prompts thoughts to quickly take an instrument and create something similar for our summer residence. Agree, a simple but very successful work of art looks great and can easily decorate a palisade or even a country lawn. Yes, a wooden motorcycle, and even with flowers - it is 100% something new !!!

If you do not have the necessary fixtures and decor in your country house, it is not necessary to purchase it for a lot of money, because you can always rummage a bit in your own thoughts, turn on your imagination and give vent to emotions and skills, creating great things.

Useful ideas for giving

Useful ideas for giving are far from our last article on similar topics. In the future, we will certainly offer you new and original crafts, devices, transformations that will become very useful for work or leisure in the country. This article will tell about how to use construction waste at a summer cottage.

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